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The Big Marijuana Strain List

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by purplehazin, Jul 12, 2010.


    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Found some on ebaumnation so I cant take full credit; just thought it would be interesting to see if you guys could find any more? Ive already added 200+ more so keep 'em coming.

    1024 (Sativa)
    2046 (Sativa)
    2 Pounder (Sativa)
    707 Blackberry
    8 Ball Kush (Indica)
    8 Miles High (Hybrid)
    A-1 Haze (Hybrid)
    A-Train (Indica Hybrid)
    Abyss (Indica)
    Acapulco Gold (Sativa)
    Accidental Haze (Sativa)
    Afghan (Indica)
    Afghan Delight (Indica)
    Afghan Goo
    Afghan Haze (Hybrid)
    Afghan Haze X Afghan Skunk (Indica)
    Afghan Skunk
    Afghani Bullrider
    Afghani Hindu Kush (Indica)
    Afghani Kush (Indica)
    Afghani Milk (Indica)
    Afghani Special (Indica)
    Afghanica (Indica/Hybrid)
    African Black
    African Buzz (Sativa)
    African Free (Indica)
    Afrodite (Sativa Hybrid)
    Afwrec (Hybrid)
    Agent Orange (Hybrid)
    Aiea (Indica)
    AK (Hybrid)
    AK-47 (Sativa)
    Ak-47 X Diesel (Auto Sativa)
    AK-48 (Auto Hybrid)
    AK-48 (Hybrid)
    Akorn (Indica)
    Alaskan Ice
    Alaskan Thunderfuck
    Algeria (Indica)
    Amazing Haze (Sativa Hybrid)
    American Dream (Indica)
    Amethyst Bud (Indica Hybrid)
    Amnesia Haze (Hybrid)
    Amnesia Lemon (Hybrid)
    AMS (Hybrid)
    Amstel Gold (Indica)
    Amsterdam Flame (Indica)
    Amsterdam Mist (Hybrid)
    Annanaki (Sativa)
    Aphrodite (Sativa)
    Apple Jack (Sativa)
    Apollo 13 X Vortex (Sativa Hybrid)
    Arctic P (Indica)
    Arjan's Haze #1
    Arjan's Haze #3
    Arjan's Strawberry Haze (Sativa)
    Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 (Sativa)
    Arjan's Ultra Haze #2
    Aroma (Hybrid)
    Artic Sun (Hybrid)
    Armageddon (Indica)
    Armageddon X Sirius (Sativa Hybrid)
    Asian Fantasy
    ATA Tundra (Indica)
    Aurora (Indica)
    Aurora B (Hybrid)
    Aurora Indica (Indica)
    Australian Blue (Sativa)
    Automaria (Auto Indica)
    B52 (Hybrid)
    Bahia Blackhead (Hybrid)
    Banana Crack (Hybrid)
    Banana Kush (Hybrid)
    Bangi Haze (Sativa)
    Bazooka (Sativa)
    Bazooka Joe Bubblegum
    BC Golden Skunk
    BC Early Blueberry
    BCN Diesel (Hybrid)
    Bella Caio (Indica)
    Belladonna (Hybrid)
    Beyond the Brain (Sativa)
    Biddy Early (Sativa)
    Big Bad John
    Big Band (Sativa)
    Big Bang
    Big Bud (Hybrid)
    Big Bud #1 (Indica)
    Big Bud - Limited Edition (Indica Hybrid)
    Big Bud Super Skunk (Hybrid)
    Big Cheese
    Big Devil (Indica Hybrid)
    Big Kahuna (Indica)
    Big Low (Auto Hybrid)
    Black African (Indica)
    Black Diesel (Sativa)
    Black Domina (Indica)
    Black Jack (Hybrid)
    Black Widow (Hybrid)
    Blackseed (Sativa)
    Blue Haze (Hybrid)
    Blue Himalaya Diesel (Hybrid)
    Blue Mistic (Indica)
    Blue Mystic (Indica)
    Blue Pearl (Sativa)
    Blue Thunder (Hybrid)
    Black Jack (Indica)
    Black Garlic (Sativa)
    Black Russian (Indica)
    Blackberry Kush
    Blueberry (Indica)
    Blueberry #1 (Indica)
    Blueberry Bud (Hybrid)
    Blueberry Punch
    Blueberry Skunk (Sativa Hybrid)
    Blue Berries (Indica)
    Blue Bonic (Hybrid)
    Blue Cheese (Indica)
    Blue Crack (Hybrid)
    Blue Dream
    Blue Fruit (Indica)
    Blue Hash (Indica)
    Blue Moonshine (Indica)
