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The Use of Epsom Salt

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Trulife69, May 4, 2012.


    Trulife69 Active Member

    I think I have a defic. that epsom salt could cure.. How much to use and how many times?? Some people were saying 1tsp per gallon but then another person said you dont use more than 2tsp of epsom salt per grow??? What is it?? I have 2 girls that I want to add epsom salt to,to help deficiency. I water with 4 gallons for 2 girls in 15 gallon pots...so 4 tsp to 4 gallons...each plant gets 2 tsp??? And if I use epsom salt will it stress the plants? And if I use it,should it be used in water cycle and not feed?? let me know fellas

    Trulife69 Active Member

    I guess what im asking is how to use epsom salt with the girls. I just fed 3 nights ago and tonight I have to water. The newer younger leaves are yellowing and some purple stems just at top of plant and I think they say epsom salt will cure it up. I usually feed once and water once every week. I just started flower 4 days ago. Can I use epsom salt in my watering tonight?? If I do..do I have to do a flush or something b/c of using it? Or can I just go right back to schedule and feed in 3 days..? I do use general organic Cal/MG+ in everywatering 2ml per gal.. is that have epsom salt in it or should I not use it if I use epsom salt?
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    hey im not too much of an expert, but i too have had issues with sulfur, and the recommended dosage would be 1-2 tsp per gal of water depending on how severe the issue is. if you're using something that has cal/mg in it i wouldn't use epsom salt due to the fact that it contains mag itself.

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    If your already using cal/mg you don't need Epsom salts as its used for its mg properties. My guess is that you don't have cal/mg issues.
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    missnu Well-Known Member

    You need toput up some pics of your plants because here is little secret...right now Mg deficiencies are the thing going around...as in everytime someone posts a plant problem, that is 8 times out of 10 overfeeding or overwatering...anytime every time someone posts a problem with their plant all the newbies start telling them it is a MG deficiency add epsom salts or cal mag...unless you use distilled or RO water you do NOT have a cal mag issue, or anything that would be helped with epsom salts...they are not some magical cure...and please stop listening to other people that don't know anymore than you, to help with your issues...

    And remember, just because someone sounds very confident about what they are saying it doesn't make it right...so don't salt your plants...chances are it is not your issue at all...

    missnu Well-Known Member

    ohh and I looked back at your original post, and it is overfeeding of nitrogen in early flower that you are seeing..sometimes what looks like the right amount of nitrogen in veg is not the right amount when you switch to flower... so the plant wil go really green on the new growth, almost neon, and the old growth will look really really green...you will know it is time to feed again after the colors are all similar top and bottom, the new growth will always be a little lighter, but just the very newest growth coming out..not whole leaves...anyway over fert..give plain water until the top and bottom colors have melded into one nice shade of green...then resume with bloom nutes...
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