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    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    good to hear man!

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    so im excited to share that i bought my first torch the other day for glassblowing! I got a good deal on a bethlehem bravo which I really loved esspecially when i got to try it out. I cant wait to spend some hours on it working!

    garden is still doing its thing like usual, and the Sin-D seedlings are going into pots today! life is good hope you guys are doing good too .
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    Dr.D81 Well-Known Member

    I am super jealous:-) i did get my wielder hooked up tis week, and have been making a 12ft curtain rod for some dog kennels this week. Next is a garden entrance\trellis for my house:-)
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    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    sweet doc! welding is is fun. i might go put an application in at this local laser cutting/fab shop. my nieghbor works there and told me about a job. honestly im nervous about going back to work with my wrist. its still not right. on the plus side the glass work doesNt seeM to bother it.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Congrats on starting your own kit!

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    Scotty Pot Seed

    Scotty Pot Seed Active Member

    I am about to attempt a breeding regiment. Been collecting strains for a while and lost my Headband and Jack Widow due to mites a while back. Was my first time with spider mites so I nuked everything a little too hard.Now I want to start banking my own seeds in case disaster strikes.

    Made up a colloidal silver solution. Played with it before and got some to turn male. Just didn't use the pollen. Should start spraying my solo cup female clones this week. Hopefully I don't botch this. Caution tells me to do one at a time so I don't cross contaminate any pollen. That way I am sure of what is what. I have a Bubba that has been passed around and cloned over so many times it now grows like an octopus and looks like garbage. Still very potent but hoping to like reset it by seeding.
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    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    its cool getting to see what others come up with, with the resent increase in home breeding.
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