    Blue Mystic (Indica)
    Blue Rhino (Indica)
    Blue Satellite (Hybrid)
    Blue Thunder (Hybrid)
    Blue Venom (Indica)
    Blue Widow (Indica)
    Bluehell (Sativa)
    BLZ Bud (Hybrid)
    Bob Marley's Best (Sativa)
    Bonkers (Hybrid)
    Botafumeiros (Sativa Hybrid)
    Brains Choice Hybrid
    Brains Damage (Indica)
    Brains Escape (Indica)
    Brainstorm (Hybrid)
    Brainstorm X G13 (Sativa)
    Brainstorm Haze (Sativa)
    Brazil X KC (Sativa)
    Bubba Kush
    Bubbleberry (Hybrid)
    Bubblelicious (Indica)
    Bubble Cheese (Hybrid)
    Bubble Gum
    Bubble Gum #1 (Hybrid)
    Buddha's Sister (Indica)
    Burmese Kush (Hybrid)
    C13 Haze (Sativa)
    California (Hybrid)
    California Hash Plant (Indica)
    California Indica (Indica)
    California Orange Bud (Hybrid)
    California Special (Indica)
    California Train Wreck (Hybrid)
    Californian (Hybrid)
    Californian Orange (Hybrid)
    Cambodian (Sativa)
    Cambodian X Haze (Sativa Hybrid)
    Cannadential (Hybrid)
    Cannalope Haze (Sativa)
    CannaSutra (Hybrid)
    Cannatonic (Hybrid)
    Candy OG
    Caramel Ice (Indica)
    Caramella (Hybrid)
    Caribe (Sativa)
    Cat Piss
    Cate Harrington (Auto)
    Celtic Cross (Indica)
    Celtic Stone (Indica)
    Ceres Skunk (Hybrid)
    Cheese (Hybrid)
    Cheese X Haze (Indica)
    Cheese Wreck (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Cheesus (Indica)
    Chernobyl (Sativa)
    Cherry Bomb Indica (Indica)
    Cherry Haze (Hybrid)
    Cherry P (Indica)
    Chemdog (Hybrid)
    CHIESEL (Hybrid)
    China Yunnan (Indica)
    Chitral (Indica)
    Chocolate Chunk (Indica)
    Chocolate Ty
    Chronic (Indica)
    Chronic Haze (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Chrystal (Hybrid)
    Chunky Cheese (Hybrid)
    Citeral (Indica)
    Citral (Indica Hybrid)
    Citral Skunk (Hybrid)
    Citralah (Indica)
    Citrus (Sativa)
    Claustrum (Sativa)
    Cloud #9 (Hybrid)
    Cocoa Kush (Hybrid)
    Cole Train (Indica)
    Confidential Cheese (Indica)
    Congo (Sativa)
    Congo Haze (Hybrid)
    Connie Chung (Indica)
    Crazy Miss Hyde (Indica)
    Cream Caramel (Indica Hybrid)
    Critical (Indica)
    Critical + (Indica)
    Critical #47 (Indica)
    Critical Haze (Hybrid)
    Critical Jack Herer (Sativa)
    Critical Kali Mist (Sativa)
    Critical Mass (Hybrid)
    Critical Neville Haze (Sativa)
    Critical Sensi Star (Indica)
    Critical Super Silver Haze (Hybrid)
    Critical Yumboldt (Hybrid)
    Crystal (Indica)
    Crystal Limit (Indica Hybrid)
    Crystal Paradise (Hybrid)
    Cyber Crystal (Indica)
    Daddy's Girl (Sativa)
    Dairy Queen (Sativa)
    Dame Blanche (Indica Hybrid)
    Danky Doodle (Hybrid)
    Dakine OG Kush
    Deep Purple (Indica)
    Delahaze (Sativa)
    Destroyer (Sativa)
    Devil (Indica)
    Diamond Head (Indica)
    Diamond OG Kush
    Diesel (Hybrid)
    Diesel Ryder (Hybrid)
    Dolce Vita (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Domina Haze (Sativa)
    Domina Star (Indica)
    Donk (Indica)
    Double Bubbleberry (Hybrid)
    Double Diesel Ryder (Hybrid)
    Double Dutch (Hybrid)
    Double Kush
    Double White
    Dr. Grinspoon (Sativa)
    Dr. Jekyll (Indica)
    Dreamtime (Hybrid)
    Dooms Day OG
    Durban Poison (Sativa)
    Durban Poison Amazing (Sativa)
    Durga Mata (Indica)
    Dutch Cheese (Sativa)
    Dutch Delight (Indica)
    Dutch Dragon (Sativa)
    Dynamite (Indica)
    Early Bubba Kush
