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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Never being a Trainwreck fan but a huge fan of Vortex this hybrid by TGA had really peaked my interest based on feed back so I started a 5 pack a few months back.
    I am completly blown away by what I have found and I will be adding to this thread with some sun pics and other set ups but I fired these off today to show you guys that I didn't forget how to take pics and that someone worked really hard for the last 10 years and this is worthy of me taking the time to re kindle an old artform

    Timewreck Day 57 From Seed
    These buds are hard enough to hurt someone if you swung a branch at em.
    The perfect cash crop plant
    In stock at all TGA outlets :)

    Thanks Dioxide!!!

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    whyblameus Active Member

    Looks amazing sub!!!!

    Hows she smelling?

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Like Vortex and Bloodwreck?
    Bear Country

    Bear Country Well-Known Member

    Those look awesome!!!! I read an article a few years back that was featured in Skunk Mag.....it profiled a work called Double Purple Doja....mentioned you and was also posted at the farm by out law grower.... Do you recall that article I am refering to? I ask because I tried and tried to aquire those beans but was unsucessful......Do you know what became of that strain?

    jjp53 Well-Known Member

    I put 5 beans to germ today let's see what happens
    Bear Country

    Bear Country Well-Known Member

    5 ...what are they?

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Saw these in person the other day, shocking how dank they were. Big ass buds, resin everywhere.

    GrowinTheDank Active Member

    First thread I see when I decide to start looking for some seeds. Maybe it's a sign :leaf:

    Cannarchy Active Member

    I just popped ten a few weeks ago so I'm loving those pics, sub. Are you seeing both vortex leaning and bloodwreck leaning phenos?

    jaydub13 Active Member

    Poppin' mine next run! Lookin for some of that funky lime-slurpy-poo smellin' dank!

    wolfpack4ever Active Member

    Nice Sub!!

    My Timewreck is heavy blood wreck .. Doesn't look very similar to yours but got the weight here too! Huge rock solid nugs!
    My friends loved the smoke and its super potent .. Ill keep it around for the friends but i personally want a vortex pheno.

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    jjp53 Well-Known Member

    5 Timewreck seeds

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    They look pretty....

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Will "vortex" b available thru attitude anytime soon?....or will it b the vortexĂ—apollo13 cross from now on?

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    my timewreck smelled like bitter chocolate and mushrooms!?...kind of nasty....but it is really potent.....small buds too.......i may have to go back in to look for a fruitier one.....

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Really mild smell on these, not super funky or fruity, mild lemon/earth scent.
    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    got me sold, will get those this year

    montanachadly Active Member

    My most resinous timewreck had that earthy smell with a hint of lime. They are fucken dank as far as resin production and potency. I really should have kept my more resinous one it was a good yielder and just covered in trichs off of 32 grams of trim i got like 8 grams of full melt bubble. I loved the timewreck for the bubble amazing not the tastiest but you find a fruity ass one with the resin coverage and then your on too something. I smoke so much hash that when i smoke flowers i gotta smoke a whole spliff to myself. With the Timewreck i dont have to smoke the whole joint. I like rolling a big fatty with the timewreck and a little spacebomb thrown in for a little extra fruity flavor. A couple of joints of that and the average smoker is tore back. I gotta def go through some more beans and look for that fruity winner. Like nugbuckets i had a plant that smelled funny mine was like garlic/basil funny smelling but everyone loved the stone of it. I wanna find a fruity ass Timewreck thats a freak resin producer to keep as one of my bubble girls.

    wolfpack4ever Active Member

    im kinda gettin that.. Mine was pungent just a weird unique smell. Almost indescribable.. I can't put my finger on it.. Some friends said it smells like sour cream and onion chips. To me it taste very earthy with a hint of limes. Not my cup of tea but I think the potency is off the charts.


    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Hi Sub

    well,it looks like you haven't totally forgoten how to use your camera.Nice shots
    I have to admit though as much as watching your video's you still can't get the same quality of shots that you get when you use your camera.
    I miss those days from you.I have always enjoyed your photo's and it's what inspired me to become the Canna photographer that I have become.

    later dude


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