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the attitude seed bank?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by newbforlife, Mar 24, 2011.


    newbforlife Active Member

    ok i was looking at prices when i noticed this
    i cant link it the cart shows up empty
    white widow from nirvana 5 fem seeds 36.99cad
    white widow from nirvana through the attitude 39.99gbp 1 free autoflower seed
    after conversion 65 cad

    that seed dosn't seem so free at that price
    has anyone else ever run into this or is it a fluk do y9ou think

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    well of course if you get them straight from the breeder, they are gonna be cheaper, regardless if its nirvana or say sannies, then buying it from a reseller like the attitude..
  3. the Tude has a guarantee and ship to the US

    newbforlife Active Member

    the way im looking at this is theres 2 guys selling the exaxt same thing on the street in fact 1 guy buys from the other ups his price and then sells it
    who would you recomend
    i dont get why ppl would goto attitude whats the advantage

    newbforlife Active Member

    im only asking as someone who has only bought seeds 1 time
  6. i use the attitude and have never had a problem, i use them because that is who i use and i never had a problem 100%. the have freebies most every month and actually have a very nice messenger bag for $26 bucks and are very stealthy!

    forestbud Well-Known Member

    How nice are they? How big is it? I think they're actually made out of hemp. Post picture of it if you can? I might get that.

    Icyblaze Active Member

    if you want some nirvana seeds go to http://www.nirvanashop.com/ . Also you get points on every order so the next order you make will be cheaper.. depending on the amount of points you get and the amount of purchases you make. For sellers like nirvana who have their own site buy from them; unless its TGA where attitude has a wide selection.

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