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TightVac Review

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by dk0515, May 25, 2010.


    dk0515 Active Member

    I just purchased a TightVac 0.57 through their website. I searched this site but it doesn't have much info on the TightVac. I got the item and I don't see how this thing can be airtight.

    The bottle doesn't close without pushing the button and doesn't open without pushing the button. This makes it appear to be air tight. But, I then wanted to make sure it was air tight so I filled it half way with water and flipped it upside down. Within seconds I started to see water drops coming out of the lid. Not from the button but where the cap meets the bottle. This means that it isn't air tight because if it was, it wouldn't leak any water. After this test, I left some bud in there over night and I started to smell it through the button area the next day. So it's not smell proof either. I don't know about keeping this from not getting stale. But, I assume it wouldn't work either since it's not air tight.

    I did find another great air tight, water leak proof, and smell proof bottle. I used the small Mentos bottles. It's small so it's only for a small stash. I left water in it over night and nothing. Left some bud and no smell.

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