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The Hayze Spice (Incense Blend Review - With Pictures)

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by shepj, Sep 12, 2010.


    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    So I picked up some of "The Hayze Spice" the other day and tried it out last night.. here is the review without the vendor's product-hype.


    • [*]A plus sign (+) will indicate: [​IMG]
      [*]A minus sign (-) will indicate: [​IMG]
      [*]A +/- will indicate so-so.

    The Hayze Spice:

    Amount Smoked: 200mg (.2g) Foliage
    Time of Ingestion: 3:12 AM
    Smoking Device: 9" Acrylic Water Pipe
    Onset Time: Quick; within five-minutes.
    Creeping Effect (1 = Immediate Hitting; 10 = Full "Creeper"): 2/10
    Duration of Effects (+): Medium
    Flavor (-):
    • Grass-like
    • Sweet-hint
    • Ashes
    Fragrance (+/-): Semi-Pineapple-like. Could be better, could be worse.
    Appearance (+): Really nice! It is the most bud-like blend I have seen to date. I really like the appearance of the blend that comes in the jars! The one that came in the bags looked a little cheap in comparison.
    Smoke: Harsh? Smooth?: (-): This blend was uncomfortably harsh. It was almost too harsh to take even small hits, large hits would be unfathomable. In all honesty if felt like smoking shards of glass.
    Effects (+/-):
    First things first, it felt as if this blend contained JWH-250, not something I expected nor found favorable. The onset comes on strong as has a trippy effect to it (overwhelmingly so at first). The initial effects are too racey, anxiety producing at times (and I am a veteran to "Spice"). The raciness could be described as similar to an amphetamine; this is something I do not find the least bit favorable in a smoke blend.

    Once the initial effects set in things seem to come in waves. After the initial racey-effects subsided, a deep relaxation and medatative state was induced; the high was completely clear-headed at this point. The effects at this time could be described as an "Indica Stone".

    After I had become accustomed to the deep state of relaxation, the high morphed into a semi-racey, semi-sedating high (which was neither favorable nor unfavorable).

    It was difficult to get accustomed to the high due to the wave of effects that seemed to oscillate between the feeling of JWH-018 and JWH-250.

    The categories that are in blue font are what I used to rate this blend. The summary of the blend is as follows:

    Duration: +/-
    Flavor: -
    Fragrance: +/-
    Appearance: +
    Smoke: -
    Effects: +/-

    The smoke is too harsh, and is not quite strong enough for the amount I smoked, I found the majority of the effects to be too racey and due to the wavy-nature of the effects I found the overall effects to be unpleasant. In all honesty, for the price of this blend, I would keep looking. There are better blends out there for the money.

    Rating: 2.50 Out Of 6.00

    Attached are the pictures I took:


    The above picture I "highlighted" what I found to be ironic; "Not For Human Consumption" on the labels, and then on the pamphlet lists side-effects from ingesting.






    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens


    I have had contact with the owner of "The Hayze Spice" and he states that there is no JWH-250 present.

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