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Things sure are different here.

Discussion in 'New Mexico Patients' started by Catherine C. Fenner, Dec 3, 2016.

    Catherine C. Fenner

    Catherine C. Fenner New Member

    Moved from Colorado and am in mmj shock. I figured I'd have no problem getting a card and although I knew there were few dispensaries here, I assumed that I'd be able to buy both herb and clones without issues. Ah, but I was so spoiled in Colorado.

    First of all, I have discovered that eye doctors here are very resistant to diagnosing the glaucoma I've been treated for the last 15 years. Instead, they diagnose high inter-ocular pressure, give me the drops and tell me to have my pressure checked 4 times a year. The norm is once yearly but it's hard for me to control the pressure, which is why I'd used mmj in addition to the drops.

    Then I read the NM threads here and I'm stumped. I live in LC about a mile from a dispensary and, if I'm understanding things right, I place an order and they deliver it to me? You mean they drive up to my door and my neighbors see I'm getting mmj? I must be mistaken. Please?

    Then I sign up with someone else to get clones?

    Colorado was never this restrictive before recreational was approved. I'm ready to follow the laws but these practices are kinda scaring me. Can someone either talk me down or confirm?
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    MasterCylinder New Member

    Guess not.

    Some dispensaries offer delivery. There may be some that are delivery only. Just gotta call, though I'm sure you've figured it out by now. Very different here but loosening up slowly over time.

    I'm a newby and am looking for a forum for NM patients but this one seems sparsely used.

    milehighstoner! Member

    What about becoming a caregiver?

    ChingOwn Well-Known Member

    Nope you can go in and get your stuff pm me if you have questions I live here to.

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