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The Great Canadian Outdoors - One on Land, One in a tree!

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by SomeCanadianDude, May 14, 2012.


    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, here we go again.

    First grow was indoor and was raided by my mother!!! im just an ignorant arrogant kid that was trying to disrespectfully trying to grow in her house. lesson learned..... GROW OUTSIDE. :)

    So like the title says, im going to be trying to grow a plant in a tree!. read an awesome journal about a guy that grew in a tree. seems legit, lots more light, lots of fresh air/co2, and possible less pests. i've got some pretty ancient tall pine trees out back so might as well climb it tomorrow and get it set up. i've got the tree picked out. bout 50 feet tall.

    I've also found a pretty decent spot to grow my other plant on the ground! i was out there today with my dog and we dug up a hole about 3 feet diameter, and about 2-2.f deep deep. there waas quite alot of sand after the first foot of soil, so i kept digging. tomorrow im going to take some gravel and put a layer on the bottom of my pit for more drainage, Because when i was digging i took a break and looked oin and there was water slowly building up so i thought i'd leave it to let it possibly dry out.

    As of today i have two germinated seeds! just checked ten minutes ago. one was planted two days ago and has bearly reached the surface. seed casing still on, the seed that just split has a taproot about a millimeter long so im going to let it sit for a while longer. although i know its terrible of me to do, i feel like i HAVE to start them inside. for like a week tops. then ill go outdoor. it feels terrible to try to grow indoor again even if for only a week, but she'll understand once theyre outside.

    As for pics, i somewhat doubt people want to see germinated seeds, or bearly surfaced sprouts!

    i just really wanted to start a new journal since theyre new plants/seeds. same bagseed but NOT THE SAME PLANT.
    im still recovering the trauma. Stay medicated fellas :joint::blsmoke::peace:

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, planted the second germinated seed today, taproot was about a cm. long, the other seed sprouted about a cm. or two above the soil, but the seed casing is still on it. anybody know if it will just outgrow it and fall off? or did i plant the seed to shallow? im going to let it grow and hopefully it outgrows it... Going to go get my guerrilla grow site ready as soon as i eat breakfast. fuckin bacon and eggs.

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, I'm not quite sure what day the seedlings are on. Day 5 or 6... something like that.

    Well, i had to pull off the seed casing for one of the seedlings, the slow growing one. It appears that i only pulled off a layer of it, which is probably a good thing, but its looking really weird! and when i was adding more water from this jug i rigged up to make a shower like stream, the lid popped off and it just pouring like crazy for about a second, it was too much for the seedling and the stem came up, or the dirt sunk down past the end of the root. There were no signs of a rootball or anything, just looked like a taproot still. i put it back into different soil. and put it deeper. i hope it survives. (noob move)

    The other seedling seems to doing just fine, besides the fact that one of it first true leaves is deformed. dont know what or how it happened but it should be fine. my first plant had a leaf growing like this on the third set b4 it was killed and it seemed to do just fine.

    gave the good seedling some natural sunlight for about 2 hours today before it started raining. My question to anyone, and feel free to post, is do you think i could get away with letting this seedling STAY outside permanently tomorrow? or should i wait and let it get at least its second or third set?

    I'm to have it out of the house sometime soon and was wondering how soon. Its about the right temperature outside on a good day, bad days when its overcast arent too cold. my plant did however get aq purple tinge to the stem from being out today but its back to normal now.
    my pics wont post for some reason, ill try again tomorrow with a different camera.

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, kinda forgot about this grow journal. the seedling i had in the tree died. wind storm. i planted a few more, there about 2 or 3 weeks. one is a sativa, which im guessing won't make it to harvest because of their long flowering perioids. the other four are indica, one is about a month old and 2 feet tall, the rest are two weeks and about 4-8 inches. but the first set on every seedling is either completely or half eaten by im guessin caterpillars. any advice on a way to keep them away?? i've made a perimeter of ant killer powder about 3 feet away all te way around the pots, but need more ideas... researchin is obviously giving me mixed answers as usual.

    PegCityMJ Active Member

    My mother lets me grow :D
    ... Barely
    Flowerwkthree 016.jpg

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    nice grow peg, you put those into flowering yet??? haha theyre gunna be big! i was also wondering, if i use some kind of cover, that still allows air flow but no light and removed it at a certain time everyday, would it start to flower? and if i did and it started showing preflowers and i stopped the covering would it continue to flower?? cuz its getting about 14 - 16 hours of daylight, undirect daylight since i just moved it into a shady spot in the woods, or would the shady indirect light be enough? sorry for the long ass question, but i wanna start to flower earlier cuz winter comes faster here than most growers. and im impatient.

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, totally forgotabout this journal again. but i got three plants still, 2 of them about 2 feet tall, and the other one is about 5 feet tall, two have been topped, one is just natural. one of the plants is clearly a female, one of the others im 80% sure is too. i actually think they all are since i pulled a male a week or 2 ago, so if any were male i'd assume they wouldve shown too. ill get pics tomorrow. im a bit worried tho, its near the end of august, barely started flowering, and the first frost is september 4th!!!!! i hope the forecast is false, but if it isnt im screwed, id be smoking pistils.... i cant even make a greenhouse cuz its geurrila, and if it does frost over soon, the leaves will start dying on the trees and my plants would be totally noticable. any suggestions? maybe just screw worrying and expect the worse? im thinkin thats the only way....... fucking global warming and weird weather. :(

    SomeCanadianDude Active Member

    well, went to check the growth, still hard to find pistils, but i definitely found a pistil on one plant. but its the more sativa plant that will definitely not finish b4 freezing temps....... i will post pics of my 3 beauties tomorrow. it was raining too hard to take the cam out today. feedback on some of the questions would be very much appreciated,
    smoke on!

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