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the difference between skunk, kush, and haze.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Go Go Ganja!, Feb 12, 2010.

    Go Go Ganja!

    Go Go Ganja! Well-Known Member

    i know there is indica and sativa and ruderalis but what is the deciding factor of whether a plant is called skunk kush and haze??? this is so confusing.
    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    ...I believe this is what they call the phenotypes.

    jr22hockey Well-Known Member

    Skunk, Kush and Haze are different strains that make up the sub-catergories of indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Kush is indica, skunk I think is mostly indica and I forget what makes haze haze...it has to have a mix of strains, but its sativa

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    skunk kush and haze are families of marijuana. they have different characteristics when strictly one over the other. i believe each are different phenotypes and are usually crossbred to create new strains. i think if you make a family tree of strains skunk, kush, and haze would be real close to top. ive noticed that the genetics before these strains all are named from the country they are from...

    when looking at

    a strain lineage...lots of strains can be traced way back...for instance jack the ripper i will break down left side of genetics only.

    Jack The Ripper (Subcool) Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen

    Jacks Cleaner = Jack Herer x Lemon Thai

    Jack Herer (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5 X Haze

    Skunk #1 (Dutch Passion) Afghani X Thai X Colombian Gold

    After skunk 1 i cant trace back afghani or thai. here is colombian gold another step back

    Colombian Gold (Brazilian Seed) Landraces; Brazil

    Again back to countries they came from. Although landraces is not a country (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landraces) im sure if can be traced back it will lead to one. I think it would be safe to say that these are indeed desired phenotypes and have been kept through selective breeding. I am new to this subject please correct me if i am wrong.
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    Go Go Ganja!

    Go Go Ganja! Well-Known Member

    oh i see, so they are just strain names like white widow? that makes sense...i thought there was more to it.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    yes but in general these plants are pure. The haze is generally a pure sativa that takes 12-14 weeks to mature. A kush plant is generally a pure indica that comes from the hindu kush region in afganistan hence the name. The skunk #1 was one of the first hybrids crossed from multiple species and made into it's own species through inbreeeding over multiple generations. I guess skunk #1 is not skunky it's sweet, but there are some strains people will name skunk because of it's skunky smell.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    most of the time smell is used to identify certain types of weeds. if u smell that skunk or kush smell most likely its an indica. same goes for haze...spicey lemon smell, chances are it is a sativa. not always tho.
    Go Go Ganja!

    Go Go Ganja! Well-Known Member

    ahh thanx pipe that makes sense

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