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Theory of earths beginning

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Thundakat85, Aug 2, 2011.


    Thundakat85 Well-Known Member

    So im sitting here doing what all of us here do best and Im watching How the Earth Was Made, and I come up with this theory about how the earth was made. So stay with me. . . The center of the earth is roughly as hot as the outside of the sun. So what if the earth at one point was a star or sun? Say for some reason or another this "star" got rapidly cool whether because it was dying or something in space caused it to rapidly cool. The outside would become icey, hard, and solid much similar to the effect of lava rapidly cooling. Only lava doesnt usually make ice, but that wouldve come from rapid cooling in space. The hot magma that remained(which we now refer to as the center of earth) was left trapped inside the icey and rocky crust. It makes its orbit around our sun, and the first time it gets close to it, it melts the icey caps and form oceans. . .and life from there begins. Its just a theory, it may be out there as a theory already, but I had to type it up before I forget it.

    billy4479 Moderator

    when i was in school they told us the center of the earth was still hot from when the earth formed ...now there saying it has to be radiation from cal or some shit but your theory would explain where water came from wich is still a big mystery i dig it good work man

    Thundakat85 Well-Known Member

    I always hear the phrase, "it all fits together". I feel ive covered most aspects as to how everything formed. I mean, there might be holes in my theory, I just need outside opinions.

    billy4479 Moderator

    i personaly belive the moon is keep are core warm by stretching are earth as it circles

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    Not entirely impossible. I love watching "The Universe" and "How the Earth Was Made". I love watching anything about space period. I just watched the "IMAX Hubble" show on pay per view the other day. I love that stuff. I live in a populated city but go camping and fishing a lot. I envy people who get to live out in the sticks (to a certain point) and just love being under the stars blazing and chilling. Looking up into the skies and just wondering, WTF? Bad ass!

    OutDaCloset Active Member

    @Thundakat, interesting theory that sounds plausible. i think meteorites and meteors brought water to the earth tho
    @dirtyho, i agree space is some trippy shit to think about, especially when you think of what would happen if you crossed the edge of the universe :0

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    Our universe is infinite, or is it? Do we end up at the beginning when we cross the edge? What's on the other side of a black hole? (not hers pervert)

    OutDaCloset Active Member

    they say the universe is infinite because of the fact that it is ever expanding, at an ever decreasing speed. at the same time, everything in the universe (stars, planet, galaxies) is moving farther away from each other, at an ever decreasing speed. scientists believe that after a long ass time i think like (100 trillion years, or some dumbass ridiculously large number) the expansion of the universe will slow to a stop, then the universe will begin to shrink on itself. fuckin trips me out to think about astrophysics.

    Tenner Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge every planet, asteroid and meteorite was formed by stars. All of the "dust" created by the big bang pulled together by gravity and formed giant burning stars. The gravity obviously wanted to pull the dust more and more inside but was counterbalanced by the nuclear reaction pressure going on at the center. Once the fuel runs out the nuclear pressure is beaten by the gravity. The star implodes and blows up with a massive explosion throwing whatever it was made out of into space. Its obvious our earth was once a sun, or more specificly a part of a sun. Thats because of the presence of the heavier elements on earth. Heavier elements are created by nuclear fusion in the nuclear reactions going on in the hearts of the suns.

    (source:journey into the center of the universe, stephen hawking.... you would love watching it with a fattie :))

    It explains it nice and simply with lots of enticing graphics to bring about the right thoughts :)

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    We all know one chuck norris farted and thus out of that big bang all was in existence.

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    A shitty exercise equipment was all that he created.

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    A few good movies too. I'll give him credit for that .

    Perfextionist420 Well-Known Member

    Your theory is not illogical I just don't think it's likely, if our planet was a star at one point it would have to be of equal size to our sun to maintain even gravity and even then they would spin off each other. If they were smaller than each other the larger star would merge with the smaller.

    timeismoney1 New Member

    I thought the center was molten iron? So how does that turn into water?

    RyanTheRhino Well-Known Member

    i dont want to rain on your ideas , but there are some problems with physics in your theory.

    420God Well-Known Member

    So wait, are you saying that some omnipotent being didn't just will everything into existence one day? :lol:

    Perfextionist420 Well-Known Member

    There was a special done on the discovery channel that compiled enormous amounts of data gathered from the Hubble telescope that summariZed the observations of many scientists as to the framework of our universe. It outlined key points such as how stars are formed and their behavior throughout their lifetimes. Google the pillars of creation which are five Light year long pillar clouds of hydrogen dust and other elements that supercondense and eventually ignite into stars.

    It also observed the map and layout of all the stars and galaxies that are visible to us. Apparently there are gaps and spaces throughout space where dark matter exists, it is a force that we cannot perceive with our eyes and the only reason we know it exists is because nothing else is there. It appears dark matter actually provides the framework that maps the formations of where galaxies exist.

    Also contrary to the theory that everything will collapse back to the point of the big bang Hubble has actually observed that the rate at which we are moving apart and outward is actually accelerating. What scientists believe is that we will now continue to accelerate at increasing speeds until we eventually hit a velocity where gravity is no longer enough to hold matter together. The entire universe will essentially deconstruct at a molecular level and be ripped into strings of atoms that stretch across the cosmos.
    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    A smashing documentary on how the earth was formed and how life as we know it took hold.

    Truly astonishing.

    Roll up a fattie and watch, its mind boggling stuff! [video=youtube;IgvEaoBdcIE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgvEaoBdcIE[/video]

    The Hubble Deep Field, its hard to imagine every point of light in this photograph is another galaxy with billions of stars and billions of planets.

    Are we alone? I think not lol


    Tenner Well-Known Member

    Your right about a lot but I`ll fill in a few bits.

    We know dark matter is there because of the gravitational effect it has on nearby space objects made of "normal matter". Matter has a gravitational pull proportional to its mass as you know so dark matter does too. Sorry if you ment that.

    So now that dark matter will have a gravitational effect too, its going to have a major influence on the expansion of the universe. Your talking about the great expansion theory. There are 2 outlooks.

    1) (Pesimistic) We keep expanding until the distance is so big it doesn`t make sense to measure it (cold huge place)
    2) (Optimistic) Dark matter plays its role as we don`t know what its capable of and counteracts this expansion.

    But the truth is the thinking the universe is going to balance doesn`t make sense. Its either going to expand infinately or contract and keep blowing up many times and forming a fresh universe each time.

    These are all opinions and theories though. I mean who knows for sure??

    We aren`t talking about 2 stars. 1 star which blows up and throws its matter into space, earth begin a piece of a star flung around space and eventually ends up orbitting another star as a piece of rock. At the right distance with the right constituents and presto, we have planet earth!! And the RIU community!! lol

    (I`m not a physicist the source for this is Stephen Hawking - Journey to the Center of the Universe" everybody bearing interest its seriously great graphics and information!!)

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    Love the Hubble shots!

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