The SHIVA grow - cab construction and grow journal.

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    Komiyan New Member

    This is my 5th grow ever, but it's my first retry since my string of fail back in the day. I'm hoping for some sweet success this time around!
    Here we go!

    Well i'm about 70% done with the construction of the cab itself, my last step is to build the light and install it in the cab!

    Here is a lowdown of how i designed it.
    So i found a small bedside table with wheels, and decided to turn it into a stealth grow cabinet, and i also settled on CCFLs for the grow light. I thought it would be a WONDERFUL idea to use a computer power supply to run the lights as they are 12V, and a typical PSU outputs a LOT of current for the 12V line. An ATX power supply also switches on/off via a small logic signal, perfect for control via a micro computer or the like!
    Well, it was after i installed the PSU that i encountered problems, such as my logic controller being a real bugger to get going (timing wise) among other conundrums, so i decided to modify a standard timer i had left-over from my last grow, and get it to switch the logic supply. I've basically ended up with a standard grow, minus plug-packs: A power supply switched by a mechanical timer. Only the switching order is different; the timer is powered by the PSU's filtered mains, and switches it on via the "PS-ON" logic line.
    The computer PSU is doing all the work, with a benefit: the fan (when i turned it around) acts as my air intake, as such the power-supply performs three functions: Power-supply (duh!), Switching, AND Ventilation! The 5v standby voltage also allows me to run maintenance lights and an auxiliary exhaust fan without needing to hog more than one spot on my power-board.
    So all up, while i didn't get the epically-cool results i hoped for, i still have a great cab that is rock-solid!

    I have decided to code-name the cab "Shiva", and i'll be finishing the construction on Monday when my lights arrive :-) I'll be posting my pics of the cab on Monday, at the moment it's just a box with the hardware half-mounted!

    Oh, and i gathered my beans, i found some "tiger stripe" seeds i got from some dude when i went to high-school, they're about 4 years old, so i'm wondering if they're still good? I would rather go with a named seed than some mystery bagseed i've got lying around.

    Can't wait to get this thing started!

    CCFL - Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp, Commonly found in old-er scanners and LCD monitors. Mine are actual products, mainly sold for lighting up computer cases and the underside of cars... Still, they are really bright for their size!

    smatz Member

    Looking forward to seeing how the cCFL lights work, and how your cab looks!

    Komiyan New Member

    I'm looking forward to these results too :D

    Theres been a HUUGE weed bust here in WA, and so no weed for a long time (the big-time logistics dudes got topped!)... This inspired a big push on my end, i just got a shitload of construction stuff done for the Shiva, and am grabbing my lights tomorrow!

    Kirkulese Member

    Something you can do to increase the viability of those seeds (not to mention it will make them more likely to be female) is to store them in a paper bag with an apple for a week or 2. This helps because they receive a solid dose of ethylene, which is a female hormone, from the apples. There is some solid research that was done on cannabis seeds and ethylene and a quick google search should yield plenty of results.

    Stoked to see this cab after its done though good luck with the build!

    Komiyan New Member

    Thaks man!
    After doing this the etylene stays during further storage? It's good to know a trick or two like this!

    As for Shiva, i need to find a way to quieten the fans as a bedside table isn't supposed to hum... Also i'm looking into activated carbon filters to deal with the smell, but i guess that can wait until smell is actually an issue...
    As for the lights, i got set back a while because i had to do fill-in work, but as a bonus the pay will help me get more material to make my grow not just stealthy, but practically invisible!

    Now i'm off to aquire some apples :-)

    Kirkulese Member

    from what ive read it doesnt matter if you store them with ethylene, you just need to store them in a dry dark place and even then some can stay viable for up to like 20 years without any treatment (but thats about 10% of seeds). However as long as they were stored properly and you put them in with a few apples a week or 2 before you want to germ that viability rate goes up to like 75-85% even after all those years.

    Komiyan New Member

    I stored them in a vial in a small lead-lined box i made ages ago... They seem pretty fine to me.

    Also how is styrofoam at noise dampening? I've got heaps of 1/8" thick styro lying around, would save me $50 or so in material...

    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    Saw thread title and was excited. Thought someone found pure Shiva beans.

    Komiyan New Member

    An update on my construction: Everything is getting halted thanks to my local suppliers of CCFLs has discontinued them (although i did get their last pair in stock). I looked around on EBay and found the same lights offered for much cheaper, but it's gonna be a while before i can physically install them >_<
    I might try salvaging the CCFL tubes from computer monitors and scanners, see how lucky i can get there...

    If anyone is interested in using these lights here's the EBay link: CCFL LIGHTS
    You can also get different colors, so customizing your PAR is quite easy!

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