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The legalization in Europe

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by Dreadfush, Feb 6, 2013.


    Dreadfush Member

    Just wanted to hear if anybody knows how the situation is in europe with the cannabis legalization, i know that portugal have decriminalized it and Amsterdam has legalized a long time ago.

    What about other countries in Europe? (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Prauqe?)

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    Im from Denmark

    and it have been a on going topic for as long as I can remember.. nahh forget it, for as long as I have lived, cant remember what I had for breakfast, but seriously, since the 60ish

    we have a place here in Denmark/Copenhagen call Christina a small city in the city (old army barracks the hippies took over in the 60ish)

    Christiania-300x190.jpg christiania-drug-stall.jpg Christiania-grafitti.jpg Woodstock.jpg

    its like a mini Amsterdam right in the middle of Copenhagen maybe 1x2 miles

    but its only "semi" legal


    one Government leave em alone the next try to fight em and close the Hash/skunk market down ..

    wile local politicans try to make it legal to to open and Run coffee shop`s, fist one have just been closed by the police after a few months of running, neighbors could smell hash :D

    same time government have made the fines and punishment even more harsh, got them new machines that can test you on the spot for all kinds of drugs (7 kinds) and you loose your driver license and get a fine on 5% of your yearly income !!!!! if positive, witch it can measure 2-3 weeks after your last smoke (traffic safety my ass)

    also fine for keep under 10g of hash is now on 400$ insted of 100$ as before

    its like half the population wants it free and the other half don't (seems like they have there Red vine and don't care)
    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member

    Belgium-Illegal(possession decriminalized/cultivation decriminalized only for one female plant)

    Czech Rep.-Illegal


    Finland-Illegal (decriminalized for medical)





    Italy-Illegal(decriminalized for personal, very limited amounts)


    Netherlands-Decriminalized. Cultivation Illegal except for personal use. Note-future of marijuana is in threat with right-wing politicians taking more power.



    Portugal-Decriminalized. Cultivation Illegal.



    Spain-Decriminalized possession, legal cultivation but sales is illegal.

    Switzerland-Decriminalized. Legal cultivation very restrictive.

    UK-VERY ILLEGAL. (Ironic being I get most my seeds from here)

    So much like the US, Europe is looking mostly anti-marijuana.

    Dreadfush Member

    Do you know if there are any ways to change that. I´ve seen on 420chan that alot of people are collecting signatures. Could we do the same here in Europe in any way? Dane here BTW
    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member

    Hey Dane, my name is************* but my nickname is Easy E, not kidding. Got this nickname in high school because my first and last names are so long, and my middle name is short and starts with an E so some friend started calling me Easy E.
    Anyway, I have no idea which country you are in and what steps can be taken to get enough signatures on a petition to your government. It's very difficult and even when you get thousands of signatures many times the petition is ignored.
    In the US here on the whitehouse website you can actually start a online petition and if enough online signatures are made it goes to the president and he reviews it. But in most European nations I imagine petitions to government are not even allowed. Defininitely find your nation's government website and see if online petitions are available there. Other than that the only power individuals here have is the right to vote, and the ability to bring up motions at the local level government. But as for pushing a legalization agenda it's tough and not quick. Even with the two legal states we have here now there is no indication that many other states will follow or that the federal government will change it's position. The powers against marijuana legalization are very strong worldwide.

    gonzoman Member

    It's largely tolerated in some parts of Switzerland. Here's a recent article I've got : http://www.ghi.ch/le-journal/la-une/la-majorite-du-cannabis-pousse-en-appartement. The headlines go like this : Most of the marijuana grows indoor, indoor cultivation is becoming more and more common, the police only shows up if neighboors complain about the smell, production is usually for personal use. The article tells how cultivators barely hide their activities and store plants on their balcony. Cultivation is legally "restricted" as you don't have the permission to grow more than four plants without a special authorization, that's pretty much it. I must say the police in Switzerland is pretty cool compared to the US cops, I've never had a problem with them and they're usually not out to frame you with bs like they're the best friend of the jail industry or something.
    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member

    Switzerland compared to USA is day and night on most issues, probably the last and only nation with some type of national unity and identity. Switzerland would be a great place to live, most stable economy and is the wealthiest per-capita nation in the world, mountains, good temps and the right to gun ownership is guaranteed by law.

    ginjawarrior Well-Known Member

    how do you quantify the bolded part?

    unless your talking about large scale manufacturing or dealer levels of possession your normally looking at a caution or at worst some community service if caught

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    I was just about to say something along these things. My friend got arrested for four 7ft plants(Wappa) in a greenhouse in his backyard in September and half an ounce of dried cannabis in his house. He got a 6 month probation order and has to submit to random drug tests during this 6 month period. His friend who lives there(who owned the half ounce of dried cannabis) got fined £500 and told "not to do it again".

