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*The Noob indoor soil growing materials guide*

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lexterian, Jul 1, 2008.


    lexterian Well-Known Member

    Hey all.
    I see some grows here were materials that are of utmost importance are forgotten... :(
    I'm sure we all have had the "I need a list of ALL the materials i need!!" inpatient question.

    First of all,
    Read,Read,Read and then read some more!
    don't just be one of those punks that pop a seed in their mothers houseplants.

    -Go read the GrowFaq
    -Download and/or buy e-books!(They all are very helpfull)
    -big bookstores also have some good books .

    After you feel somewhat comfortable with your knowledge,
    go deep into identifying deficiencies and pests.
    It isnt necessary but is really helpfull for your anxienty when plants get sick and then you can treat them instantly.Be sure though that you don't misdiagnose them.

    After that,you will need some materials! :D
    HTGsupply.com is an awesome site that is safe,reliable with decent prices.

    This is only a list of materials for soil growing.Not a list for best of the best lights or best of the best nutrients.
    I am assuming that u have space but i am also throwing in stealth.

    Any space will do aslong as it is reachable,not that noticeable,not allot of traffic abound and controllable.

    ~Line/paint the walls:
    ~dissinfect and clean up the space as best you can

    -Make sure you have extrension cords with allot of outlets.
    Instead of being lazy and just have them lay on the floor,try nailing or taping them to the wall a good 3-4 feet.

    -Get a good timer!

    -400w HPS/MH including ballast,bulb,reflector and fixture.
    This will do for about 10 plants.
    -600w HPS/MH including ballast,bulb,reflector and fixture.
    This will do for about 15 plants.

    HTGsupply,imo,has great deals on HID lighting.

    There isn't a cheap solution but if u have to,
    go the CFL route.
    They have a great CFL forum here.
    Just to give you an average:1 and or 2 43w CFL will be enough for 1 plant.
    you will need 2 or 4 from the 23w CFL for 1 plant.

    So what you wil need for a CFL route is:
    - /amount of CFL's/
    -Y connectors(this will enable you to get 2 bulbs in one socket)
    -socket to outlet cable or connectors.(This way you can add more CFL's whenever.
    Wall mart has all of this.

    For the 100$ you WILL be spending on CFL's,i find it better to just go and spend 150$ on a 400w HID lighting.

    I don't care what anybody says,ive seen major improvements with my plants when i put co2 in there.
    Instead of buying the CO2 tank that looks like it may blow up if u puncture it,make some of your own co2 very easily and safely.
    ^Taken from grow faq.
    Not saying that CO2 tanks aren't good,but if you just want a grow with 5-10 plants then use the home made method.

    Water when the pot feels light,top 3 inches feel dry.
    Water till it runs out of tray and then empty the tray.
    Use empty milk jugs,fill them up with water,leave the water jug alone for 24 hours and you are good to go!

    I'm not going to do the whole boring nute lecture with explaining NPK and all that.
    That is what the grow faqs is for ^_^ .
    All that i will say is,DONT FEED FOR FIRST 3-4 weeks!!!Very important that you know this!
    Don't buy shitty fertilizers and crap from lowes,home depot and walmart.
    Although if you are in a pinch then some tame All purpose plant fertilizer might work.

    -Fox farm's 3 way nutrient pack is my fav.
    They have an online feedings schedule and they do the job very well.


    -Flora has a very good line of nutes too!!

    Pick any of the 2,they are both great.
    Yeah yeah there are better nutes but i think for beginners,these are both good choices.

    Again,no junk from walmart,lowes opr homedepot!
    Cannabis doesnt like some random soil.
    Get fox farm's oceans forest potting soil and a bag of perlite (wich you can purchase at wallmart,lowes or homedepot)

    Yeah yeah there are allot better soils out there but for beginner,fox farms will be great.
    For every 2 cups of soil u add,add a cup of perlite.
    U dont have to be precise.
    The perlite helps ALLOT with the aeration and getting O2 to the roots.

    *Pots/soil bags*

    I use growbags because of space limitations.
    They are cheaper but whatever.
    Both perform just aswell.
    For the first month or 2 they will be fine in a 3 gallon but depending on space and size u may have to then transplant them into a 5 gallon pot or grow bag.
    (Atleast 2-3 holes)

    *Temp control*
    This is a tough one with allot of soultions.
    I am not knowledgeable enough on this topic.
    I use a temp/humidity controll unit.Costed me about 200$ but the temps and humidty are always 75F. 50%.
    I could post some pics of this thing if anyone wants.
    I'm kinda spoiled in this regard because of this.

    *Odor control*
    I ignored this one,a year ago.
    I live in a condo complex.
    I thought the smell would not be noticeable but once they start flowering...
    I could smell them from the parking lot!!!
    I attached a carbon scrubber to the temp and hum. exhaust and the smell was gone in minutes.
    (Some people noticed the smell but not after the carbon scrubber.)
    An ozone generator works even better.
    Or some negative ionizer or smell repellents also work.
    Just get ready for when they start flowering! :D

    That covers it a bit.

    Some things to get out of the top of my head:
    -Measuring cup
    -empty milk jugs for water and food
    -Pruning kit
    -fine mist spraying bottle
    -watering can

    Thats it.
    All i can say is to keep reading guides,threads and listen to other members who have a good rep here.
    Knowledge comes with time!
    Reading may give u knowledge but the real learning experience starts with the growing.

    My spelling may be poor but i'm not from america so i don't really care...

    This little mini-guide may be shitty but anything helps right?

    Thank you too all the members here and this site.
    Good luck to all u growers out there!

    May the canna gods smile upon u...

    dave3 Well-Known Member

    :-| Cheers man :joint:

    You got a grow journal ?

    lexterian Well-Known Member

    Yes i do.
    I just found this site like a month ago.I have had trouble with my camera so i ordered a new one but it hasnt arrived yet.
    Will update once it arrives.

    DocBrown Well-Known Member

    Thanx for this quick and easy guide. Been reading around for 2-3 months. Hope to start my first grow in about 3 months. I just got more learning to do.

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