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The Hopes and Dreams Thread.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stonerville420, Mar 28, 2012.


    stonerville420 Member

    Lets face it, some of us grow a few plants here and there, others have experimented with huge grows, and some of us may have never even grown a single plant before. But everyone has imaginations, especially stoners, and we love to let them run wild. We all have hopes and dreams, maybe even fully structured plans on huge grows, cool & stealthy grows, indoor, outdoor, hydro, vertical, what have you. If you've ever thought, "if only I could do this, that, had X amount of dollars, lived in blah blah blah, etc." then feel free to post your story. Maybe even let a few anecdotes of previous fun or profitable grows you have done loose, and maybe we can play off each others experiences and better ourselves. Knowledge is power, and creativity is key to running a successful cannabis grow. :joint: So please, post your stories, your future goals, hopes & dreams, ideas; I'd love to hear them and I'm sure others would too!:-o

    Tragic420 Well-Known Member

    ok ill be the first to post here..... id have to say one day having the anheuser busch of all the dispensaries in the united states. , growing is my passion, my hpby, my life. and id love to help others find the right meds for them. ect ect

    Tragic420 Well-Known Member

    needles to say tho, i cant really grow shit atm. just no space

    stonerville420 Member

    What a shame, this thread seemed to die so quickly. Feed the thread, hopefully we can get this moving ;) Cmon, everyone's got something to share!
    professor greenfist

    professor greenfist Active Member

    My hopes is to own a big enough peice of land were the worrys of rippers isn't an issue n helicopters were never invented
    professor greenfist

    professor greenfist Active Member

    There's never to little of a space to grow use your imafunation I've seen some nifty novel gardens

    Nitegazer Well-Known Member

    Modest dreams here-- I want to finish my new basement grow space under the stairs. I've been acquiring the components over the past two years. If it comes out as planned, it will be completely light sealed, quiet, well organized and clean.

    It will have hidden doors (soss hinges) on every side, so the entire space can be used for growing. I picked up a very quiet fan (Soler & Palau), heated floor for those winter nights, and have installed plenty of amps with CFI outlets.

    The flowering space will be 3x3, but there's room for 3x6. My ballast is a 400/600w, so once I have harvested a few crops, I really want to add a light mover and run the hps at 600w to use the full area.

    I plan on keeping 3-4 of my favorite strains running as perpetual harvest.

    There's so much to dream about adding once I have grown a few crops in it:
    - a mini-air conditioner, if needed
    - convenient shelving inside
    - fully sealed with CO2
    - Eb and Grow system or similar

    The dream is all about not being hampered by the space (temp swings have been the biggest limiting factor of my grows), and having it be clean and convenient. In short, I want to be able to grow with minimum worries and maximum fun! I love this plant:weed:

    kizphilly Well-Known Member

    i had a x10x10 basment when i first started growing i wanted to fill that bitch wit plants once i did a lil resarch i relized it would cost alot to do that lol thatsstill pretty much m dream luckily i got a couple good harvest with 2 600 watters out that space beforei had to tear it down

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