    It's fairly tolerated here by the Police, my friend and I were stopped for smelling of cannabis and the stuff I had on me was confiscated(a single joint) and we were told by the officer "I don't mind you doing it in your own home, just not on the streets"...

    Needless to say we didn't argue but we were far from "on the streets" we were in a forest walking our dogs... Lol. The ironic thing is, 3 weeks later was when my friend got raided.

    A little more about the raid from what my friend said is that there was no forced entry, they knocked, they were polite and they explained what a massive waste of time and money it was to raid someone for four plants which about 2 weeks into flowering. However, the local paper made a massive, massive meal of it claiming there to be "hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of drugs" confiscated which was very funny.

    ROLLING12 Member

    i am sad and terrified about the uncertainty of living peacefylly while under constant bureaucratic and authoritarian pressure... if I'd be the leader of a country, I'd legalize it in a heart beat, no questions asked, just kabam and it's done! There should be a worldwide mobilisation on this issue! Having said that, I am persuaded that legalization is a matter of time for other territories. I'd like to see half of the countries around the world where it is legal there at least before I die (I reckon about another 60 years)! Peace, love, and harmony!
    Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Well-Known Member

    I'm a strong believer in the power of greed. 1/ The greed of folk who grow without passion for as much as they can squeeze out of the customers, human nature for some but no moral hippy philosophy of making the world a happier place. You might disagree but hey most of us buy the stuff at £10 a gram or whatever -- end result someone makes money 2/ The greed of polititians and leaders to squeeze every penny they can out of the public, while we here in the UK mope about wondering about the moral implosion which would result upon legislation, I kind of think they wish we would just stop complaining. Meanwhile the country that started the whole panic ( The good Old US ), with good old Harry Anslinger making propaganda movies like Reefer Madness and demonising the black community and/or Jazz musicians. now have come full circle and half the states of America are now making a fortune in taxing medical Marijuana. The rest of the world looks on and wishes we would now follow America's example. Don't mean this to sound like an anti US rant as I assure you GOD BLESS AMERICA but greed yes greed is a constant the world over and once the slimy UK leaders of whatever party see the projected half a billion ( Dollars ) a year being made by our transatlantic colleagues we wont be long dropping our sniffy Brit stiff upper lip and opening up our own medical marijuana dispenseries. GREED CONQUERS ALL IN THE END.

    Sativied Well-Known Member

    No, unfortunately not true anymore since 2011. Basically you can grow 5 plants in soil in a garden if no neighbors complain, but as soon as you put a lamp above it (OR use a meter, OR grow hydro style, or give nutes) it is 100% illegal. The cops, energy companies, housing, and worst, the IRS raid people all day every day here. They destroy all growing gear, plants, and investigate how much you've grown and if that's more than a little bit then they tax and fine you for profits at an unrealistic street price. THAT is how "legal" things are in the Netherlands.

    And to OP, the only thing legal in this context in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, is selling up to 5 gram per day per person in a coffeeshop that has a permit. They are NOT allow to grow, and they are NOT allowed to buy weed at what we call the backdoor (basically from suppliers, for the law considered organized criminals - mobsters...). That last part, coffeeshops not being able to buy weed legally (while they are allowed to store only 500gram) is THE main point of the ongoing debate here. Currently many counties are working on plans to grow their own weed, they need to submit them to the minister of justice who will then reshape (rape would be a better word) our policy once more. In any case, it's not getting better.

    It was, and won't on the short term be legalized in The Netherlands. Not until the US and other major players in the UN decide to change several agreements that our politicians are afraid of breaking. We do have an exception clause in that UN agreement, which comes down to not prosecuting growers wth 5 plants, but with the 2011 changes/limitations it's basically illegal.

    It never was legal here either, all myth. We simply just don't accept the law on this issue (and because our justice system is 'weak'... it's not like you risk going to jail like in some countries... wooops, no offense! US nr. 1 :D )

    Edit: since myths are hard to bust sometimes, if you think I am exaggerating, google for the word "hennepkwekerij". WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SHOCKING IMAGES. Hennep = hemp. Only the police and media refers to a weed grow as "hennepkwekerij"...

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