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The plants are losing color turning pale green/yellow, starting to look a little sick

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by nlv5, Mar 5, 2008.


    nlv5 Active Member

    I have several plants that are about 4 weeks into flowering. The are losing all their green color and turning pale green and moving onto yellow. I grow 2 plants to a 15 gallon tupperware container with lava rock and a septic leach pipe on the bottom to aerate the soil. One plant may be losing its color while the other is great. There is very little leaf curl, In fact aside from the loss of color they look good. Some leaves are turning brown on the fringes while another plants leaves are getting small red and brown spots. I water with Bio canna so I know that pretty much all of my nutes are there. I grow under 600w hps. I am really confused at this point. I flushed several bins just to see if perhaps there has been a build up of salts or maybe potassium. I think if Potassium levels are too high that they may lock out other nutes. One more thing I just added C02 to my room, I run it at 1200 ppm 80 degrees and 55% humidity. Anyone have any ideas? I'm really bumming they were looking so beautiful.

    dasmokinbudz Active Member

    sounds to me like maybe too much nutes..... keep checking im new at this too but these guys know what they are talking about

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    yellow probibly a lack of nutes/calsium/nitrogen post pics would help

    chrisklits Active Member

    hello mate,my skunk xxx r in 4th week flowering,looking nice but in the last fewdays there leaves r turning yellow,ive asked a friend he says that is pretty normal at this stage,or possibly over feeding them,best thing to do is just give them clean water for about 1week.

    rasclot Well-Known Member

    a good flush with phd water usally does the trick! have u been giving them nutes?:joint::hump:

    hammerhead76 Member

    toward the end of the life cycle it is normal for the leaves to start turning yellow think of the leaves as garbage cans the fan leaves will fill with garbage nutes then fall off the later stages in flowering my plant is on week 6 of flowering and it to is turning yellow to a pale green try flushing the soil then feed them again don't give up you are almost there enjoy your harvest

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