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Think Different: Journal my second. grow

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by gonn32, Jun 18, 2013.


    gonn32 Member

    This is my third day from seed and it look great. : ))
    Do I hung the CFL too far from the plant? (9-10 inch)
    I using 4*24 watt (extra bright day light 2 and warm white 2)
    photo 2.jpg photo 4.jpg

    Highocaine Active Member

    You only need 1 cfl right now. Use the daylight bulb, add daylights as you go, use warm whites in flower. I'd have it about 3-4" above the seedling.

    Subbed up though. Hope it goes well.

    gonn32 Member

    thank for comment, if i use 1 cfl now when should i add more light. coz from my research many people use a lot of cfl light.
    ps. I just doubt, not want to argue. : ))

    GrowinDad Well-Known Member

    Until she has some true leaves, you don't need much light and too much can burn the cot. Once you have leaves going, add more light and get them closer.

    I have a mother under two 42w in a small cab. Lights about 2" away and she is happy for veggingup. But for flower I would need a lot more.

    gonn32 Member

    thx q very much, I will upload more picture every week if possible

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