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The DMT Gods

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by ControlledEnviorment, Dec 23, 2011.


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    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    hey wats up guys. about 7 months ago i was fortunate enough to get my hands on a psychoactive substance called DMT. Its a super powerful hallucinogenic that literally transports your mind to another universe. The hallucinations are so realistic you think that you are actually some where else. I wanted to know if any one on this site has had any experience with it and if so id like to hear it. I wrote up a small trip report when i had my first breakthrough dose, ill post it now...

    this is my 4th time smoking dmt

    i am 23 about 5'10'' 137 lbs

    I have used hallucinogens so i am some what experienced

    Smoked .06 g small white crystals, almost a yellowish tint to it but they have been ground up to mostly powder from all the handling and shaking around.

    I sat back in my love sac. packed the dmt on a small bowl of ashes, then sprinkled a little marijuana on top. I smoked it out of a small glass spoon pipe.

    i took one long draw off of the pipe not fully torching the bowl pack, but quickly moving it back and forth.

    I held the smoke in for a few seconds, exhaled.

    Repeated once again, same steps.

    I could feel my body pulsating, like i was being hyper-launched into another universe. My body got hot and i had that familiar dmt taste. I was transported into a universe with 2 beings. they didn't have much form but i assumed it was a male and female entity's. they did not have human parts, but took on a human like form. no faces or anything just glowing with light and they had something for me. it was a small ball of light , geometric patterns but didn't stay in any form. i felt so grateful that these beings were giving something to me. I kept saying THANK YOU out loud thank you so much. in this universe i believed the beings to be my parents. when i was there i thought to myself, this is must be what its like to meet a god, i couldn't tell for sure what it was, but defiantly a greater being than myself. God/Goddess/Parents/Aliens/Beings what every they were i could tell they had much much farther knowledge than me, but they want to share a small part of their knowledge with me. I am not that good at writing trip reports, i have more of the dmt so i am defiantly going to try it again, i really want to know more about this marvelous drug. the first two times were kind of scary for me, but now that my body knows what it is like i feel like it can be a lot more peaceful and will acutely teach me something about myself or how to just become one with people.

    ya so its pretty wild stuff. And DMT is in almost every living organism in the world (humans, animals, bugs, plants, grass, etc) Google DMT if you dont know about it and educate yourself!

    upthearsenal Well-Known Member

    For me, alien beings doesn't equal gods. I've definitely taken in a lot of the information that just gets automatically processed while on D, but I feel like it's just another alien world I'm unfamiliar with. I mean, even my own unconscious is an alien world to me. I guess it's easy to call an entity (or projection) a god, but how would one know what a god is?

    If an alien in it's own world is a god, then we are gods in our world, and thus if an alien smokes DMT and gets transported to own conscious world, we may seem like gods because we know which was is up (hypothetically speaking).

    I really don't know shit though :bigjoint:

    And yes, it's harder to find the absence of DMT in plants and animals than it is to find it.

    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    hmm not sure if i really understand what you are saying. but there is small traces of dmt in every plant and animal. even if its just a tiny bit that wouldnt even be worth extracting every living organism possesses it, i didnt say it was in high volume. and i never said aliens were gods. haha i just ddint know how to explain what i was seeing so i used those words,

    DMT isnt a miracle drug, but it can defiantly tell you something about yourself, i dont think its a coincidence that at the same time i started dabbiling in the dmt that i stopped opiates. I was pretty heavy into them and after that trip i felt happy to be alive. Happy to be on this earth. so it has definatly helped me in some ways im sorry if your experiences weren't eye opening like they were for me

    upthearsenal Well-Known Member

    Ha... what I was saying is that it's harder to find plants and animals WITHOUT it, than it is to find it, so I was agreeing with you :)

    All animals produce it, and in fact, DMT is also transported through the blood-brain barrier.

    I have a lot of experience with dmt, and still can't explain much, it is what it is...

    Whenever I smoke it though, and sober up, I feel rejuvenated as if I just slept for 15hrs... It's a great feeling to smoke it in the morning and then go about your day, in my opinion at least.

    kieranttt Active Member

    Lovely to hear you've decided to stop doing opiates, in my opinion everyone does their own shit and I try not to judge but if you stick to the natural psychedelics with the addition of a little LSD you can't really go wrong :) :peace:

    2fast92 Well-Known Member

    I've had the oppurtunity to get DMT many times but I've never bought any.
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    kieranttt Active Member

    I highly recommend you get some, completely shattered the way i thought about things

    2fast92 Well-Known Member

    I will but I'm not about to order any now since it's Christmas. I heard it cures illnesses. Any truth to that?

    kieranttt Active Member

    Do an extraction as form what i hear the illegality of it is pretty intense. To an extent it does, but at the same time i wouldnt really turn to it for that type of thing but it has done me good whilst ive been ill.

    upthearsenal Well-Known Member

    I've seen in documentaries that shamen say they take it orally (ayahuasca) to help with illness. It's possible it can help but I don't know, like the above poster said I wouldn't turn to it for that.

