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The Purps - BC Bud Depot

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Beefbisquit, Jan 18, 2012.


    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    Strain: The Purps

    Growth: Small, Bushy Plant. Vegged for 4 weeks, plant was under 24" tall, with 17 main branches!

    Nutes: Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Grow AB, Sensi Bloom AB, Sensizyn, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X

    Yield: Plant #1 - 251g wet, 92g dry.
    "The Runt" - 241g wet, ?? dry.

    Bag Appeal: 9/10 -This bud is sexy as hell, nice red hairs, light green calyxes with purple streaks (not pictured), and tons of trichomes.

    Smell: 10/10 - When growing this stuff smelled like grape Kool-aid, it was amazing! Once dried it lost a lot of it's smell, but after 3 weeks curing it smells earthy, with very subtle grape tones.

    Taste: 8/10 - Very impressed! It has a pretty complex flavour, one that I've never tasted before. It's an earthy, skunky, grape taste, in that order, of strongest to weakest. I was hoping for more grape flavour, but excellent never-the-less!

    The High: 10/10 - I purposefully harvested a little early to make sure I got a more heady, uplifting buzz. Regardless of that this bud still has serious couch lock! LOL There's so many trichomes on this bud that it feels almost like taking a kief hit.

    Comments: A beautiful plant, a pleasure to grow!

    Here's some various pictures from different stages of growth!

    Plant #1- All cured
    View attachment 2005833 View attachment 2005834 View attachment 2005835 View attachment 2005836 curingcloseup.jpg

    The Runt - Freshly harvested and while growing
    View attachment 2005837 DSC09580.jpg DSC09578.jpg almostdone.jpg DSC09575.jpg DSC09367.jpg

    Plant #1 - While growing
    DSC09368.jpg DSC09366.jpg DSC09289.jpg mjpic.jpg DSC09365.jpg DSC09363.jpg DSC09355.jpg

    bostoner Active Member

    Lovely. I wanted to grow some of this so bad last year. I just got on this binge of just buy one fem seed of each strain and cloning em out. Since this one is regular non fem only I had to pass. After seeing that first pic of plant 1 growing I need to have them. Looks like a lot of bud for the plant size. Was that LED panel the only thing you used to flower? Great job!

    asdewqasdfgh Active Member

    Num nums!!

    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    Yep, all LED. I did use 2 CFL's for vegging, but they were only 42 and 23 watts respectively.

    smokeymcpotz Well-Known Member

    Very nice report +rep i thought about growing this strain bcuz i tried Da Purps from thseeds a few times which taste and smells like grape fuel paint...
    jammin screw

    jammin screw Well-Known Member

    How is the runt smelling???? No skunk tones at all In the smell?

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    There is fem seeds now of it im pretty sure
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    jammin screw

    jammin screw Well-Known Member

    Yeah there is bro... Wouldn't mind em or the godbud either, hope they stable, might be... Guess some will have to try one n see

    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    There are definitely fem seeds of both Purps and God Bud....

    The Runt is very skunky... the buds smell like Skunk and Grape. Curing is underway now... I should have let Plant #1 grow more, I def harvested a little early....

    dumdedum Active Member

    Looks lovley.

    BenRound Member

    A grower friend grew "the Purps" last year and I bought an ounce. After the purchase I was really sorry I hadnt bought more. I dont know if its the same "the Purps", but this shit was a 2 toker. Best of all though was it lasted for hours-- much, much longer than the average "good" smoke.

    markybuds Well-Known Member

    buds look to have mold in the first 2 pics. often confused with trichs or 'crystals' bongsmilie

    markybuds Well-Known Member

    first 4 pics.. sorry bongsmilie

    BigDaddyTreeWork Member

    There is def no mold on them in the first two pics first four pics ....

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, if that's mold, i'm a mold loving fool.. :)
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    Dust1nth3w1nd Member

    looks excellent man,you can deff see more of the purple accents in the runt.nice work.may have to give this strain another look
    dj dobsy

    dj dobsy Member

    hi im a beginner grower and looking to grow The Purps, i will be growing 6 seeds/plants under 2x 600w hps lights in a grow tent. If i veg for 4 weeks will my plants be bigger because the high wattage lights or will they be roughlt same size as yours? May be a silly question but i dont know as will be my first grow? help would be appreciated many thanks?

    PHILLYBLUNTS420 Member

    sorry to say but by the looks of it you dont got a very strong pheno of the purps, it doesnt really look like the purps what so ever...the purps is more sativa so the buds are a bit looser...and the reason the name of it is THE PURPS is because of the purple bud lol dont get me wrong you did a great job

    PHILLYBLUNTS420 Member


    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    LED has been known to out veg HID...

    I just didn't get it cold enough.... one thing with LED's, you don't need any kind of cooling, so my plants never dipped below 20 degrees Celsius and never over 24 degrees Celsius.

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