    Early Bud (Hybrid)
    Early Durban (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Early Girl (Indica/Hybrid)
    Early Misty (Indica)
    Early Pearl (Sativa)
    Early Pearl X Skunk (Hybrid)
    Early Pearl Skunk X Haze (Indica Hybrid)
    Early Purple Kush
    Early Queen (Hybrid)
    Early Riser (Hybrid)
    Early Special (Indica)
    Early Skunk (Indica)
    Early Skunk Plant (Sativa)
    Early Widow (Indica)
    Easy Buds (Hybrid)
    Easy Rider
    Eclipse (Indica)
    Ed Rosenthal Superbud (Hybrid)
    Edelweiss (Hybrid)
    El Alquimista (Indica)
    El Nino (Hybrid)
    El Queso (Hybrid)
    EML (Indica Hybrid)
    Euforia (Sativa)
    Exile (Indica)
    F13 (Sativa Hybrid)
    Fast Blast (Indica)
    Fast Bud (Hybrid)
    Fayaka (Sativa Hybrid)
    FG13 (Sativa)
    First Lady (Hybrid)
    Flash (Auto Indica)
    Flash Babylon (Auto Indica)
    Flash Back #2 (Sativa)
    Flashback (Hybrid)
    Flo (Sativa)
    Flodica (Indica Hybrid)
    Flow (Sativa Hybrid)
    Flower (Hybrid)
    Flying Dragon (Hybrid)
    Food of the Gods "F.O.G" (Hybrid)
    Four Way (Indica)
    Free Tibet (Sativa)
    Frisian Dew (Hybrid)
    Fruit (Auto Hybrid)
    Fruit of the Gods (Sativa)
    Fruit Spirit (Hybrid)
    Fruity Chronic Juice (Indica)
    Fruity Juice (Hybrid)
    Fruity Thai (Hybrid)
    Full Moon (Sativa)
    Fumar Con Dios (Indica)
    G13 X Amnesia (Sativa)
    G13 X Hash Plant #2 (Indica)
    G13 Haze (Sativa)
    G13 Haze X Amethyst Bud (Indica)
    G13 Haze X Buddha's Sister (Indica)
    G13 Haze X Citralah (Sativa)
    G13 Haze X Free Tibet (Indica)
    G13 Haze X Lavender (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X NYC Diesel (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X Reclining Buddha (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X Rock Bud (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X Somango (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X Somativa (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X White Light (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Haze X White Willow (Indica Hybrid)
    G13 Skunk (Indica)
    G13 Widow (Hybrid)
    G Bolt (Hybrid)
    G Bomb (Indica)
    G Force (Indica Hybrid)
    Galaxy (Indica)
    Ganesh (Hybrid)
    Ganesh Spirit (Sativa Hybrid)
    Gardener's Choice (Hybrid)
    Genie of the Lamp (Hybrid)
    Ghandi (Hybrid)
    Gigabud (Hybrid)
    Gnomo (Auto Indica)
    Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)
    Grapefruit Diesel
    Grapefruit Kush (Indica)
    Grape God (Indica)
    Grape Krush (Hybrid)
    Great White Shark (Sativa)
    Green Bud (Hybrid)
    Green Crack (Sativa)
    Green Love Potion (Indica)
    Green Poison (Indica Hybrid)
    Green Spirit (Sativa/Hybrid)
    God's Gift
    Golden Grapefruit
    Golden Temple Kush
    Guerrilla's Gusto (Indica)
    Haleys Comet (Hybrid)
    Hash Heaven (Sativa)
    Hash Passion (Indica)
    Hash Plant (Indica)
    Hashberry (Indica)
    Hashplant (Hybrid)
    Hawaiian Haze
    Hawaiian Skunk (Indica)
    Hawaiian Snow (Hybrid)
    Haze (Sativa)
    Haze Heaven (Indica)
    Haze Mist (Sativa)
    Haze Special (Sativa)
    Heavy Duty Fruity (Hybrid)
    Hempstar (Sativa)
    Herijuanna Jack (Hybrid)
    Herojuana OG
    High Level (Sativa)
    Highway Delight (Indica)
    Himalayan Gold (Hybrid)
    Hindu Kush(Indica)
    Hindu Kush X Haze (Hybrid)
    Hindu Skunk (Hybrid)
    Hyper Active
    Holland's Hope (Indica)
    Holy Grail 69 (Sativa)
