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The Cannabis Grow Bible (Download)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by AlteaMan, Apr 27, 2007.


    AlteaMan Well-Known Member

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    Bigbud Well-Known Member


    GrowMoreWeed Active Member

    MegaUpload can be a flakey bugger at times so I've updated that post with a link to my site incase MU goes down.

    Glad you found something useful AlteaMan.

    stiffla Active Member

    how do i download the bible

    jrad092 Active Member


    joshkarina702 Member

    doobie ash that why u do me that way why u run out of weed you help me to succeed

    johnycage Member

    i think the author has a new book, if u look at the copyright on this one its 2001, the new one is in colour and seems to be a lot nicer u can check it out on amazon

    jacksonh777 Member

    there were a ton of books on that page the OP mentioned - I'm surprised all that is still there 4 years later...

    PeteSwitch Well-Known Member

    ^^Agreed. I picked it up from a local bookstore across state lines. It set me back $25 & was well worth it. Between this book, "Marijuana Horticulture" & "Marijuan Grower's Handbook" it was the ideal trio to get me up & running. MJ Horticulture was the best bang for my buck hands down & the $17.97 for a $29.99 piece of invaluable literature was outstanding. People were pissed in reviewing Greg Green's MJ Grow Bible because he had 1 small chapter on hydro & they didn't feel he covered the spectrum enough to warrant a book being called a "Grow Bible". I know there are copies floating around the net of MJ Horticulture but they're all chopped up to exclude very important sections in the book. If you are willing to expend the funds to get good quality seeds or clones, a decent setup, & get growing. Do yourself a favor & invest in some reading material to at least get yourself a game plan of what you are looking to do ahead of time.
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    unojuno Member

    find a spot...dig a hole...make your own compost (all veg) and add blackstrap molasses and piss in it...thats right...use your own piss....add this to some good potting soil... throw in some crushed egg shell...add a little seaweed and never have to buy any more nutes or ferts again.....period.. i'm so sick and tired of reading all the bs complicated crap thats on the web.... the above is the only bible you'll ever need for outdoors...and not a cent given to the power co.....grow enough outdoors that you never have to grow indoors end of story......

    Shagarion Active Member

    =) i have 26 gigs of grow videos and movies about growing alot can be found on thepiratebay.org

    edsthreads Well-Known Member


    montanachadly Active Member

    unjono or however you spell that stupid name i hope no one ever listens to this piss on your plant bs thats been going around on here lately that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Yes piss is sterile thats good but thats all thats good about it that its sterile. But with that said piss is acidic and is not a good ph for your plants and there is NO absolutly NO beneficiul nutrients in your piss. Stupid i really hope people arent listening to this stuff about pissing in your plants. I would like to know who started this lie and why they thought it would be beneficial ask someone next time and see if they can come up with a good reason why its a smart thing to do. See if they have anything intelligant to say but i highly doubt it anyone that says pee is good is ignorant and you wont be able to tell them anything diffrerent cause there always right. Just do piss in your plants.

    montanachadly Active Member

    just dont piss in your plants i meant at the end it lowers your ph and thats about it theres high salt conent in your piss you dont water flowers with salt water do you.

    missnu Well-Known Member

    People hear that plants like nitrogen...and that there is nitrogen in pee...but that doesn't mean that pee is good for plants...

    RobbieG83 Member

    yeh he does ive read thm both but to be honest there isnt too much of a difference its more of the legal stuff in it updated

    sfttailpaul Active Member

    THANK YOU; couldn't have said it better. Piss is just good to ward off the cats who come and shit in your outdoor garden; BUT tiger piss is better!

    sfttailpaul Active Member

    Nitrogen is in U R poop!

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. the other person that posted a link here wanted a membership or something even though she claimed it was 'free'
    Don't waste time with blogspot, if you do the tweet or facebook thing, it takes you to a site (after the fact) that says it was shut down.

    SwissCheese Well-Known Member

    What is the ph of your piss? Urine is usually alkaline.

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