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The best COCO Complete Nutrients!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by weedsmoka, Aug 28, 2010.


    weedsmoka Active Member

    i know there are soooo many makes of coco nutes that it can be very very frustrating to find out what are the best ones, as everyone has a different opinion..

    im looking for complete coco nutes from cutting to harvest! including all other additives necassary so i get the best larger buds in the end.

    what are your views on what i should be using.

    cheers all

    rep for good answers :)

    suleman New Member


    weedsmoka Active Member

    im looking at advanced nutrients, but they are very expensive and the range of products are HUGE!!!! Where do i start? :(

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    With advanced nutrients you need to pick a base nute.

    Then you will also need to get sensi Cal/mag from AN too in order to stop any cal mag deficiencies.

    Then you pick a blooming scenario.

    I personally am going to be trying AN once i go perpetual.

    I have spoken with AN about how i go about using their products in coco as they dont have a coco specific base nutrient.

    They told me to pick one of the base nutrients and supplement with 200ppm of SENSI CAL/MAG

    Then i will be buying also the hobbyist range.

    So i will buy something like

    SENSI A and B
    Sensi Cal/mag
    Voodoo juice
    Big Bud

    THis is a basic pack to use from AN. Should run you around £200 or around $300 (if i converted it right lol)

    Hope this helped a little for you.

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    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    the best complete coco nutes are either the canna line or the house and garden coco line. they both have the additional cal/mag that plants grown in coco need, at this time im using advanced sensi bloom with cal/mag from botanicare(less expensive than the AN cal mag but does the same thing) and i am more immpressed with the AN sensi than i was with the complete canna line that i had previously used in my coco grows
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    weedsmoka Active Member

    hey jondaman, thats superb mate, im understanding a little more now, i have emailed them myself as they dont have coco specific products, cheers mate, i will be doing that!!!

    weedsmoka Active Member

    jondaman, is it sensi A & B grow your using? do you use this through the flowering stage, or do you swap over?

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    i do not use them at present.

    i will be doing a comparison test once i go perpetual.

    Check the AN website for their calculator.


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