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the best soil recipes

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cheif, Mar 15, 2007.


    cheif Active Member

    alright so i have been experimenting with soil mixes for me plant but they dont seem to be working so for all the pros out their throw me some recipes

    entropic Well-Known Member


    btt Well-Known Member

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest!

    mogie Well-Known Member

    50% Pro-mix
    25% perlite
    25% wormcastings


    From your local Hydro store get some Promix, vermiculite and Perlite.
    Mix in the portions of 50% promix, 35% perlite and 15% vermiculite. This mix is nice and loose and will promote great and fast root growth. All though it doesn't retain water that well it is good for beginners because it will help safeguard against over watering. Plus if a beginner runs into problems with PH or over fertilization the properties of this soil make it quick and easy to remedy.

    mexiblunt Well-Known Member

    Hey Moogie! How bout 30% promix/sunshine mix
    20% compost
    25% wormcastings
    25% perlite or vermiculte perlite split

    dolemite lime? if so how much?

    joekikass Well-Known Member

    100 % organic compost ph balanced straight up with canna terra nutes , tastes is fantastic and very smooth to smoke . Stays nice and loose but could be mixed with soil to help retain moisture and is very forgiving

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Mexi I'd throw in about a cup for every cubic foot of soil.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    I had absolutely no problems with sunshine pro mix no.4, why not just use that?? instead of buying a shitload of stuff that already comes in 1 big package??? I dont really understand besides the fact that you can monitor the Ph levels better..... but like I said, NO ISSUES what-so-ever

    mogie Well-Known Member

    The person originally asked for recipies for mixes. So that is why they got that they got. Nobody is saying you can't just use right out of the bag. I do a lot.

    mexiblunt Well-Known Member

    Last time i'll go off topic I promise. that is a good point just using str8 sunshine but I would sooner have it a little airy then a little heavy. hench perlite, i grew that little plant(Avatar pic) in a somewhat compost mix using molasses next to an identical clone in a str8 bag mix. the compost molasses has my vote. like i've heard say, feed the soil as it will feed your plants. I believe molasses not only feeds your plant but also the micro organism's n stuff videoman40 has an awesome thread on that.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    sorry, that wasnt directed towards you, that was just in general, even to the person asking, sorry if it seemd like I was pointing someone out... wasnt supposed to seem that way

    mexiblunt Well-Known Member

    ahhhh I'm was just engaged to this thread lol. ne feedback is awesome and heck maybe some else gets something out of it, i'm always listening learning trying dif stuff it's all good.

    mexiblunt Well-Known Member

    mexiblunt sits here bashing his head with fists murmering idiot! idiot! idiot! read headline idiot!idiot!idiot! ok wheres the bong.:joint:

    alenmcmilan Member

    I am not a farmer but I have to made my home near one little garden. And this garden is my life.
    Enriched soil amendment
    EB ston
    15% chicken fertilizer
    Sulfur & Iron
    Gypsum or Gypsite

    Boddah Member

    please stay away from fox farm,I can't count the times Ive seen shotty soil from their trash. roots organic is an awesome base, but you should just type in "subcool super soil" in the search man that stuff works something fierce.

    jujujuice Member

    thx for replys im about to do right now ,i have all the stuff for the subcools super mix, but holy crap that was a lot of crap! and everyone looked at me like i was crazy asking for the azOmite for trace elements i guess, they all kept saying aZamaz the spider mite chemical which unfortunately i know about all to well had those bastards last year ended up revamping room for thousands and thousands but dont have mites(k.o.w.) anyway subcools was all i pretty much found on th internet and its sayin to let sit for weeks some say months! im not prepared to do that now i need a recipe today thinkin bout just cuttin ocean forest w lite warrior or the pro-mix and added some epsom salt for the mag and worm castings anything else anyone would add to that? i have all the stuff for subcools cept the azomite:) sorry for long post but i really need some guidence here. thx again

    jujujuice Member

    i have all the stuff for subcool cept the azomite, but my prob is it says let it stand for weeks some say months! i gotta do today! like now what u reccomend

    hpn0tiq420 Active Member

    Ur set man jus mix her up and wait 2 weeks then plant it's well worth it and u won't be dissapointed I used subcool ss and didnt have time to wait so I vegged for 2 weeks in straight foxfarm light warrior then transplanted to 7 gallon pots with the botto
    Half supersoil and the top half lightwarrior add a lil perlite and plants were just beasts pulled around 3 ounces off all of em wish i still had pics good luck And may u be blessed with massive buds

    Jus a question though what strain are u growing and for the azomite u should be ok without it
  19. how the ufdck did this thread come up, lol. welcome back from the dead.
    Papa Toke

    Papa Toke Active Member

    Looking by the post dates unless something was deleted.. you resurrected it. got my interest tho haha

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