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The Best Way To Increase THC Level?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MrCaugh, Aug 25, 2010.


    MrCaugh Member

    Another question i have to anyone whoe can tell me,is how do u increase ur thc level?Im growing purple kush,haze,and afghan if that matters?

    Thanks and Happy Growing

    cowell Well-Known Member

    uvb light has shown an increase to trich production and thc content. I don't really know of any other way... other than environmental factors it's genetically inherent as to the THC the plant will produce.

    MrCaugh Member

    thanks for taking the time to reply!

    cowell Well-Known Member

    no problem.. there was a great video with all the "scientific" info as well as the testing results, which showed adding UVB light forced the plant to produce more trichomes as a defence mechanism (as UVB is bad for you, and your plant) to protect itself. They also went on to show that the way a trichome works, and they believe it's function includes protecting the plant from these harmful rays. They demonstrated that the trichome's shape and function is related to UVB light defence.

    which is why you get frostier buds if you flower with MH over HPS - more UVB light in a MH.

    The shape of the trichome is a little dome..imagine a mushroom.. the cap of the mushroom think of as the trichome head. and the stem.. the stem..ok.

    if you pull the cap off a mushroom it leaves the stem with like a membrane or segmented part that is naturally there. Much the same membrane is in a trichome.. that's why you get "resin heads" when making hash.. they break off. Light hitting the trichome head is refracted to hit an area of the membrane in the trichome which stimulated the release of THC.

    They also proved that the same UVB light destroys THC... but the plant produces more than is destroyed, so you end up with a more potent plant... wish the vid was still up.. would likely make more sense to you...I think there are a few UVB threads in the advanced growing forums.
    Dr. O

    Dr. O Member

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    Spanishfly Well-Known Member


    smokeymcpotz Well-Known Member

    not sure how to improve thc but cha ching improves resin.

    MrCaugh Member

    Thanks cowell BIG Help!! Im still in early stages with my clones,i have an hps bulb i was gonna use,but now im gonna look into that uvb more.

    Countryfarmer Active Member

    Dr. O

    Dr. O Member

    no problem
    there r more pretty good articles at maximum yield

    cowell Well-Known Member

    no bro.. UVB is just an addition to your lighting.
    You still want to flower with HPS.. it gives you tighter nugs for sure.

    you want to look into the 10.0 UVB reptile bulbs.


    and they make smaller coil CFL's too...


    Consider them accent lighting. And do a bit of reading on it first.. there is some research that suggests it should only be turned on 6 hours a day, hung higher than your main light.. there are some dangers to using them for your plant so make sure you understand what to watch for.. I'll help out if I can.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    I'll see if I can find that video about it somewhere .. it explains things so clearly and helps you understand why it works too.. maybe if anyone knows the one I mean they can post a link first..

    MrCaugh Member

    o ok! well dam all that then lol im new at this whole thing.But thanks for the advice!

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    me thinks that only way to inprove thc is to improve genetics

    me think that more trichs will show from uvb agreed but thc value and head value remain the same

    me wish it did work that way just buy bottom line weed and put under uvb what a concept every one would have grade a buds for cost ov a uvb 10

    i use a 250w hps and a 250w mh and i throw a uvb 20 in at flower for about 1 hour a day as far away as poss in a small tent cause uvb can do some damage to trichs if over done and some damage to yo eye balls and skin if over done nothing to play around wit if going to try respect what i just said or say fuck me and find out for yourself

    i practice useing fine genetics they always give me trichs the head flavor the whole package that im looking for me thinks its the only way

    me wish you the best of luck

    MrCaugh Member

    No i hear ya,thats y im not even gonna play with that! lol i was just wondering how to get the max bang out of ur smoke,but goes back to just buy good shit huh.

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