    I know it can help with mental problems, just like some other psychedelics, but it also has A LOT to do with the person.

    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    i feel the same way about being rejuvinated. i feel like i can tackle things with a new approach when i come back down.

    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    ya kieranttt i was having a few year battle with opiates, my addiction was pretty bad but not as bad as other people. i was doing H at one point but after i saw some one OD on it made me put it down but i was still fucking with pills. back in may was wen i quit and i dont have the urge to want to do them again any time soon. I love to use LSD as well as it can show you so much about yourself. heres a small trip report of me smoking DMT on 2 hits of Blotter

    "so i take 2 tabs on a friday night and go to a buddies house. i brough my dmt with me and i made my chillum into a dmt pipe by stuffing a small amount of steel wool in the head of the bowl. I wasnt sure how good it was going to work so i loaded up about 45-55mg. at this point i was peaking on the L it had been a few hours since i had taken it, so i take the first rip of the pipe (sitting alone in my buddies room listening to BlueTech) not sure if i really got a good hit or not so i take another long heavy drag off the pipe, i get a really good hit and hold it in. at this point i am so astonished by wat i am seeing with my eyes open that i cannot for the life of me close them. i was staring at his window curtain and slowly an alien like being morphed out of the curtain and was in the room with me. didnt talk or really move kinda just floated there and stared at me. I was so astonished by what i saw. it felt like it all happened so quick but i think its because i was enjoying it so much that the time "flew by" before i knew it the being morphed back into the curtain and everything slowly turned back to wavey and nice color tones from the L. I wasnt sure if i even hit the pipe good enough or if it was hitting right so at first i didnt think that i saw the alien because of the dmt....i then quickly rebutted my statement and though, oh yea that was the combo of L and dmt. What a great experience i cant wait to try it again some time."

    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    defiantly something to try at least once, if you have an open mind and are not afraid of the most intense Closed and/or open eyed visuals in your life then i suggest doing it. It can be scary at first as alot of people associate a dmt trip with a near death experience. The experience is like none other.

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I've been to hyperspace half a dozen times or so but never saw any sort of entities or anything like that. I do feel like it took me to some "place" outside the 3 dimensions we see.

    Have you guys ever read the book or seen the movie called DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Goes into DMT clinical studies done by a psychiatrist back in the early 90's. I suggest everyone interested in DMT take a look. The movie has a lot of interviews with the research volunteers but the book goes into way more detail about the study itself.

    808toker Active Member

    I wanna try D but im decideing what to try first...aya or smoke form?

    ControlledEnviorment Active Member

    i heard ayausca is more gentle and allows you to navigate and understand the trip more since you are in that head space for 6 hours. DMT is like a drive by hallucination and its over before you know it. So if you cant commit a whole day to tripping i would try the smokable form first.

    to the other guy that suggested the DMT movie, i have seen that movie so cool that the testers were hooked up with an IV of DMT. They're trip reports are out of this world, way more intense than anything ive experinced while smoking it. i think Rick Strassmen was the one who ran the tests. shit i wish i say the article for that.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I'd smoke first then aya. It is a living entity, it is a direct view into the nature of God. However it is not an "experience". You can't do it once or a few times and think you even started to scratch the surface of where it leads. It takes patience, dicipline and commitment. Last month as I was haveing a heart attack and thought I was dieing, I still had no fear of of death. That is something I think that leaves you fast and my favourite gift from DMT. I always had mayor issues with and fear of death.



    sonar Well-Known Member

    Those are some nice crystals! My friend does the extraction for me and is getting quite good. Pure white with not nearly as much of that burnt plastic taste. Much finer crystals though.


    Where do you acquire a pipe like that ANC? Looks like a glass steam roller. I've tried several designs, but all are mediocre at best. I've been thinking about trying an oil burner (meth pipe). I find it difficult to physically smoke enough dmt to go as far as I'd like to.

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    You lucky SOB sonar!!

    As for the best way to smoke it, I'd look into using an all glass dome & nail setup on a bong.

    merkzilla Active Member

    I kind of abused the stuff at one point, so much so that I would never do it again. I recommend spacing it out it's use, not for tolerance reasons but because a bad experience is horrible.

    Ayahuasca is dmt consumed in the presence of an MAOI. The experience? Fairly nauseating disorientating, fairly intense sometimes and scary. It's not the same for everyone, but that's how I felt about it. Some people also experience what I can only call projectile vomiting, the purge. I've done traditional along with other versions. If you're a person who pukes, expect a typhoon of vomit at some point. After the purge it kicks into full blast.

    Freebase, basically you go from 0-60 in a matter of about a minute or less. The experience lasts for about 5 minutes (people say up to 20, but I've done upwards of 150mg and have never gone past 5 minutes). The experience is fairly intense, dream like. I've experienced everything from giant mosquitoes, elves/gnomes, ballerinas, robots, aliens, and even death. Everyone is different though.

    There's a fairly well documented tek, google 'watcha tek'. It's not the most efficient method by any means, but works.

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