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The Seed Depot

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by PrezDickie, Mar 18, 2012.


    PrezDickie Active Member

    The seeddepot

    I had a whole thread on here but seems to be gone after "the hack".
    Just wanted to share a new option with everyone.
    These guys are kinda new but Legit! I ordered a 12 pack of secret garden seeds, Pinkbud x fruit salad autoflowering seeds and the arrived to me in middle o the USA in 12 days. And I got 20 free seeds! Ten romulan x Hawaiian skunk and 10 g13 haze.

    I had a small problem with miscounted seeds got 10 in my 12 pack but that's on the breeder but they made it right quickly. And communication is great.

    Guy in charge is JB who left IC Mag to start his own thing.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i've just heard of a few people who didn't get their free rare dankness seeds that were part of the bogo promo that just went on over there, don't sound like the best of spots to me from what i've heard thus far...
    dude said he emailed them like 2 or so x's about his rare beans not coming with his order and still hasn't heard back from them yet.. :(

    PrezDickie Active Member

    I'm already planning my 2nd order from them. They take credit cards too. I used mine and had no issues. Glad I took the risk on them, it sounded too good with world wide shipping and all but they rock!

    PrezDickie Active Member

    I had better luck talking with JB on forum than emailing thru site, but hope all works out for people u mentioned. Working with new people is always worrying but they earned my trust, that's all I can say

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, i just left a message with that person telling him about this thread so maybe he will chime in with his first hand experience instead of getting it through me as i only know what i read...
    it seems that they're offline atm, but i'm sure they will come over as soon as they see the thread, i left a link and all for him. :)

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I had a good experience thus far with them. I got my bogo rd seeds and it came in exactly 7 days

    LILBSDAD Well-Known Member

    My beans came quick, I just didn't get my free pack. I put in the message box what I wanted, then saw on another thread you had to e-mail them so I did that the day after I had ordered. I am sure they will make it right, I just got them yesterday. I just don't understand why you have to e-mail instead of just picking two packs and getting charged for one. I noticed JB posted on the RD thread so hopefully someone will get this straightened out. Although I did want to pop a couple of those Karma Bitch asap and will now have to wait............

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I got my beans. Ordered Sunday and had them the next monday morning! No shit.

    PrezDickie Active Member

    Just saw they extended the Rare Dankness Buy one Get one Free promo till march 31st so if anyone wants Rare Dankness genetics its the best deal around on them. so just on it quick!

    PrezDickie Active Member

    I just placed my 2nd order with Seed Depot. They have the Rare Dankness Indicas now and as a starter promo if you ordered two packs you got a 3rd free so i have three 10 packs on the way to me of some of the best stuff out there! I got The Ox, Rare Darkness, and as freebie pineapple hash plant. I'll let you guys know when they arrive! :)

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Good stuff man. I'm planning a order for ghost, faceoff and poison afghan

    kywldmn Member

    hey bro, im new to the forum and was wanting to order from seed depot, i placed an order with the single seed center and only got 50% germ rate on my stuff but you said they are legit and i would like to talk to jb myself and see what strains he recommends for an experienced grower who is new to ordering good strains, indoor and out. If you have any suggestions i would be in your dept. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    punkenstien Well-Known Member

    I too read about a few people that didnt get thier bogo raredankness promo but decided to order anyway. Well I should have listened to them since I got screwed as well. And to make matters worse they didnt send me what I wanted, instead they sent me what they wanted and no free packs. And I am lucky I didnt get popped with thier shitty non existant stealth shipping. They might as well have just wrote on the package "FRAGILE CANNABIS SEEDS". You could actually put the envelope up to a light and see the contents. I exchanged p.m.'s with J.B. and he seemed helpful but didnt keep his word and never replied to futher p.m's. I think this cat J.B. is actually Ripz from Potpimp or his twin brother. This seedback really sucks and if you had sucess with them consider yourself very lucky.

    punkenstien Well-Known Member

    Just send them some money and dont bother telling J.B. what you want, he already knows what to send you before he even recieves your order. Lol, Just fuckin with you bro. Stick with a reputable seedbank like the Attitude and skip rolling the dice and avoid the frustrations you might get dealing with J.B.

    kraposky Member

    I completely agreed with this guy.
    No cardpaper, nothing to dissimulate the thickness.