    Homegrown (Hybrid)
    Homegrown Skunk (Hybrid)
    Honey B (Sativa)
    Humboldt (Hybrid)
    Hypno (Indica)
    Ice (Hybrid)
    Ice Cool (Sativa Hybrid)
    Ice Cream (Hybrid)
    Ice Kush (Hybrid)
    II Diavolo (Hybrid)
    Indian Skunk (Sativa)
    Indica XXL (Indica)
    Industrial Plant (Indica Hybrid)
    Ingemar's Punch
    Isis (Sativa)
    Island Lady (Hybrid)
    Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa)
    Jack (Hybrid)
    Jack 33 (Hybrid)
    Jack 47 (Sativa Hybrid)
    Jack Diesel (Sativa)
    Jack Flash (Hybrid)
    Jack Herer (Sativa)
    Jack La Mota (Sativa)
    Jack Plant (Sativa)
    Jack The Ripper (Sativa)
    Jack's Cleaner #2 (Sativa)
    Jacky White (Hybrid)
    Jah Herer (Sativa)
    Jamaican Dream (Indica)
    Jamaican Grape (Hybrid)
    Jamaican Pearl (Hybrid)
    Jekyll Passion (Sativa)
    Jilly Bean (Sativa)
    Jock Horror (Hybrid)
    Jorge's Diamond #1 (Indica)
    Juicy Fruit
    Jungle Wreck (Indica Hybrid)
    K Train
    K2 (Indica/Hybrid)
    Kabala (Auto Sativa)
    Kaboom (Hybrid)
    Kahuna (Indica)
    Kaia Kush (Hybrid)
    Kal-X (Indica)
    Kali Mist (Sativa)
    Kalichakra (Hybrid)
    Kamamist (Sativa)
    Kandy Kush (Indica)
    Kannabia Special (Indica)
    Karina (Hybrid)
    Kaya 47 (Sativa)
    Kaya Gold (Hybrid)
    KC33 (Hybrid)
    KC36 (Indica/Hybrid)
    KC39 (Indica)
    KC42 (Sativa)
    Kerala Gold (Indica)
    Kerala Krush (Sativa)
    Kether (Indica)
    Khola (Hybrid)
    Kilimanjaro (Indica)
    KillaWatt (Indica)
    Killer Bud (Hybrid)
    Kind OG Kush
    King's Kush (Hybrid)
    Kiss Dragon (Hybrid)
    Kiwi Skunk (Sativa)
    Kong (Indica)
    Kushage (Indica)
    Kushberry (Indica)
    Krystal Kush
    Kwik Kali (Sativa)
    L.A. Cheese (Hybrid)
    L.A. Confidential (Indica)
    L.A. Ultra (Indica)
    La Blanca (Indica)
    La Diva (Auto Hybrid)
    La Lybella (Sativa)
    La Nina (Hybrid)
    La Reina de Africa (Sativa)
    Lambo (Sativa Hybrid)
    Laughing Buddha (Sativa)
    Lavender (Indica)
    Leda Uno (Sativa)
    Legends of Indica (Indica)
    Lemon (Hybrid)
    Lemon Diesel (Hybrid)
    Lemon Kush
    Lemon Skunk (Hybrid)
    Lemonade 2000
    Lennon (Hybrid)
    Leshaze (Hybrid)
    Lock Stock (Indica Hybrid)
    Love Cheese (Hybrid)
    Love Potion #2
    Lowboldt (Hybrid)
    Low Girl (Hybrid)
    Magic Bud (Hybrid)
    Magic Crystal
    Mako Haze (Sativa)
    Mabombe (Sativa)
    Malawi 99 (Sativa)
    Malawi Gold (Sativa)
    Malawi Mini (Hybrid)
    Malberry (Hybrid)
    Mama Mia (Indica/Hybrid)
    Mama Thai (Sativa)
    Mandala #1 (Hybrid)
    Mango (Indica)
    Mango Haze (Sativa)
    Mangolian Indica (Indica)
    Maple Leaf Indica (Indica)
    Marley's Collie (Indica)
    Martian Mean Green (Hybrid)
    Mass (Hybrid)
    Master Haze (Hybrid)
    Master Kush (Indica)
    Master Kush X Skunk (Indica)
    Master Kush Skunk X Afghan (Indica)
    Master P (Indica)
    Matanuska Mist (Hybrid)
    Matanuska Thunderfuck
    Matanuska Tundra (Hybrid)
    Mataro Blue (Indica)
    Maui Wowi (Indica)
    Max gOm (Auto Hybrid)
    Mazar (Indica)
    Mazar Kush (Indica)
    Mazari (Indica/Hybrid)
    Medicine Man (Hybrid)
    Medusa (Hybrid)
    Mekong Haze (Sativa)
    Mendo Purps
    Mendocino Madness (Hybrid)
    Merlin's Dream
    Mexican Haze (Hybrid)
    Mexican Sativa (Sativa)
    Michelle Rainey's Strain
    Michelle Moist (Hybrid)
    Midnight Kush (Indica)
    Mighty Might (Indica)
    Milk (Indica)
