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The religion of peace!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by desert dude, Sep 27, 2013.


    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    stop being a pedophile apologist, it is yet another unflattering title to add to the others you already have.

    WeedKillsBrainCells Well-Known Member

    UB gotta say im loving the updated sig
    Dr Kynes

    Dr Kynes Well-Known Member

    try and find his fraudulent rushton quote, it does not exist.

    or are you just happy he is spreading lies to support the cause of leftism?

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member




    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Youre drunk on Obama spunk...

    travisw Well-Known Member

    You must be having laugh. You can continue trying to obfuscate the issue all you like. It seems your $10 and hour time is truly limitless. No one here questions you willingness to discuss racial issues ad nauseum.

    If anyone cares to look. they will see:

    Despite the fact your man JPR's training was in no way related to genetics or biology, he made his name writing about them.

    JPR's is far from the unimpeachable scientist you paint him to be. He was formally reprimanded twice by his university for conducting research on human subject without approval. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/1995/mar/23/pioneer/

    I know you prefer to randomly quote and capitalize your own post but if people actually go here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Philippe_Rushton#cite_note-67 they would see many of his peers had problems with his views and thought they were racist.

    JPR was the head of the Pioneer Fund. The fund has been critiqued by many for ties to racist and eugenics research. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Fund#cite_note-6

    Here, I'll even include this http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/groups/pioneer-fund, so you can have some sort of gotcha moment.

    Since you love JPR quotes so much here is mine:

    "It's a trade-off: More brain or more penis. You can't have everything," http://fair.org/extra-online-articles/racism-resurgent/

    Let the crab pics begin.

    echelon1k1 New Member

    eugenics research is a scathing indictment now? Join the real world moron...
    Dr Kynes

    Dr Kynes Well-Known Member

    so, you source WIKIPEDIA, and the "Southern Poverty law Center" as proof of your wisdom and Rushton's racism, criticize my capitalization habits and cry like a paddled schoolgirl, yet still fail to produce ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Rushton ever said the alleged quotation.

    intellectually lazy, dishonest and fraught with bad citations.

    hooray, sound like Mater and Pater dropped good money on an education which you failed to utilize AGAIN.

    Rushton was a psychologist, not a biologist, this is true, but Jared Diamond (real pornstar name, no gimmick) is a professor of GEOGRAPHY!!!! yet still opines on evolution society and how "White man got too much Cargo"

    Jared (stop laughing) Diamond is a darling of the left and a leading proponent of the "There's No Such Thing As Race" theology, so criticism of his "work" is treated as racism, despite his theories being as shabby and ill-conceived as his name.

    Jared (500 Swirlies) Diamond would be more useful to the world as the porn actor his name has prepared him to be than as a "scientist" even in the entirely ridiculous "discipline" of GEOGRAPHY.
    Dr Kynes

    Dr Kynes Well-Known Member

    rushton wasnt a eugenicist, he was studying real differences between the races, not bullshit stories about how much buckshot a skull holds.

    Protip: there really are racial differences:

    simple example: black people are really hard to sunburn, but white people make Vitamin D more efficiently. thats a tradeoff based on the climate for which each group is adapted. in african getting OUT of the sun is difficult, yet in northern europe getting enough sunlight exposure to make vitamin d can be a problem.

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