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Time to plant outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dice618, Mar 2, 2007.


    dice618 Active Member

    Have a question.....I've been told that there r two seasons u can plant during?.....Don't know if this is right....but just wondering....I live in Southern Illinois.....just wondering when to start?

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    whats the weather been like there ? i plant outdoors during this time, but i live in southern california. And it's really great weather right now, so i started planting

    dice618 Active Member

    55 degrees windy...is there 2 seasons do u know

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    you have one season for weed...unless you count those auto flowering freak plants. you might be able to squeeze in a couple of them, who knows??

    just watch your native plants. look close at the new growth buds on the tips of tree branches, pay attention to nature. there are signs of when to plant outdoors.

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    i was thinking to start my plants at the end of april what do you guys think?

    drochoker Well-Known Member

    dice618...I live in STL (314) and i've grown out doors many times. You just don't want the temp to go below 65 degrees, and over 95. I'd plant in a month or so.
    bush grower

    bush grower Active Member

    you guy's are lucky you can plant ur plants outside i will have to waite another month i think we just had a big snowstorm here by toronto, and were soppose to get more snow ovre the weekend.

    dice618 Active Member

    just wonder..so now would be the right time to start.......inside....to outside....temp is nowhere near right....i've never done a gro outside yet

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    :peace: no not in ur condition wait for abouth a month more till u see the weather warming up a little more

    indicaivy Active Member

    you need to wait til you have your last frost. In your area it is between the 17th and the 22nd of April. Start them off on the inside if you can to get th em going a little then take them out. 'Good Luck


    hightmud420 Active Member

    when would be the best time to transplant my indoor fem clones out door if im in north west montana??
    Alabaster Jones

    Alabaster Jones Member

    I've always found a good rule of thumb to be is when the local farmers plant late corn. Call a feed store or extension agent and tell them you're new to the region and planting corn. They'll give you the info you need.

    Cyunvwyatt Member

    Hey retards all of you are wrong don't plant outside till you have more than 18 hrs of light in a day! It's different everywhere west coast has the most light in a day here in the states.

    Dankenfest Member

    Do any of you do any other gardening? I guess for me it just seems no-brainer, I just plant seeds in the ground early May and water, let nature do its thing. Other than removing males, cropping and LST I leave the plants alone. I think sometimes this process is made so much more difficult by taking nature out of the equation, it's a weed, and designed to flourish with minimal attention.

    purplepride Member

    NEWS FLASH buddy you may think some of us are retards but in some parts of the U.S. we never get 18 hours of day light. So who's the retard now? Maybe you should do a little more research on the country you live in so you could pick up on that...

    MJUNCo Active Member

    Im sorry, but who are you calling retards.. what state gets 18 hours of light? stfu dont make comments like that if you dont even know what your talking about.

    grapesnowcone Well-Known Member

    In my area we never get over 15 hours and 5 minutes of daylight.. So whos the retard now?

    MJUNCo Active Member

    No where in the U.S. gets 18hours of light.. I hate when ppl make comments like that.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    I'm living in Southern California. I start indoors in early March and get them outside by April. Indoors my lights are 18/6 but outside daylight is only 13 hours. The plants do fine. They don't stress or start to flower just because there isn't enough day light hours. Each day the daylight gets a little longer and I believe the plants can detect this. Either way it's perfectly safe to plant them now. I've been doing it for years.

    As for growing seasons for cannabis... there's one long veg season (spring through summer) and a short flower season (sept to november). The long veg season allows you to stagger your crop. For example, you can plant a few on April 1st, then a few more on April 15, then on May 1st, and again on May 15. You can actually keep putting them out all summer long, but it gets trickier. Young plants can't always take the high temperature of the summer heat. And of course the plants that are started really late don't yield as much, but hey, some is better then none right? :)

    hickman420 Well-Known Member

    damn its cool to see other growers in the stl area on here, but newho ive had some babies out for almost 2 weeks, and my garden out for over a month, but after this week i think its ganna be full on growin season, as we're gettin ready to plant, which means all my (hopefully) ladies will be going in the ground realll soon. remember we have some of the best soil in the country here in so.il, take advantage of it GEDC0311.jpg GEDC0309.jpg GEDC0314.jpg

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