    Milky Way (Indica)
    Millennium (Indica)
    Mind Bender (Indica)
    Missing (Hybrid)
    Mixed Berry
    Moby Dick (Sativa)
    Moby Dick #2 (Sativa Hybrid)
    Moby Hash (Hybrid)
    Mohan Ram (Sativa Hybrid)
    Monster (Sativa)
    Motavation (Indica/Hybrid)
    Mothers Finest (Hybrid)
    Morning Glory (Sativa)
    Mount Cook (Indica)
    Mr. Bubble (Hybrid)
    Mr. Nice Guy (Indica)
    Narkush (Indica)
    Nebula (Hybrid)
    Nefertiti (Hybrid)
    Nemesis (Hybrid)
    Nepal Kush (Indica)
    Nepalese Jam (Sativa)
    Neville's Haze (Sativa)
    Neville's Haze X Mango (Sativa)
    New Purple Power
    New York 47 (Hybrid)
    New York City (Hybrid)
    New York Special (Hybrid)
    Nexus (Sativa)
    Niagra (Indica)
    Nigerian (Sativa)
    Nigerian X Afghan (Hybrid)
    Night Shade (Indica)
    Night Queen (Sativa)
    Nirvana Swazi
    Northern Flame (Sativa)
    Northern Lights (Indica/Hybrid)
    Northern Lights #1 (Hybrid)
    Northern Lights #5 Haze Mist (Hybrid)
    Northern Lights #5 Haze X Jack 33 (Hybrid)
    Northern Lights #5 Haze X Skunk (Sativa Hybrid)
    Northern Lights #9 (Indica/Hybrid)
    Northern Lights X Big Bud (Indica)
    Northern Lights X Skunk (Hybrid)
    Northern Lights X Skunk #1 (Indica Hybrid)
    Northern Lights Blue (Indica)
    Northern Lights Special (Hybrid)
    Northern Pride (Sativa)
    Northern Soul (Indica)
    N.Y.P.D. (Sativa)
    NY Purple Diesel
    Oasis (Indica)
    Oceans Twelve Haze (Sativa)
    OG Kief
    OG Kush
    OG Kush #18
    Oldtimer's Haze (Sativa)
    Ole 47 (Hybrid)
    Opium (Hybrid)
    Orange Bud (Hybrid)
    Orange Grapefruit
    Orange Mango
    Orange Pineapple
    Orange Strawberry Banana
    Orange Tangerine
    Orient Express (Sativa)
    Original Afghani #1 (Indica)
    Original Berry (Indica/Hybrid)
    Original Californian Orange (Hybrid)
    Original Hawaiian Maui (Sativa)
    Original Haze (Sativa)
    Original Highway Delight (Indica)
    Original Misty (Hybrid)
    Original Skunk #1 (Sativa)
    Ortega #3 (Indica)
    Ortega Indica (Indica)
    Outsider (Hybrid)
    Pakistan Valley (Indica)
    Pamir Gold (Indica)
    Panama (Sativa)
    Panama Red (Sativa)
    Papa's Candy (Hybrid)
    Pandora's Box (Sativa)
    Papaya (Indica)
    Passion #1 (Indica)
    Peace Maker (Hybrid)
    Peak 19 (Indica)
    Perplex (Indica)
    PG-13 (Hybrid)
    Phatt Fruity (Indica)
    Pineapple (Hybrid)
    Pineapple Express
    Pineapple Funk (Sativa)
    Pineapple Goo
    Pineapple Punch (Sativa)
    Pink Indica (Indica)
    Pink Plant
    Pipi (Hybrid)
    Platinum Bubba
    Platinum OG
    Point of No Return (Hybrid)
    Poison Dwarf (Auto Hybrid)
    Polar Light (Sativa)
    Pot Of Gold (Indica/Hybrid)
    Power Africa (Sativa)
    Power Flower (Hybrid)
    Power Malawi (Hybrid)
    Power Plant (Hybrid)
    Power Skunk (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Powerkush (Indica)
    Prozac (Sativa)
    Psicodelicia (Hybrid)
    Puna Budder (Hybrid)
    Punky Lion (Indica)
    Pure Gold (Hybrid)
    Pure Kush
    Pure Power (Hybrid)
    Pure Power Plant (Hybrid)
    Purple #1 (Hybrid)
    Purple Bubble Kush
    Purple Bud (Sativa)
    Purple Diesel
    Purple Dino
    Purple Erkel (Indica)
    Purple Haze (Hybrid)
    Purple Haze #1 (Hybrid)
    Purple High (Indica)
    Purple Kush
    Purple Lady (Hybrid)
    Purple Pineberry (Hybrid)
    Purple Pinecone (Hybrid)
    Purple Power (Sativa)
    Purple Star (Indica)
    Purple Tops (Sativa)
