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The Wax -ZERO whipping-

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Twitch., Feb 4, 2013.


    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    I went to a friends house and he had this hash from cali, that he brought back to TX, that I
    had never seen before. It was golden and looked just liked honey from then on i was hooked.
    All i smoke now is wax and I feel I have gotten rather good at making wax, everything I
    touches turns to wax lol... I use Vector gas and a glass extraction tube that hold 2 to 3 oz
    I have a 3 gallon vacuum chamber
    I blast into a Pyrex dish then i scrape it on to parchment paper and vacuum purge
    It took me a while but I have got the process down, so yall take a look and let me know what yall think
    IMG-20130121-00231.jpg IMG-20130122-00233.jpg IMG-20120804-00115.jpg
    IMG-20121125-00183.jpg 16 gram cookie
    IMG-20120916-00147.jpg this stuff was almost white
    View attachment 2510230
    most recent stuff off my Jack Herer taste like candy

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    Looking really good man.
    About to heat my domeless up and drop one [​IMG]

    vacpurge New Member

    looks good.. what happens when you heat it up lots. surely it doesnt stay like that, even when melted or flashed with a lighter?

    Strobe Active Member

    hey man how long do you vacuum purge? Also what did that pump run you? Your shit looks dank I'm in the process of getting similiar equipment. Hopefully I can also get similar results

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    if you heat it up to much while purging it you will make shatter, but it stays this consistence even if in your pocket, in a container of course.
    it turns to liquid on the nail

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    It depends on the strain, the stuff that looks white took like 2 hour the darker stuff took like 24 and the stuff next to it took 12
    the pump was about 160.00
    i figure if i am going to make bho i ma going to make it right

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    harrrr harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    i like to call them cookies as well!

    i was baking some cookies last night, towards the end of the bake process, you can see little bubbles shooing out of the cookies, just like you see the tiny bubbles in the vac chamber towards it s final stages.. COOKIES!

    how long have you had your vacuum twitch? also, how'd you learn your process? looks like you doing it pretty good!

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    I have had it for about 8 months now, and I learned mostly through trial and error and youtube lol
    I have fucked up some batches in the past lol

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    I have been up graded to "learning how to roll" how exciting i cant wait to tell my mom
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    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    ive been doing it for about just as long, same idea, trial and error, i really wish i could have learned the process of someone in person.. so many people trying to produce it now.. you ever grind up your material? i only break it down.. i dont like putting dust in my tube.. unless it kief.. yet to try that though :p

    i recently got myself a 58 inch tube, :] !!!

    ive been planning out a stand for the tube, and needed some tools from work to build my stand, (today i picked up that tool) im sooo stoked, ive been holding my tube in my hand this wholeeee time.. thats a LOT of work. not sure how many lbs ive blown, but ive been through 4 master cases.. thats a lot to me! 20 + lbs YEE..

    with my OG tube it would take me avg 12.5 minutes to fully pack, blow, and de pack a tube.. and be ready for next packing :]

    yupp, have you figured out your avg time? so me = 4 tubes an hour = 2ish oz a tube = 8ish 0z an hour.. and you know it takes some stamina and strength to do that for hours on end..

    so my new tube should hopefully hold 5ish oz.. and be on a stand! i would be happy to shoot out nearly a lb an hour, easily :]

    coming soon

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    BHO is still very new, there is very little info out there on it so you have to make the info yourself, on top
    of that i am in Texas, i think i am the only person in the state turning out this quality stuff.
    A stand would be cool...... haha
    when i use nugs ill do 2 blasts, 1 in nug form then i dump out on to a plate wait a day grind that up and
    re blast it, when it is trim i just stuff the tube.
    i think it took me 4 or 5 hours to blast 3 pounds of trim in a 1.5 oz tube

    a 58 inch tube wtf i have to see pics of that

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    once i get stand going, i'll throw up some pics

    Attached Files:


    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA that is epic

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    IMG-20130205-00264.jpg IMG-20130205-00262.jpg
    Romulan the latest batch look how it sparkles

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    i got her up and running! did a test run with some left over trim that i already blew... didnt know if the tube would hold up to the process, but she did! and she is doing so very well..

    why im in love with this tube over my last one:

    i had to build it a stand, so now i get to plug in a can of butane up top, let that completely make its way as far as it can down my tube, then i go onto next can... i get to set it and wait. i love doing that!

    so now, i have some decent trim im going to blow in the next following days. stoked! oh, btw, this is totally outside, you just cant tell from the angle :p


    2.jpg start
    3.jpg 1 cans worth
    4.jpg 2 cans worth here, 3 to finish it off
    5.jpg action shot!
    6.jpg flowing nicely!
    7.jpg no hands!
    8.jpg the drip.....

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    You using organic coffee filters?

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    no...... for the last few blows, i have forgotten to pick up the organic filters,.... these are cheap white bleached filters... no bueno i know..

    biglungs Active Member

    the real no bueno is blasting directly onto that paper i use a smaller round dish and right before the last bit of liquid is out i pull it from water dry it off real good then dump it onto a paper lining a much larger pan so the tane is only pooled on paper for a brief moment

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    I would def rate blasting inside as the absolute dumbest idea... Followed by filters and parchment paper.. I used to spray many many dishes, this led to much scraping, and much loss.. I heard of people spraying right onto parchment ( an idea that always crossed my mind) so I tried it with caution at first, and my end results were amazing, no scraping!

    my ways may seem a little unconventional, but they are getting me by....

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    that rig is so bad ass i just did a couple pounds of trim took me for ever and i have a 3 oz tube how much did u get?

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