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The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 (300 FREE SEEDS and more)

Discussion in 'In It To WIN It' started by George Seeds, Dec 20, 2017.

    George Seeds

    George Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser


    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all our customers from #TEAMVAULT

    We are super stoked to announce our Christmas discount code CHRISTMAS15 is live now, right up until the 2nd of Jan giving you 15% off all orders.

    But, that's not all. We have teamed up with the legendary breeders: Barney's Farm, Female Seeds, FastBuds and Sweet Seeds ® to bring you a promotion that is by far the biggest we have ever had.

    With 300 free seeds and tons of other cool stuff, go check it out and learn how to enter now at http://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co....ult-crazy-christmas-promo-2017-300-free-seeds

    Don't forget to share this competition with all your buddy's, and of course show the breeders some love as well for making these amazing prizes available.

    Buddah.Walkie Member

    Best of luck everyone! :)

    I love sweet seeds because of the amazing colas I get. Every time I plant a bean, they do amazing. I surely would love to grow more and get the strains down better.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
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    dstroy Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone!
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    legalcanada Well-Known Member

    i love sweet seeds (and the vault) because they take part in amazing promotions like this !
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    TCH Well-Known Member

    I love sweet seeds for offering up this great promotion with the vault.
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    sweet promo count me in
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Love me some free seeds!!!!
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    Ringodog New Member

    I love sweet seeds. I don't know why. But, I luv ya. LOL
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    dlftmyers Well-Known Member

    Sweet seeds and the vault this is an awesome giveaway..Thank you for the opportunity.. shared with all my friends and all my Instagram friends
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    The Vault is at it again! Very generous.
    Merry Christmas & good luck to all that enter!
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    GumbyBuds New Member

    The Vault is a selfless Seed Bank, always giving back, thanks to them and the breeders!
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Sweet seeds are exactly that !sweet tasting final product and that sweet skunk auto is something i would keep going back for ...Merry Xmas to the vault !
    Thanks for putting up an awesome xmas giveaway:)
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    Norml56 Member

    Haven't tried sweet seeds but I love an auto flowering plant!
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i love sweet seeds because they got you to dress up like santa, George
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    bushmasterar15 Well-Known Member

    Gotta love SweetSeeds for all their awesome strains. I can't wait to try out some more.
    Merry Christmas and good luck to all.
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    Rp1972 Member

    Sign me up.. Thanks for the chance
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    Yashas Sridharan

    Yashas Sridharan Member

    Love sweet seeds as their sweet cheese auto was one of the best tasting strains I have grown. Waiting to try their caramel. Also love the vault
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    Jeffnc69 Member

    I love Sweet Seeds because as there name says Sweet I've only had the chance to grow 2 of there strains , I loved them both Black Cream and Sweet Skunk <3 Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway
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    Sortastupid Well-Known Member

    I love sweet seeds because I love seeds
    The sweeter the better.
    Good luck to all and seasons greetings
    Enjoy the holidays all
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    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    Im in. Gotta Love sweet seeds and the vault for running awesome promos like this
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