    Purple Walter
    Purple Widow
    Purple Wreck (Hybrid)
    Qleaner (Sativa)
    Querkle (Indica)
    Quick One (Hybrid)
    Quicksilver (Hybrid)
    Raspberry Mandarin
    Razzmatazz (Indica)
    R.K.S. (Hybrid)
    Raw Diesel (Hybrid)
    Reclining Buddha (Indica)
    Red Cherry Berry (Hybrid)
    Red Diesel (Hybrid)
    Red Dragon (Hybrid)
    Red Grapefruit
    Roadrunner (Auto Hybrid)
    Roadrunner #2 (Indica Hybrid)
    Rock Bud (Indica)
    Rocklock (Indica Hybrid)
    Romulan Diesel
    Royal Cheese (Hybrid)
    Royal Dwarf (Auto Hybrid)
    Royal Haze (Sativa)
    Royal Haze (Sativa Hybrid)
    Royal Kush (Hybrid)
    Royal Moby (Sativa Hybrid)
    Royal Orange (Indica)
    Royal Purple Haze (Hybrid)
    Rox (Sativa)
    Ruderalis Indica (Indica)
    Sacra Frasca (Sativa)
    Sadhu (Hybrid)
    S.A.G.E. (Sativa)
    Sage 'n Sour (Sativa)
    Sandstorm (Indica)
    Sangoma Seeds (Hybrid)
    Santa Marta Columbian Gold
    Santa Sativa (Sativa)
    Sativa Spirit (Sativa)
    Satori (Hybrid)
    Senegal Haze (Sativa)
    Sensi Skunk (Hybrid)
    Sensi Star (Indica)
    Shark Attack (Hybrid)
    Shark Shock (Hybrid)
    Sharks Breath (Indica)
    Shit (Sativa)
    Short Rider (Indica)
    Shot of Adrenaline (Auto Sativa)
    Silver Bubble (Hybrid)
    Silver Haze (Sativa)
    Silver Pearl (Indica)
    Six Shooter (Hybrid)
    Shaman (Sativa)
    Shaman's High (Hybrid)
    Sheherazade (Indica)
    Shining Silver Haze (Hybrid)
    Shiva (Indica)
    Shiva Afghani (Hybrid)
    Shiva Shanti (Indica)
    Shiva Shanti II (Indica)
    Skunk (Hybrid)
    Skunk #1 (Sativa)
    Skunk #3 X A2 (Hybrid)
    Skunk #11 (Sativa)
    Skunk 47 (Hybrid)
    Skunk Classic (Hybrid)
    Skunk Kush (Indica)
    Skunk Passion (Sativa)
    Skunk Red Hair (Hybrid)
    Skunk Special
    Slyder (Indica)
    Smile (Sativa)
    Smokey (Auto Indica)
    Smokey Bear )(Sativa)
    Smurfberry (Auto Hybrid)
    Snow Fruit (Indica)
    Snow White (Hybrid)
    Snowbud (Sativa Hybrid)
    Snowcap Romulan (Indica)
    Snowstorm (Hybrid)
    So Cal OG
    SoGouda (Indica Hybrid)
    Solo Ryder (Hybrid)
    Soma Salad (Hybrid)
    Somango (Indica)
    Somanna (Hybrid)
    Somativa (Indica)
    Somaui (Sativa)
    Somini (Sativa)
    Sour Cough
    Sour Cream (Sativa)
    Sour Diesel (Sativa)
    Sour Diesel Kush
    Sour Diesel X Sage (Indica)
    Sour OG
    Sour P (Hybrid)
    South African Durban (Sativa)
    South India X Skunk (Sativa)
    South Star (Sativa)
    Southern Afghani (Indica)
    Southern Lights (Sativa)
    Space Bomb (Hybrid)
    Space Queen (Sativa)
    Special K (Hybrid)
    Special Kush #1 (Indica)
    Special Queen #1 (Hybrid)
    Speed Devil (Hybrid)
    Speed Queen (Indica)
    Speed Weed
    Spice (Hybrid)
    Spicey White Devil (Indica)
    Spiritual Punk (Indica)
    Spoetnik #1 (Indica)
    Spontanica (Hybrid)
    Star 47 (Indica)
    Star Ryder (Hybrid)
    Stargazer (Indica)
    Stinky Pinky (Indica)
    Stonehedge (Sativa)
    Strawberry Blue (Sativa)
    Strawberry Cough
    Strawberry D-Lite (Hybrid)
    Strawberry Diesel (Hybrid)
    Strawberry Kush (Indica)
    Strawberry OG
    Stuper Sonic (Sativa)
    Sugar Babe (Indica)
    Sugar Black Rose (Indica)
    Sugar Haze (Sativa)
    Sugar Loaf (Hybrid)
    Super Cannalope (Sativa)
    Super Crystal (Indica)
    Super Lemon Haze
    Super OG
    Sugar Shack
    Super Silver (Sativa)
    Super Silver Cheese (Hybrid)
    Super Silver Haze (Sativa)
