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The market

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by vancouver1234, Jan 10, 2018.


    vancouver1234 Member

    Out of pure curiosity, and I only ever buy from a dispensary 1/8 at a time. What does a lb of indoor soil grown marijuana go for. I read an article stating it's at an all time low in Canada for the black market. Consider it a good strain in soil indoors, what do you think per pound in Canada. Black market or medical for a dispensary . Just find it interesting and would like to hear what people know. Thanks for your time

    GoatSoup Member

    Here in Nor Cal the word I have is "Street Weed" is about $200/oz for indoor and $100 for outdoor, and it's pretty good stuff too.

    Dispensaries are~ $30-60 1/8th and Random Joints are ~$5 each. From my research the east coast guys were bitching about the price of a pound being down from $2600/lb to ~$1500/lb.
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    vancouver1234 Member

    When you say outdoor do you mean outside? Or in soil? I have heard people call soil outdoors

    GoatSoup Member

    IDK? Just hear say but I expect they meant "Outside". I saw some videos of outdoor plants that were called 6-8 Pounders! 6X 6 Pounders =36 Lb= 360 lb X$1500= $54,000!
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    What strain bro? Link? Indoor or outdoor? Sounds like outdoor in huge pots.

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