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the best way to clone your plant

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Bosson26, Sep 12, 2009.


    Bosson26 Active Member

    im searching for a thread for this. but the search button show up many unrelated topic. i know to use a razor blade and cut the top part of the flower in a 40 degree angle. but i want to read more into it in case im missing some more information. any links?
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    You cut the stem on a 45 and you dont take clones while flowering,its just to hard to get a root on a budding plant

    gangjababy Well-Known Member


    Bosson26 Active Member

    Muscle Bud

    Muscle Bud Active Member

    Check out my step by step easy clone method at CLONES

    97HDSFTL Member

    Always take your cuttings from the bottom growth of the Mother plant. Look for stems that are strong and fairly straight, no pun intended; and cut them about six inches or so long using a scissors. Then, cut any growth along the stem leaving at least two layers of top growth. Cut the tips off the remaining leaves at an angle with the scissors. This will stimulate root growth rather than leaf growth, trust me. Then using a sharp razor blade, new would be best; cut the stem just above the initial scissor cut on a nice slant, 45; exposing as much of the inner part of the stem as possible i.e, the pulp. Then dip the exposed cut into a gel solutuion of Clonex ( I get roots in a week) and slide into your rooting plug. Ask for them at any hydroponic supply store as they are not readily available at the more common stores i.e Walmart, Agway. You get fifty in a bag for $18.00. If you use the plugs, just before you slide the cutting into it take a pencil and shove it into the hole in the plug first, about one inch; to open the passage way fully. This will prevent your cutting from bending and allow a easy plant in into the plug. Then place your cuttings all snug in their root plugs into a seedling tray with a high domed top, clear. Using once again Clonex rooting solution; not a gel; mix two teaspoons in a gallon of water. Fill tray with about an inch of solution and close top. Keep ambient temperature and humidity at 70-72 and CONSTANTLY! And you should have roots in seven to ten days give or take. Keep cuttings under a two lamp flourescent light twenty four seven untuil roots appear. When all cuttings have rooted, remove and place into your pots and medium. Mist regular to prevent shock and drying and keep under low light until strong and growing. Intorduction to hid's right is not recommended, hope this helps...yesca

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