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This is how you make real marijuana lip balm like on super high me that gets you high

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nwa, Feb 27, 2010.


    nwa Member

    This is how you make real marijuana lip balm like on super high me that gets you high

    Its actually very very simple im gunna list steps

    Step 1- Get some fresh beeswax

    Step 2- Melt the beeswax to a semi liquid just enough to mix well. use measuring cups should be fine or somthing metal

    Step 3- Add marijuana oil( honey oil, hash oil ect ect) and mix well

    Step 4- Pour the mixed substance into a lip balm container/chap stick container

    Step 5-Let dry now you got true marijuana lip balm that actually gets you high

    Now heres the 1 and only problem i ran into

    All these steps i listed is exactly how you make it but the problem i ran into was how much marijuana oil do you actually put into the melted beeswax? no one could answer this for me cause ive not found anyone who has actually made some so in 3 to 5 weeks i will actually do this whole thing and let yall know i will record how much beeswax i use and how much marijuana oil i use where it will that exact amount of marijuana oil will actually get you high

    Now here is a link that i used to make marijuana oil. You can use butane but shit man this way seemed so much easier and more stealth to make and youll have left over everclear :lol:

    Now if you dont know where to get beeswax heres a link for that as well

    And if you dont know what to put your lip balm is heres what i put mine in

    Some of yall might wonder cowboy why the fuck make lip balm and just smoke a blunt well guys i love smoking blunts and joints and rippin that pipe but these things are easily found when u are pulled over by the police and such now if you had lip balm and they open it will look just like lip balm and the cop will just pass it up the only way they would be able to know is if they tested it in a lab and such which is highly unlikely but i guess it can happen so to me this is the ultimate stealth of gettin high

    Now thats out of the way i wanna make clear that this might not get you as high as smokin a blunt or a bowl of white widow but hey a lil high is better than no high i say
    I also wanna say i would stay away from makin it with allready made beeswax like burts beeswax and dont use beeswax candles for 2 reasons burts beeswax has other oils in it and such and 2 you dont know what really is in beeswax candles
    so i would avoid doing this cause mixed with marijuana oil you dont know the effects it might cause im not sayin it will kill you i have no idea but it might make the marijuana oil not as potent and such which will just waste marijuana oil!

    So guys and girlies give it a try i think its pretty fucking cool but if you give it a try and like it and such let us know cause this shit is the bomb! the more people that we get to make it the more point of views we wil get and maybe will help us even make a better marijuana lip balm!


    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    Well r u gunna use this thread?? if .so im SUB'd

    if not shoot a link, i would love to watch!

    nwa Member

    yes im going to use this thread! and once i do it and it works i will make a poll to see what people think!

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