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The Great Debate: 600w or 1000w?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Paola, May 15, 2007.


    Paola Well-Known Member

    My flowering room will span about an 8' x 8' area. My original thought was to use a dual 600w setup. I would purchase a dual system that includes two 600w HPS lamp fixtures and one ballast that supports 1200w. These two lamps would be on a light mover to span the area back and forth. My first concern with the light mover is that somehow the plans won't get the light they need when the lamps have moved to the other end of the area. Sure, the lights move back but I don't trust it unless I hear from some experienced growers that it indeed does work and the plants will be ok. Are the two 600w lamps going to be enough with a light mover to deliver the necessary lighting for a Sea of Green setup in an 8' x 8' area or would I need two 1000w lamps? I will be delivering only light to the tops of the plants and trimming the bottom 1/3.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Light movers are mechanical devices that, as the name implies, move an HID in a fixed pattern over a garden. A light mover can increase the coverage of a light by 140%. The real advantage is MUCH more light is available to the plants when the light is in motion. With a stationary light all that is shaded will remain in the shade, but with a mover the light will hit from different angles giving better coverage.

    Light movers are found in 2 configurations: spinning arms (kind of like a ceiling fan) and along a rail that moves back and forth. The rail version seems to be much more popular with Overgrowers, probably because it will accommodate an air cooled fixture.

    Light rails come in a variety of lengths, but most can be cut to fit any application. Most growers prefer a "smart rail", that is, one that pauses at each end of the rail for a period.

    The biggest problem with air cooling a light on a mover seems to be dealing with air duct slack. Apparently, if the light is close to the tops of the plants, the duct may be dragged through the plants, thereby damaging them. Overgrow poster Ferret devised a solution: Use a curtain track, not a rod but the track that has all the little hangers inside that slides very easily. I screwed this to the ceiling of room and used light weight string to attach the air pipe to the little hangers in the track.
    As the light moved the track hangers moved along with the air pipe stopping the air ducting from dragging over your plant tops doing damage.
    The track cost about $15-$20 at any hardware or store. Simple to set up and it works .

    rsupload Well-Known Member

    I would go with the 1000w...the 600w will not reach the bottom sections of the plants like the 1000w would IMO.

    rsupload Well-Known Member

    Oh..I'm not at all experienced...its just from the research I have done...you will want some of the masters on here to answer for sure

    Paola Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Good info.

    Paola Well-Known Member

    I don't need light at the bottom as I will be using the SoG method and removing the lower 1/3 portions of the plant. I am focusing all light and energy on the tops of the plants.

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    What you didn't say was how much of the space is your canopy. You'll need some room to work in there. And your hood will light an area 4-5 feet wide. So say you grow in a 5x8 area, or 40 sqft.

    Basically, you need to figure your light needs over your canopy area. An easy way is to use watts/sqft. and shoot for at least 50 w/sqft. With your mover, 40 w/sqft would be the equivalent. So you would need 1600 watts on a mover, or 2000 watts stationary, as a general guideline.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    1000watts at 140000 lumens apprx and 600watts at 90000 apprx. 1000watts disperse a tramendous amount of heat and thus need to be high above the canopy to not burn the plants. the further the light the less lumens are acctually getting to the plant. at 2 feet away you greatly decrease the penatration of the thousie, the 600watt on the other hane aircooled will enable you to get the light way closer to the plants thus maxamizing on lumen effenciency. @ 600watts with way less power drawn then the thousie and comparible penatration seems to be the effecient choice for a SOG. also Harmonious flow should answer the other question

    taken from http://www.rollitup.org/indoor-growing/11577-octagon-3.html

    Paola Well-Known Member

    Impressive octagon. Thanks for the info. With a light mover you can get the light closer to the canopy since the light will not be stationed in one area. That is why I am debating the 1000w or 600w. Sure, you'll always be able to get a 600 closer but I was trying to decide if with the light mover and air cooling on the 1000 could I get it close enough to have more benefits that the 600?

    babygro Well-Known Member

    2 x 600'w would be better in that area than 2 x 1000's in my opinion. The 600w, particularly one on a digital ballast doesn't outout that much less light than a 1000w HID and it can be used lower to the plant canopy plus you'll save 800w of electricity with the 2 600w's.

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