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The Best Afghani strain?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by bringcannabisback, May 11, 2010.


    ONEeyedWILLY444 Well-Known Member

    this is mr nice devil 4 weeks 12/12 under a 400w hps

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    HookedOnChronic Well-Known Member

    damn that looks goooood, i wanted Mr Nice SHIT hahaha

    chadkush Member

    I dont think sensi has gone down hill I dont buy it personally. I grew sensi seeds nl and afghani #1seeds in 07 i think it was and theirs special plants in their. I had the afghani gold pheno and damn i miss it. Lost it when i moved. I knoe it has some real gressy looking phenos in their dark green leafs. Alott of people knock sensi but not me. Seems like they get bad reviews but they didnt when they had 15 seeds per pack. Their g13 hp was outstanding we had the g13 pheno. Their strains are worth the price tag you just have to search. Just buy a extra pack you should find a keeper or 2 in 20 seeds or so.

    jimdandy Well-Known Member

    Sensi Seeds does not seem to be keeping up with the market demands. Seems like Cannabis people like to experiment and try new and different things. I know I do. I grew out their Shiva Skunk and it was a leafy piece of shit. Kind of turned me off to their stuff. Lately Im looking at the CBD Crew. Shantibaba seems to be a true and honest non greedy breeder who loves the cannabis plant not for how much money he can make but how to offer the best product. I may pull the trigger on them. Just what I need, more seeds that make it harder for me to make my grow choices.

    sourpuss New Member

    Nl 5, always amazing, heavy yield.

    Flavour may b old school, packs just as much punch as todays super strains. Sativa type yield off indica sized plants. Buds r airy tho
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    raiderman Well-Known Member

    bcseeds has a bad ass afghani, afghani x nl 5,afghani x purps.
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    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Amnesia sounds knockout

    blumoon Member

    I highly suggest Doctor Kush by freedom of seeds -quick finisher - ultra rich smoke and taste. Incredible stone. 100% afghani.

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    I can only reccomend dna pure afghan..I'm growing it,it clones well,grows nice..the sample plant from clone was straight into 12-12 from cloner,went right into flower..is sticky,squat fruity/lemony and finishing fast...I got it from a freebie at attitude a year ago..haven't smoked her yet but can't wait!..hope this helps...
    Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing Well-Known Member

    Bodhi Seeds Pure Kush x Uzbeki

    killer pure indica... super dank

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    Ok so smoked dna pure afghan and remembered this thread..lemony and tight buds,got a little over a quarter oz off a 10in clone..wasn't trying for yeild,just a sample to seeif its a keeper and it is..I'm gonna run it a few times probably..I feel a little more care and ill have a winner for christmas!..
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    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    I've heard good things about HGF- Afghani. Going to include them on my next order. Been looking for a good Affie from a Reliable seed co for a long time. This is supposedly much better than Sensis Afghani #1 and it's cheaper :-P

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