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the perfect 10x10 grow room

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by wanna be stanky, Jun 13, 2007.


    rosecitypapa Active Member

    Divide the room up into a 5x10, and two 5x5. The first 5x5 is your workspace/cloning/res area. The next 5x5 is your vegging area. The 5x10 is your bloom area. The clones get a couple of cfl's, the veg gets a t-5 or 600w mh and the 5x10 gets 2-3 600w vertical for a perpetual stadium grow. The 600w are more efficient than the 1000w and you'll have to worry about environmental factors (cooling lights & room with a/c,exhaust) a little less. Also, run your lights at night when the rates are cheaper if you have a utility that does that.

    annaghadman New Member

    this guy has the right idea so true :)

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