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    This Journal is being made to help me document the breeding of my own personal strain. My goal is to someday be in Amsterdam and to be part of the Cannabis Cup as a contestant. I have a long ways to go before I will reach this goal as I am only just starting this project. But I will make it there!

    I started this project last summer with 3 plants, two females a White Russian and a AK-47, then my lone male a Pineapple Kush. I crossed the plants but in a stupid move i Killed the male. The crossing worked as planned but i still wish i did not kill the male. I just was not thinking at the time (I may have been drinking). My yield of seeds was decent, about 75-100 from each female.

    White Russian- Very dense nuggets with a fruity smell
    View attachment 2424999 DSCN1120.jpg DSCN1119.jpg and
    the AK-47(little butchered up but finished fine) Very stinky(pine tree smell) and sticky with BIG nuggets when trimmed up
    View attachment 2425013 DSCN1100.jpg Apollo Green 013.jpg

    The Pineapple Kush
    Apollo Green 030.jpg This is the lowest branch on the plant. This picture was taken after he was cut way back to prevent pollen from flying all over my property and he was neglected very much at this point in his life. But I also do have some pictures of his sister plant the came from the same batch of seeds.

    Pineapple Kush sister plant-Big buds sort of light in weight about average smell, good lasting taste that is kind of creamy with some fruit in it.
    DSCN1183.jpg DSCN1064.jpg DSCN1189.jpg DSCN1112.jpg

    I have started a few seedlings of the White Russian x Pineapple Kush White Russian x Pineapple Kush 010.jpg there are 9 total so far. Of the 9 2/3 look more like the plant on the right while the rest are like the one on the left.

    The AK-47 x Pineapple Kush seeds I will start their germination in about a week.

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