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    The setup I am expecting to start with is prolly gonna run me around 15-1700. I will however be getting most if not all my graphite tools for free so that will help. If I had the money to setup the way I want to, it would be more like 3-3.5k but that would give me tons of room to grow. Either way I need to find a way to get more then 2-4 hours a week on a torch if I wanna get better.

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    :weed::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf: HAPPY 420!!!!!:leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::bigjoint:

    Well I forgot to post on here and say happy bicycle day yesterday, but at least I made it today :). I hope everyone has a great and green day! My day started with dabs and coffee like usual but I'm gonna try out the cheese in a little while.

    Smoked some of the Dinachem the other night, it had a very nice flavor that I believe is what most would call the kush/og flavor. It was a great smoke too, nice and smooth inspite of being just dried, and not cured. Great high too, even though it was the end of a day of dabbing, I still got real high smoking the chem!
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    Hey TC,

    The new job keeps me away from the boards, or at least from typing
    all that much, but I wanted to stop to congratulate you on the recent harvest
    and to thank you for the nice Dinachem shots.

    As you know, I am a full 6 weeks or so behind you with my Dinachem at
    only a couple weeks.

    I am also enjoying your glass-skills progress. Carry on!


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    Thanks alot JD, I think you'll like the Dinachem if it turns out like mine at all. She was really nice smoke the other night when I tried her out, didn't hit my lungs as hard as some strains which was nice, and still had a soaring high. The cheese was very nice also, the smell on it really stands out. Its not "cheesy" at all, but rather very fruity and has a great smoke.

    On the glass blowing front I finished my second bowl, and my other vortex marble I was working on the other day. The pipe was my first attempt at a spoon style pipe. It turned out decent I would say and smokeable for sure so I was happy for a first attempt. Instead of keeping it straight like normal spoon I bent it up a bit more like a sherlock. I almost screwed the whole thing up when I was working on the mouth piece but hell its my first one what can I say :). I did the prep work for my next one at the same time, so maybe tomorrow I'll give it another go if I can get over there. I'll post some pics for you guys when I pick them up.

    I gotta go get a dish scraped, so I can evap another I've still got 4 jars of solution in my freezer from last week. I did a demo today for my brother on how to make the qwiso, so now I've got 2 more jars from this week too. Thats the weak link in my system, I need a way to evap more while retaining the quality.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha....sentences with "I finished my first bowl" in them that
    have nothing to do with smoking. Excellent! :0)

    I may try QWISO too. ...but right now I need to locate my B-Bags.

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