    I've complained with jb about the crappy and poor "stealth method" they advertise .... shit and shit.

    my first (and only) envelope from sd was coming opened by someone curious .... postal service or police, i don't think, but the juice of my speach is that they don't have a stealth method . they use a ninja to advertise their supposed stealth method ... i suggest to jb to use a naked man on the road. best choice for their crappy method.

    don't buy from this stupids that didn't think about our SECURITY.

    kraposky Member

    mr jb, like i said in your forum , you are so kindly. but this doesn't change the quality of your "stealth service". that is not stealth. when you assure me, and do , that something changed in your sending method, at that time, and only at that time, i will be happy. in blue it's more clear? i think it's a thing you decide to not read.

    you tell to me that "if there's any thing I can do to make you happy about this situation let me know" ..

    but i do that.... but it seems still can not figure out what is the problem. If, and I hope it is not, I have taken up the ass I do not want other people to happen the same. Above we have another person that says send the seeds in a "light" way and not stealth. those yet to write it on a forum before you decide to go buy some simple cardboard to hide the contents of the envelope? you want an address of a stationery store? i'm very annoyed by your continued responses, always the same and always "not-understanding" . and insinuate that I only want to vent ... my god ... please. no kidding. I'm only a little grower. who want to buy seeds in stealth method and with some security.

    ps I learned today that you have worked at seedbay ... how they send their seeds? followed by large piece of cardboard. o o o o o o !!!! I do a drawing ?

    pps I know and want to know for sure that you are a good person, that you are kindly and not a scam. i know that seeddepot have genetics that rocks, that i'm happy for the seeds i've buyed. but also your method of sending make people know what is in the envelope. period.

    sorry for my bad googlenglish..

    eyes Well-Known Member

    I need to chime in which i rarely do when it comes to other peoples problems with seedbaks..but... if all you do is sell beans, and you cant send out the right beans to the customer, either fire your staff or get someone who can send the right stuff. especially if u are a new company and your counting on new customers and repeat sales. I was also assured that the stealth was excellent. i was going to order some chemglue then all of sudden the price doubled. so i pmed and didnt get an answer. that was a month or more now. so, in conclusion, stick with who you are comfortable ordering with in the past and give it some time before you make your decision to order. im not knocking this seedbank, just siding with the customer as i am one myself.

    kraposky Member

    another time "pm me" ? no, thanks. i don't want your freebies, i don't want care pack. i've tell everything i have to say about this "drama".
    And let me tell that i find a little offensive this offer, like "take this beans and please shut up". Or "everybody has a price". I know you are not that kind of person, and
    i think this was not your intention, but may seem that to a stranger . not?

    Another time, what is so difficult in the words "You could actually put the envelope up to a light and see the contents" and solve this problem and let us know ? what ? there isn't cardboard in uk ? i don't think so. And tell me "how you want the order packed" ... but i want all customers orders packed stealthy and well ... not only mine. be serious ....

    but , this is the last time i put my words against your method of sending in a forum. I promise.
    so you can continue your business with your clients' !oh-my-god-that-great-customer-service! ".

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    JB. I applaud your attempts to make customers happy. I should have 2 more orders here real quick. I will pay close attention to packaging. I never noticed a problem before. I criticized SOW this morning, not being rude yet, while ordering $175 order of OgRaskal and got into a big argument with that prick. That company charges more than anyone, and the guy is an asshole. You are cutting deals and trying to please people.

    Cavalry Well-Known Member

    j.b I want some Chimera gear and I think you are the only seed bank that has his stuff that accepts credit cards. I was about to grab a pack of seeds but I am a little concerned about the stealth.

    What me and my friends like in a seed bank is...
    What you say is in stock is actually in stock
    Seeds shipped in a timely manner, 1-2 business days
    order confirmation and postal tracking
    credit cards accepted, "click-n-ship"

    I don't know about other people here but free or cheap shipping means nothing to me. I want it fast and stealthy. I use Attitudes most expensive shipping option, it comes to almost 40 US dollars, and that is fine with me because it works.

    I wish you luck, you seem cool to me, take care:leaf:

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