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the fan in my growing room and other things

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rollingsmoke420, Jun 6, 2007.


    rollingsmoke420 Well-Known Member

    how long should i leave the fan blowing on the plants

    my plants are about 2 weeks old now, they look good what should i do with them

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    depends where you live if you live somewhere where its 32c right through the night then keep the fan on the lowest setting. but if its somewhere with a temp of 15c at night switch it off

    uhthomas Active Member

    usually always...to help with the stalks strength n all...but make sure if you're using HIDs that when the lights go off, ur temps don't drop too much

    jimbo_jim Well-Known Member

    U shd really keep them on all the time as the leaves will use up the air around each leaf and if there is no air circulation, the leaf will get a small blanket of stale air around each leaf and this only takes a min or 2 for that stale blanket to form so always need circulation

    katanaBud Active Member

    should you actuly have the fan blowing on the plant? or blowing next too it/random spot in grow room?

    _____GAME_____ Well-Known Member

    yeah my fan is working 24/7 the lights are workin' mmmmmmmmmm
    i'm not sure :) was high when put the timer haha
    18hours light
    6 hours darkness
    and they love that shit
    i'm afraid to put them on 24/7 light because i think they might be some anomaly on the plants tall u that cause i wonder How u do it
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    either way depending on..

    plant size
    heat from grow lights


    _____GAME_____ Well-Known Member

    if u put the fan to blow directly in the plant an the air flow is strong u might get wind burn on the plant,in that case make the fan blow indirectly

    jimbo_jim Well-Known Member

    dont oscillating fans stop wind burn. If your worried about that tho, face the fan to the wall, as long as ur not growing in a warehouse and only in a small area

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    my intake, exaust and osc fans stay on 24/7

    _____GAME_____ Well-Known Member

    i got 1 fan doin' all the work but i got nice place :)
    but i'm aboiut to make new room 4 12/12 and there's gonna be a lot of work
    i don't give a fuck
    what was i talkin' about maaannn
    imm so stoned broz gonna kill my self hahaha

    god420 Active Member

    i had my fan blowing at my plant 4 a week and the leaves started pointing in an irregular direction so i mooved the fan...

    god420 Active Member

    so id say having air blowin at the plant is not good for it

    Intuition Well-Known Member

    Not at all get an osc. fan or make it hit the wall if its a small grow room. You will dry up ur plant if u have it on it constantly.


    hey im growing also..and i have 3plants and one of them is leaning and i dont want the others 2 lean,and i know the fan is 2 make stem stronger ..so do u got any pics of your fan and plants? so i could get and idea of how mine is suppose 2 look


    please email me at [ personal email deleted ]

    michaeljdumpout Well-Known Member

    Brother be carefull last weekend i left for 4 days to work my grow site and left my ossilating fan on low . Got back to my closet and i was fucking ready to shoot myself i lost 20, (foot and a half plants). All looked dead but i saved 85 but i had to trimm a ass of foilage, now i got some thin hoes hogging up my fucking light

    michaeljdumpout Well-Known Member

    Listen to ur boy intuition he is stating some facts i wish some one would have told me this shit.

    OldManPot New Member

    i never have the faqn blowing directly on my plants. point the fan in a corner, a little sideways and a little up. it creates a big swirl around the room. if your leaves are just barely moving, thats plenty of air circulation. it will help control powdery mildew and also strengthen the stems. if you have a dense canopy, make sure your fans in a position to circulate the air down low, into, bewlow and around your canopy.

    if your plants are in a closet space and not an open room, crack the closet door and put the fan OUTSIDE of the closet, blowing gently from across the room in the direction of the door. you dont need the fan blowing directly on your plants. all you need is just enough air circulation to see the leaves barely move, thats enough to circulate the air. also, remeber if your growng with MH or HPS lights ( or any other HID system) that you ca actually make heat problems WORSE in your rom by running a fan. a metal halide lights put out as much or more heat than an electric heater,if you have several, your asking to cook your plants without proper ventilation. when the air passes around the lighting, it recirculates the heat put out by the bulbs instead of hanging around them and the ceiling down lower in the room at plant level. bad news.

    i also run my fans on a timer, hour on, 2 off.

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