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The original g13 strain/seed

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by deza, Jan 4, 2012.


    deza Active Member

    Anyone know which bank has the original G13 that was 'supposedly' designed by the US goverment several years back?

    Samwell Seed Well

    Samwell Seed Well Well-Known Member

    oh shit thats funny,

    good luck, bump, i know nothing

    deza Active Member

    Somebody has to have it since most seed banks these days have a G13 crossed with something else.. how else are they breeding them into hybrids?..

    heyYousGuys New Member

    Only 3 seed banks have the "ALLEGEDLY" original G-13 cut. SOMA SEEDS, MR. NICE, and SENSI SEEDS. You will never find seeds of pure G-13. And that's if it even existed at all. Anyone else claiming to have G-13 hybrids is probably just trying to make money.

    EDIT: I meant hybrids of the original G-13, I don't know if the cut still exists.

    deza Active Member

    Anyone know where i can get the original cut? or seed? ...

    if they dont sell the seed i doubt the plant exists and it has to be a hoax... they have so many hybrids of the G13 they must feminised the g13 aswell

    trophy1 Well-Known Member


    heyYousGuys New Member

    Dude, it's all in my post. YOU CAN'T GET THE ORIGINAL CUT. AND THERE IS NO G13 SEED.
    There only hybrids of the original cut, and the best, ones are from Mr. Nice.

    Dr. Greenthumb's cut is supposedly from a guy named DoubleD. And DoubleD himself he never sold a cut to Greenthumb. It's not real G13 according to those in the know, plus it doesn't grow like the original cut supposedly is described as. And that's if g13 isn't a myth!

    Personally, I don't buy too much in to anyone having the real deal.

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    G13 was also known as Item#9 and was the bees knees.. :) The government probably has it locked up somewhere next to the area 51 spacecraft. What strain do they grow there in Miss, in that gov funded pot program? Supposedly only about 3-5% THC as well Anyone know that one?

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    Most places use G13/Skunk, G13/Widow, or G13/Hashplant and just leave out the part about it being a hybrid for the marketing.

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member


    doowmd Well-Known Member

    @$200 for a 2 seed pack? lmfao!


    deza Active Member


    deza Active Member

    Hey man.. its nice to 'buy into myths' once in a while in life... makes things interesting.

    but not worth buying for $200 for two seeds lmao..

    ehh.. ill check out MR NICE.

    JCashman Well-Known Member

    you cant go wrong with Mr Nice imo buddy, hes about as legit as they come ;)

    heyYousGuys New Member

    Mr. Nice sells 18-seeds-a-pack for REAL FUCKING GENETICS THAT DATE BACK OVER 20 YEARS. He doesn't even TOUCH feminized shit. You seriously won't be disappointed man.
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    Go on MR.Nice forum theres more news Nevile says Dr.Greenthumbs is the real deal.Go check it out it's a great read.
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    beardietree Well-Known Member

    Herbies seeds search g13

    GoblinFarmer Member

    How much is Dr.dedoverde paying Nevile i wonder.
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    Who knows?People just want to have something most people can't get.I'm sure there's a lot better strains out there for a fraction of the cost.
    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    The original cut lies inside the Univ of Mississippi lab.
    Legend is a lab tech stole some cuts and thats how it came into our world.
    Univ of Miss is the ONLY facility in the entire U.S. that is allowed to grow MJ by the DEA.
    There are only 2 ppl left getting supplied medical marijuana by them as well.
    One is a guy that lives in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.
    Read an article 2.5yrs ago about him and the situation.
    The Univ pre-rolls 100 joints for them and sends them in a can to a local pharmacy.
    The guy in Florida said his gets delivered to a WalGreens for him to pick up.
    The ppl in the city know him and the cops cant touch him for smoking bcuz his a Federal/DEA patient.
    The reporter doing the interview was shocked at how freely this guy could and did blaze while driving around town doing the interview !

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