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    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    Yeah stock panel. [​IMG]this is from your site and it looks like all of the parts have been picked out in this use case. Why doesn't it have a price for this breakdown of the panel as that's what's listed on your site. It looks like, from the pictures, you have made at least one of every panel. Why not just price those on the site and clause *cost will vary with customization? It's seems like a way to charge everyone differently for the same panels.

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    Mrjacob274 Member

    Whats the email?
    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member

    No no , we charge with different brand led chips , the price fluctuate , one CREE COB is more than USD 20 than the common cob ones . The price is different , cree ones is double or triple than common 3w one . You can send the email to [email protected]
    ii drastik ii

    ii drastik ii Member

    Where is the cheapest place to order a grow tent

    Niko83 New Member

    If you want cheap, you can build your own tent just like I did. You'll need Panda film, aluminum extrusion profiles, nuts, bolts and the tools to assemble them. If you are a handy guy you'll have your tent for dirt cheap and tailored to your specific needs.
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    GrowerDan Member

    Probably just Amazon or Ebay. I'm always wary of site sthat have much lower prices than the biggest ones

    SirSivart Member

    What size tent are you looking for?

    SirSivart Member

    Amazon and ebay will def. have the cheapest but i would check these out. They're good price and i would say the quality is par with a secret jardin if not a little better .

    SirSivart Member

    CMH's are awesome I've been working at a hydro store for over 7 years and I've never had such amazing feedback from a new product. We sell the Sunlight LEC's and the Hydrofarm Phantom CMH's. At first I didn't believe it, but after hearing it from 20 plus customers you CAN get a yield very comparable to a 600w. Anyway this place seems to have the best prices on them 329.99
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    Big smo

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    That is a great price. I actually picked up 2 of the phantoms, 2 Amare sp-400's 3 Amare se-450's
    i got a 4x4 for 89 bucks.

    JebsCrispyCritters Member

    I picked up a mars hydro tent 3 x 3 x 5'11 for $100 and def pleasantly surprised on the quality and zero light leaks. For $20 more u can get a 4 x 4.
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    powerslide Well-Known Member

    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member


    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah!! Scores a nice fan! CVS drugstore 50% off sale!

    This was a great deal when I went to pick up my heart meds CVS is clearance selling all their fans.

    Holmes 10" ( Blizzard ) Oscillating Power Fan $14.99 with 3 speeds and ability to tilt and mount on wall.

    ON Low it has a ton of power wind all over the place. The pace of the Oscillation is about 4 seconds from one side to the other. 7-8 seconds back and forth.

    Like My Curtains? ;)
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    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    Ohhh also found some clearance Frost King black ploy filters at Home Depot for .80 cents each. They had a huge stack of em on the back end cap with all the other stuff like led bulbs, led strips, clearance etc..

    15" x 24" 3/16th thick


    Nugachino Well-Known Member

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    sgrowdum Well-Known Member

    Good source for sturdy 3X3 trays? Cheapest I've seen is $40

    hydra-glide Active Member

    Best Price for the NextLight-Mega. Bought one yesterday, suing their coupon. (you gotta hang out on their site for a minute or two before the coupon pops-up. Saved me $151. off the $1,525. yeah..... then cost me $1,272. Momma-Mia! That's-a-cheapa.

    And here's mah' tent. The Mega light will fill the Veg and Bloom rays all the way to the tent seams! Motor.......scooter! Amazon is giving them away for $109., no tax, no shipping, NO child support required.

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