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Threatened With Drug Test at Work..

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by pancakes71088, Dec 25, 2009.


    pancakes71088 Active Member

    Alright guys so here's the deal..I'm hearing solid rumors of a urine drug test being administered at my work. My boss is switching insurance companies and they are now requiring a drug test of his employees. I have not been told straight out of this drug test yet it has all just been rumors. If it does happen it will be within the next 2-3 weeks. Here is the rundown of my "timeline" so far.

    I smoked a small bowl lets say 6 days a week for a year or so but stopped 2 weeks ago.

    6 days ago I took 3 hits...just really wanted to smoke. I haven't smoked since.

    I am 6'1'' and weigh 235 lbs so I'm a big guy.

    I really don't want to stop smoking...who does? Do the detox kits really work? Or should I just continue to stay clean? I'm worried if I do stay clean it might not be long enough and I might go into the test and fail it. I'm so torn on what to do here.

    Please give me some of your input...as i'm writing this my friends are all toking up and i really want to join.... :confused:

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    Only 6 days ago? Hmmm..... that might be close. It has been suggested that THC (being fat soluble) is absorbed into fat cells, and released slower than from muscle. NOT making any reference to your weight, this is just the THC distribution at the smallest level. So even though you may stopped your intake, there may still be some trapped and slowly releasing into the rest of your system. Think of it like a slow release pill, same principle. That being said, I'm not sure how well those detox kits work. Probably the BEST thing you can do is run, (workout, sweat alot) and drink lots of water! That alone will help clean out your system. :) Good luck!

    howhighru Well-Known Member

    i get randoms at work for piss test , i just went to the local head shop n bought this shit called Ultra Pure synthetic urine. comes in a 2oz bottle for around 25 bux. works like a charm. i carry it to work with me on a daily basis. my friend just got a random and that shit worked great for her. last for bout two years until you need it.

    i dont bother with taking pills or detoxing in any way cuz i know this works.. goodluck with ur test..

    redivider Well-Known Member

    alright, drug testing in the work-place is a weird issue. they must include it in you're contract, or have it stipulated in the company policy to be able to administer it...

    the insurance company can require them only if the company changes it's corporation by-laws, and goes through a re-negotiation with it's employees that stipulate random drug testing. until you have been duly informed of this change in company policy, and sign a contract that says you are willing to submit yourself to random drug testing as a condition of employment, you can tell anyone that comes up to you with a cup to shove it up their ass....

    that said, if you're company really has never been too hard-assed with drug-testing, you can pull off the synthetic urine thing, they'll probably have the at-home drug testing equipment, and have you take the test there, you'll even put the thing in the cup.....

    it's kind of stupid you're bossees are switching insurance companies, to save money, to only have to spend it on drug testing equipment, or a contract with a lab, or whatever.... good luck....

    pancakes71088 Active Member

    Ok I guess now what i'm asking is do the 7 day detox plan packages work? Some companies guarantee your money back if you don't pass. Any experiences?

    ReelFiles Well-Known Member

    My wife had to take a piss test and I just had her drink a gallon of cranberry juice and a shit ton of water the day before. She got the job no questions asked. We are daily smokers.. several times a day actually.

    oregon024 Active Member

    I once took double the cleanser 80 bucks for two.Failed that bitch

    cantoke Active Member

    It depends a lot on the test they are using if they are using the stick or card type rapid test they are not to hard to beat they have a higher threshold for detection if you lower the thc level to a certain amount it will read negative. If they are using a lab and gas chromograph they can detect a very tiny amount (trace) of thc.

    ReelFiles Well-Known Member

    I was actually surprised Wifey passed since she had to go to a lab for hers.
  10. If it's a piss test, this method works.

    TheTNpothead Member

    What the one guy said cranberry juice has something in it that starts with an n you can also find this same thing in propel fitness water and redbull it will speed up your urinary track. The detox system if I'm thinking of the same thing you just mix it with a bunch of water and a buddy of mine used that for a new job he got and he passed it but I'm not certain it will work.

    Hope that could help you out a bit.
    Keep toking::bigjoint:

    pancakes71088 Active Member

    Well, it's been a week or so and i still haven't heard anything yet about this damn drug test. I've remained clean thus far...for about 2 weeks and it's been about 5 since i stopped smoking daily. :wall: This is getting frustrating cuz I don't like not smoking for no reason. lol
    Ricky Williams

    Ricky Williams Active Member

    I would say not to worry about the drug test. I think it sounds like some kind of rumor. I have had two different jobs that switched insurance companies while I was working for them and there was no kind of drugtest.

    Also drugtests are a joke. The real drugs that employers should actually be worried about, coke, herion, blah blah blah, come out of your system so fast it's almost impossible to detect unless you did these like the day before the test. It's sad. Anyways good luck to you. :bigjoint:

    boiStone Active Member

    For 2010 and beyond, I'd expect more companies to implement a random drug test policy. If they do this, they get an insurance discount.

    Usually the policy will require 10% testing of the employee pool at a minimum. They will test for the NIDA 5 as well as adulterants.

    This isn't just happening at your company; it is happening everywhere. Your company should let everyone know and if they're cool, they'll let everyone know the policy will be in force after 30 days. This gives them the discount and lets everyone clean up.

    You might be able to get away with a few puffs once a month but I suggest you quit smoking altogether if your job is important to you. Or you can take your chances and use some QuickFix in one of those temperature-controlled whiz packs.

    If you're concerned about passing a drug test you can buy those single sticks for about $2 each on eBay or other websites.

    If you're concerned about giving an invalid sample, the Krollscreen KC530A instant test cup is a popular choice among employers and you should be able to buy those online and practice.

    Good luck bro.

    Bree Active Member

    Not always easy to get but if you check with the MMJ clinic doctors you should find one that will give a very few for Nausea.......... same chemical just synthetic and metabolites or what it breaks down to in the body are the same. Fill the script and then you now have a legal reason to test positive for THC even by GCS the most sensative test. They don't accept Medical Cannabis but...... Marinol is FDA approved and they have to accept under DOT rules and regulations which is the gold standard for drug testing.


    kstampy Member

    Hey man. Go to any head shop (the more reputable t he better but it shouldn't matter) and get those drinks that clean you up for 6 hours or what not. I have used them over the years about 6 times and I have always smoked 2 or 3 days before the test. I tried a new brand/kind every time, never got denied at the job.

    If you're not keen on that, there's alternatives like the wizzinator and synthetic pee you tape to your leg etc etc.

    Check out any head shop.

    Hope this helps.

    Slowburn420 Member

    Lots of water and cerasee tead 1-2 times a day. Cerasee is a vine that grows in just about everybackyard along gates and fences. You can boil the vine but that shit will be bitter as hell. I like to buy the teabags usually find them in the carribean section at the grocery store. The tea bags are not as bitter. Cerasee look it up some concider it to be a wonder plant.

    lJusticel Member

    I second what he says. Me and my wife have never failed a drug test using UP synthetic. Just make sure the temp is within limits (I think it's 92-100F).

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