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The UK Laws... In's And Out's..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tanya, Aug 1, 2006.


    Tanya Active Member


    It Seems to me that a lot of people these days have a lot different idea’s about the law on cannabis in the UK, iv heard things from its legal to grow 8 plants for personal use to you can grow 99 (but not 100) plants for personal use… iv even been told you can carry an oz if your over 18 and you claim its for personal use.. either way if any lads out there can tell me for sure what the real law is id be very grateful..

    Sativa Hybridz

    Sativa Hybridz Active Member

    That does not seem to be correct at all. The UK has not legalized marijuana, therefore there must be a punishment fore growing it or possessing it outside of your home/residence.

    It has been re-classified though, check out this link.

    keyboy111 Active Member

    The way I see it is to not get caught :mrgreen:

    atleast its not as bad as some other places

    skunkushybrid New Member

    The old bill will nick you over here for as little amount as half a spliffs worth. You could have a 0.1 of resin and get locked up and charged. If you have a criminal record with failing to appears and re-offending whilst on bail, they will keep you in over night till court the next morning. Feeling tired, you will be hauled before a magistrate and fined a certain amount of cash, usually about 75 quid. Could be 95, depending on the cunt sentencing. Also you will be required to pay court costs, usually a oner. You will not be entitled to representation at court, although you'll probably be able to get one in the police station, as you can't be imprisoned for the offence. Only the mentally dis-abled are entitled to this. So there you have it... DON'T GET CAUGHT!

    Oh and cultivating? Don't even think about it.

    Check my album to see what I think of the protection racket that is our police force, and the insane, controlling laws it tries so desperately to enforce...

    daturajim Member

    I wish it was that way in this county (uk), but sadly, nothing can be further from the truth. It is class b, and very illegal. However, the police rarely enforce the law for very minor use, though it is down to individual discretion. if you are ever caught with say an eight or under, the best thing is to be respectful to the police officer/officers. As soon as you get cheeky, cocky etc, your introuble. respect begets respect, and this can really help you out. the police may take you to the station, you may get a caution, or, if your lucky, just get it confiscated and a wee slap on the wrist. For larger amounts, this wouldnt apply. I have been caught skinning up once, and was very polite to the police officer, and he just let me go, with my weed, and just said make sure you smoke somewhere out the way. But it comes down to their discretion as i've said. As for growing, if your caught, you could get into more trouble. Though again, it comes down to how many plants.One or two, i wouldnt think you'd get sent to prison, but you would more than likely get a caution. The law is there..but it comes down to discretion again, some people coming of better than others for the same "offence". I wish it was like spain here, pay 10 euros and get a licence and you can grow 6 parts.

    UKHG Well-Known Member

    y do 8-9 planst when u can just do 2 monsters and 2 plansts are plants AND NEVER HAVE SCALES IN UR HOUSE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,says me with them n my drawer with a ounce lol

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