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The Dank Team

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by KushyMcKush, Jun 23, 2016.


    Legalize-Freedom Active Member

    Dude I had to Grape Oggi's in my grow saw male stamen on one I grab them both blank and both out of the room I killed every ceiling from Cali Khan I won't touch swerve shit ever again that was the last time I grew fem seeds but like I said there are a couple people I would trust I like most goes work and I trust that his fans are safe and Brothers Grimm definitely knows what the fuc they're doing
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    Legalize-Freedom Active Member


    Crippykeeper Well-Known Member

    Give fems another shot just choose wisely
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    elephantSea Well-Known Member

    if the dank-team carried bodhi gear, I'd have no reason to order from anywhere else. just sayin' ;)
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    Stoned Drifter

    Stoned Drifter Well-Known Member

    Got my black Friday order! It was my first time ordering from thedankteam. Everything went smooth. Took them about 4 days to ship it out. Will probably order from them again if needed. IMG_20171130_163024.jpg

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