    Super Skunk (Hybrid)
    Super Star (Indica)
    Super Thai X Skunk (Sativa)
    Superglue (Indica)
    Superman OG
    Supersonic Cristal Storm (Auto Indica)
    Swazi Red (Sativa)
    Swazi Safari (Sativa/Hybrid)
    Swazi X Skunk (Sativa)
    Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 (Indica)
    Sweet Black Angel (Indica)
    Sweet Blue (Hybrid)
    Sweet Cheese (Sativa Hybrid)
    Sweet Dreams (Hybrid)
    Sweet Dwarf (Hybrid)
    Sweet Haze (Sativa)
    Sweet Malawi (Sativa)
    Sweet Purple (Hybrid)
    Sweet Thai (Sativa Hybrid)
    Sweet Timer (Indica)
    Sweet Tooth (Hybrid)
    Sweet Tooth #33
    Sweet Deep Grapefruit (Indica)
    Sweet Dreams (Hybrid)
    Sweet White Malawi (Hybrid)
    Swiss Bliss (Sativa)
    Swiss Cheese (Hybrid)
    Swiss Miss (Hybrid)
    Swiss XT (Sativa)
    Taiga (Auto Hybrid)
    Taskenti (Indica)
    Tasman Haze (Sativa)
    Taste Bud (Indica)
    Temple Haze (Hybrid)
    Thai Fantasy (Sativa/Hyrbid)
    Thai Titanic (Sativa)
    Thai Super Skunk (Hybrid)
    Thai Widow
    The Church (Hybrid)
    The Fantasy (Hybrid)
    The Flav
    The Gaffa (Indica)
    The Kali (Indica)
    The Original Haze (Sativa)
    The Pure (Indica)
    The Real McCoy (Hybrid)
    The Third Dimension (Sativa)
    The Ultimate (Hybrid)
    The Void (Hybrid)
    Thunder Bloody Mary (Indica)
    Thunderbolt (Hybrid)
    Third Eye
    Tiburon (Indica)
    Tikal (Sativa)
    Timewarp (Indica)
    Titans Haze (Indica)
    TNR (Hybrid)
    TNT Kush
    Top 44 (Hybrid)
    Top 69 (Hybrid)
    Top Dawg (Hybrid)
    Top Dollar
    Top Skunk 44 (Sativa)
    Tora Bora (Indica)
    Trainwreck (Sativa)
    Trance (Hybrid)
    Tree of Life
    Tribal Vision (Hybrid)
    Tropical Fruit
    True Blueberry (Indica Hybrid)
    Tundra (Auto Hybrid)
    Twelve Haze (Sativa)
    Twilight (Indica)
    Twista 108 (Indica Hybrid)
    Ultra Skunk (Sativa Hybrid)
    Ultraviolet (Auto Sativa)
    Utopia Haze (Sativa)
    Vantage (Indica)
    V2.0 (Sativa)
    Vanilluna (Hybrid)
    Velvet Bud (Sativa)
    Veneno (Hybrid)
    Venus Flytrap (Sativa)
    Vicki Peach (Sativa Hybrid)
    Violator Kush (Indica)
    Voodoo (Sativa)
    Vortex (Sativa)
    Voyager (Hybrid)
    Walkabout (Hybrid)
    Wappa (Indica)
    Warlock (Indica)
    Wembley (Indica)
    Western Winds (Sativa)
    White Berry (Hybrid)
    White Castle (Sativa)
    White Domina (Indica)
    White Diesel (Hybrid)
    White Indica (Indica)
    White Island (Sativa)
    White KC (Indica)
    White Light (Indica)
    White Pearl (Hybrid)
    White Rhino (Indica)
    White Rhino #1 (Hybrid)
    White Rose (Hybrid)
    White Satin (Hybrid)
    White Siberian (Indica Hybrid)
    White Skunk (Sativa)
    White Smurf (Hybrid)
    White Star (Sativa)
    White Widow (Indica/Hybrid)
    White Widow X Big Bud (Hybrid)
    White Willow (Indica)
    Widow 2004 (Hybrid)
    Widow Skunk
    Widow Warrior (Sativa)
    Wild Rose (Sativa Hybrid)
    Willie Nelson (Sativa)
    Williams' Wonder (Indica)
    Wonder Woman (Hybrid)
    Wonderberry (Indica)
    Wreckage (Sativa)
    X18 Pure Pakistani (Indica)
    Yumbolt (Indica)
    Yumbolt 47 (Hybrid)
    Yummy (Hybrid)
    Zero Gravity (Indica)
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    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    i think some of these are regional names. [​IMG]i remember toking a strain called cannasutra in college. i dont know if anyone wants to cross reference this but its a cool post

