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Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by beginner420, Jul 17, 2013.


    beginner420 Active Member

    When should a plant start producing THC??

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    um when you got the most milky trichomes is when the plant has the most THC possible

    so if its indica around 50-65 days of 12/12 light or 70-85 days if its sativa

    beginner420 Active Member

    Ok I was just wondering cause I'm about 3 weeks into flowering and I'm already starting to see thc

    HTP Active Member

    How does one see thc?
    diet coke

    diet coke Active Member

    thc is in the plant from birth , when trics start to produce the levels go up dramatically.

    beginner420 Active Member

    Is there a way to test the THC level of your plants?

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    You can send a sample to a lab to get a full report if you really are concerned about the THC %, but unless you are a breeder I don't know why anyone would do that. As long as it gets the job done what difference does it make to the average user??

    beginner420 Active Member

    Idk man it'd just be cool if I was selling a little to a buddy and I could tell him the strain and how it was grown and the THC percentage and shit. Obviously I'm not gonna send it in to the labs but it'd be cool if there was some type of meter or test kit.

    siq Active Member

    well if buy a microscope (radio shack has them) and check your buds during flower you will see the trichomes. a fully milky set of trichomes will be more of a body high, and the amber trichomes are more of a cough lock high. most people go for more on the amber side. this is also how alot of people tell when their plant is ready for harvest.

    Slayer21420 Member

    Bad advice.

    Amber = degraded THC, Which means less potent weed. You want your trichs to be as close to 100% cloudy as possible, as 100% is not possible usually you have to settle for around 85% cloudy and the rest a mix of clear and amber.

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