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The Unanswerable Question: CA Number of Plants Legal for 215?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Truth B Known, Mar 25, 2011.

    Truth B Known

    Truth B Known Active Member

    Whats up everybody?! enjoying a nice bowl of some OG X Chemdog, hope everyone is taking up as well!!!

    Ok, check it.. I live in Siskiyou county, by myself, how many plants can i grow legally outdoors without being fucked with? I have a recommendation from doctor hop-kins for 99 mature plants and 19 lbs of processed cannabis.. i asked him at my last apt about the laws and he said it was a state supreme court decision, and what he prescribes is what i can grow.. regardless of the county. i have friends around here that are scared to grow more than 6 plants, but i also know someone who grew 48 8'-10' tall plants outdoors last year.. in this county.. now i also have friends down in redding area that grew 99 plants outdoors last season.. ..??

    So really what i want to know is, what is THE LAW? i don't wanna have some pigs rolling up to my place cause they saw 24-30-or 48 plants outside from the air? I actually grew 12 outside last year, and heard nothing about it.. is it just a risk? or what? cause it sucks when someone else grows twice or 4 times as much as you and both of you have the same doctor..

    and last.. how many different doc rec's can you have, i know a couple people that have 4 or 8 up on the wall.. is all that necessary???? man, someone please hit me with the correct official truth on this.. appreciate ya. -peace

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Depends on the county. Mine is 6 mature or 12 immature and they are trying to change it to 3 mature if you are on less than an acre of land. Last county I lived in was 25 mature maximum canopy of 10'x10'. If there is no particular county regulations then you go by the state regs which is 6 mature or 12 immature.

    Care giving is a completely different very complicated story and when you break it all down is generally not legal unless you are a legitimate care giver in other regards than just pot. You can however have a co-op where you and your two buddies grow together in which case you add the limits together. Some counties have special laws on cooperative growing as well so again check local first.
    Truth B Known

    Truth B Known Active Member

    ya i'm not care giving for anyone but myself, thats for sure.. so you're pretty much sayin, the people i know that just hang a bunch of doctor recommendations don't know what the law is? and could be screwing themselves? or why would different people that don't even know each other do that? some say you gotta make sure they are posted up in view whether its and indoor or outdoor garden? so i'm guessin my county is 6, if thats the state. cause i learned this county is one of the least cool in california.. but its beautiful up here! so what about the weight? thats 8 oz everywhere? why does doctor hopkins write out the recommendation for 99 plants and 19 lbs if its not even applicable?? nutty shit, just tryin to get it all straight ;)

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I could collect 5 of my friends scripts and post them on my wall and grow 6x5=30 plants. If the police came I could claim that it is a cooperative grow and perhaps get off the line. Technically for a cooperative grow each member must contribute an equal amount of time and effort (including financial) and split the yield evenly or strictly according to each patients need - one person doing all of the work and distributing evenly is technically illegal - in my county cooperative grows can not exceed 3 patients.

    People that just collect scripts and then claim to be a caregiver are very mislead when it comes to the law and in most situations they will lose in court.

    Directly from the local police website:

    A primary caregiver is defined in the Act and subsequent legislation as an individual “who has consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health, or safety” of a qualified patient. California courts have emphasized the consistency element of this definition. As a primary caregiver, one is not merely the grower/supplier of marijuana for a qualified patient. The patient must be so ill or infirm that he/she is physically unable to grow their own marijuana and has designated his/her primary caretaker to do so. The inability to grow marijuana due to lack of experience or “black thumb” problems is an insufficient reason to designate a primary caretaker under the Act.
    • Do establish a consistent relationship with your patient. A primary caregiver needs to be knowledgeable and attendant to the patient̓s medical condition and needs. A primary caregiver is not just a grower/supplier of marijuana.

    • Do keep records on your patient̓s medical needs, including a copy of the physician recommendation and recommended dosage.

    • Do keep records of any expenses relative to the patient̓s care.

    • Do not grow/possess more than needed for the individual patient needs.

    • Do not grow/possess more than above limits specified generally in the patient guidelines.

    • Do not have more than three (3) qualified patients.

    Qualified patients and/or primary caregivers are allowed under California law to “associate . . . in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.” No other definition is given and may lead to confusion as to what is allowed. In ____ County, the following are our guidelines to avoid conflict:

    • Do document each “member” of the collective/cooperative along with their recommendations and contact information and keep documents on site or reasonably available.

    • Do document each member’s contribution of labor and resources to the collective/cooperative. Each member must actively participate in the cultivation. The collective/cooperative grow must not merely grow for absentee qualified patients.

    • Do not grow more collectively/cooperatively than the sum of each members’ total recommended needs.

    • Do not distribute marijuana to anyone at all outside of the collective/cooperative.
    Truth B Known

    Truth B Known Active Member

    damn, fuck ya bro.. so pretty much, it all depends. 6 is the legal limit per patient, but i could possibly, grow say 36 plants outside, and not hear anything about it from any authority? i just don't wanna be screwed cause of some stupid bullshit.. i would like to do 24-36 plants outside in 35 gal root pots.. but shit, i mean, if for some reason i could only do 6, i would use some fuckin 600 gal root pots, lol.. right?? that would be a big soil purchase. but really, what looks the most obvious to the overhead airplanes.. cause they all ways fly around.. i'm sure they are chp or something, i used to wave at them from my garden last year.. and my buddy would to in his huge raised flowerbed.. so i mean, someone once told me to NEVER grow more than 99, but you shouldn't grow more than 48.. i'm just kinda tripped out how a doctor can prescribe some bogus bullshit that could potentially get you in trouble...

    Girdweed Active Member

    You could always call the local authorities and ask them. Tell them that you want to stay legal and figure that they are the best resource. That's what law abiding citizens are able to do ;)

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Doctors by request can specify the needs (amount of marijuana needed to alleviate syndrome) of the patient along with the script. If for some reason you needed to smoke an ounce of hash oil a day (pretty ludicrous) then you might need 99 plants. This does not mean you can grow 99 plants in a county with a smaller limit - just means that if you are in a county with a large limit you could justify having 99 plants. If I lived in a county that allowed 99 plants and I grew 99 1 lb plants I could still be jailed as I do not require that much medication for just myself - not to mention my county limits my total possession to 1 lb.
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    don't draw any undue attention to your self or your grow

    FootClan Well-Known Member

    lol thats a good idea call them up and tell them about your grow....LOL come on now...what county do you live in where that is a good idea? I dont think so not this kid
    Truth B Known

    Truth B Known Active Member

    lol foot clan for real... 'uh, ya, this is jon doe out here at 420 stoned courtyard, how much pot can i grow?' fuck the police

    cooknsmoke Active Member

    Truth B Known

    Truth B Known Active Member

    ya as far as i'm concerned, i live in california, my doctor told me that was his state recommendation which oversees the county laws.. i'm just not gonna do a ridiculous number and draw attention to myself.. i mean, i know people that have 2 rooms and 75-100 in each room.. and have done 99 outdoor.. and thats not unheard of in cali, but not something i would wanna do... thanks for everyones input..

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