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Updated the list some more...

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    I found 95% of them on seedbanks, so there are probably a few regionals but overall you should be able to buy a seed for any of these strains :)

    gloomysmokes707 Active Member

    you forgot blue dot...
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Delta 9 Labs - CannaSutra
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    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

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    shifty1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link brick top will come in handy
    prop 215 patient

    prop 215 patient Member

    cindy 99 from brothers grim

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    How about the world famous 10 lb. yielding 50% THC Elephant Bud!!! LMAO
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    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    its really amazing how many strains there are, most of those i have never even heard about, and maybe a dozen ive seen up close. just nuts

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    It really is amazing... and think about the strains that have been crossed but arent sold! There's probably 10,000 strains out there total. I bet you half only have names, and I know for a fact there are only about 2,000 strains being sold.

    One thing that really amazes me is the colors. Check out how many white's there are, purples, blues, also the crosses of G13. Damn...
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    Nice Thread + REP to ya..
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    Thanks man, rep back at ya
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    Black Ice in Fort Collins is some dank shit. :joint::hump:

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    Don't forget THC Bomb !!!!!!

    RxGrowR Member

    Warlock and Sour Cream

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    tomito2121 Member

    Ive seen pics, is it BOMB?
    The Snowman

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    you know where to get any original afghan seeds?

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