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The New Air Pots are Awesome but the Smart Pots are Cheaper

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by fRyDaYkNiGhT420, Dec 26, 2010.


    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    The new "Air Pots" are awesome but the "smart pots" are cheaper. I guess they both have good points but overall they are very similar in outcome. They both "Air Prune" the roots by way of letting oxygen get to the outside edge roots and keep them from spiraling in the pot which helps them get more access to the nutrients. There are videos on utube.

    Why I like them both.

    easy to clean
    Easy to repot ("Air Pots")
    Easy to remove pot by way of spiral fasteners COOL!!! ("Air Pots")
    Concave bottom so they have awesome drainage ("Air Pots")

    Out of the 2 pots I guess I do like the "Air Pots" better they are basically the coolest planter I have ever seen in my life.

    What do yo think?


    SYROUS Well-Known Member

    Yeah i saw those in a mag pretty sick,funky lookin for sure ,what they allow for root pruning and mucho o2

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member


    I realized after further inspection that the "Plastic" pots are going to last way longer than the ones made from felt. The felt bags rip really easily.

    Nunotmp Active Member

    the pic looks like a porn set.

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    The little afgoo in the middle better be careful. Lookin a little short compared to the 4 sour diesel... I love both of these strains perfect compliment to each other. This shit will have you drafting constitutions writing plays building websites... Freakin genius weed....

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member


    Heres a closer shot of the mendoo afgoo in the air pot. When they ship them they are flat. You fold them into a cylinder shape then lock in the little blue spiral fastener to secure its shape.

    phyzix Well-Known Member

    What size are those?

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    These are 2 gallon they have been really good to me.


    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    Superoot Air Pot 7.5 liter 2 gal. plant container 6 pk

    Price:US $42.88

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    I reuse my SmartPots and wash them in the washing machine. I live in a very hot and humid climate and they have lasted me for over a year. No tears, no "weak" spots. ;)

    I also never paid over US$3.00 for one.
    noober doober

    noober doober Active Member

    You just throw them in with all that leftover dirt? do you brush them out first or anything? I have a bunch of used smart pots I've been hesitant to put in the washer, any insight on the best way to wash them would be appreciated. Oh, btw, I love smart pots because it's sooo easy to LST with them. I just take a piece of wire, pierce through the side with it and tie down... very easy

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    I agree with both of those points. I have ripped so many smart pots its crazy. Try to move (X) number of plants in a hurry and you will wish you had plastic. But then again plastic is not green. I wonder if they are made out of recycled plastic?

    " I love smart pots because it's sooo easy to LST with them" You could LST with these like a CHAMPION!


    rasputin71 Well-Known Member

    I just got some smart pots from the local grow shop for my current/first round in my perpetual garden. I plan on ordering some air pots for my next round of flower, but that is a ways off now that I have 10 clones to try and space 10 days apart. :hump:
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I've been using smart pots for a while now, love em'. I too have washed mine in the washing machine. I used a gentle cycle and gave them an extra rinse, good as new. I recently purchased a ten pack of three gallon smart pots for thirty bucks from htg supply.

    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member

    Thats what I did. My first grow I used smart pots then I ripped a bunch of them moving so I put the smart pots in reg. plastic planters then this time around I got these new space age pots and I could not be happier...until I switch to pea gravel in the "aquagarden" Australian style. I think it's Australian!?!

    jloudermilk Active Member

    I use 5-gallon paint strainers for my smart pots. Lowes has a 2-pack of them for $3

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I'll second this. I reuse them with no problems. I even drag my 65 gallon aero pots around completely full of soil on my cement drive way - handles haven't gone yet and the bottoms seem to be holding up fine as well. 65 gallons of wet soil is pretty heavy...

    $43 seems a bit steep as well for 6 2 gallon containers. I think 2 gallon aero and smart pots go for around $1.50 here. 5 gallons $3, 10 gallons $4.50, my 65 gallons were only $18 - the equivalent airpot costs 58 pounds which is around $95 dollars.

    Cool product though and as long as they are taken care of should last a long long time.

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    i know its old but has anyone got updates on air pot grows? Successes? Are you watering more often? I read they are updating the pot molds to us gallons for the us market. Should be interesting cause I have 2 gal and 2.4 gal. air pots with it being much larger then my smart pot and knockoff fabric pot that lists as 2 and 3 gals.

    TheFuture Well-Known Member

    I have used both and I prefer the smart pots 1000x. Nothing like loading up 120 dirty smart pots and tossing them into the coin laundromat, and then watching the faces of the other people as you have black water and pearlite floating all around, haha.

    If you use Pro-Mix, Sunshine #4, or any other media with an added wetting agent, the smart pots soak up most runoff keeping your floor kinda cleaner, and aerate the outer 1.5 inches of media. Air pots dont do that. Plus the handles let me pick up four fully grown plants at a time if I need to move em around.

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