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THC Worms - Proof they exist!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MightyBuddha, Mar 7, 2007.


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    i have proof!

    i bought a bag from some guy with one tooth in a trailor home, and i went to my house and loaded a bowl and all the sudden these worms started crawling out of the bud! i remember the tale about the thc worms from gc and so i smoked the bowl and got knocked on my ass because of the thc worm. i was sooo much more high than i would've been if the thc worm didnt live in my bud. he kept trying to crawl out but by the third hit his legs were too burnt to move so it was all good.



    and then i rolled a clear joint and i saw the bud moving in the joint and all the sudden a thc worm crawled out the end of the joint! so i sparked that shit up and got fuckin floored.

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    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    Originally Posted by Norvy1 [​IMG]
    As far as I know THC worms are real and do in fact exist. I have found numerous worms in the bud that I smoke. They are neon orange colored, and are plump with THC. I was surprised to see so many not know that they existed. When I find them I will cut them open and kinda spread the insides around. They are full of THC. If you ever find one try to feel the inside....It is straight THC, Sticky and gooey.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I have never heard of this shit, and i don't care if it is straight up THC i wouldn't smoke one.. But yea find one and take a pic for us and cut it open that'd be kool..

    Smoke your worms y'all but i'm good with just the bud [​IMG]

    EDIT: Here's some quicky info i found..
    First a thread regarding this :THC Worms? - 420 Lounge
    Second an article from high times: THC WORM?
    There’s been talk around our town about a “THC worm.” Is there such a thing?

    Dear 3times,
    They might be talking about corn earworms. They’re usually green with stripes. They’ve taken a real liking to cannabis. Corn earworms and other caterpillars burrow into buds, usually near the top. They consume plant juices by chewing the main stem and also eat foliage. Identify damage from caterpillars by the abundance of droppings they leave at and near wounds. The droppings accumulate in between buds. Droppings fall out when the buds are hung to dry. Look below and you’ll see lots of little poops.
    From 1/2-inch to 4 inches long, caterpillars and loopers are cylindrical, with feet; they’re often green but can be virtually any color from white to black. While caterpillars have sets of feet the entire length of their bodies, loopers have two sets of feet at either end of their bodies.
    This is generally a concern for outdoor crops, though it’s becoming more of a problem indoors. Check for caterpillars by spraying a plant with pyrethrum aerosol and shaking the leaves a couple of minutes later. The quick knockout effect of the spray causes caterpillars to fall from the shaken plant.

    Finaly another thread: YaHooka Forums - Worms In my bud?WTF!

    Nizzan Well-Known Member


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ I almost spit out my drink when I saw that.... it's a joke.

    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    BTW... I'm still laughing and crying.

    spacedoutplace Active Member

    They do exist but they aint what was in that picture like the one user said that was a meal worm. i had them last year in some plants and they ruined my crop. They are very tiny and i had to pull them out with a tweezers.

    johndoe2216751 Well-Known Member

    i got a beetle in a bag one time.. was pissed cuz that fucker had to weigh 3 grams.

    son of a bitch cost me 3 grams.

    TheChosen Well-Known Member

    I hope you didn't really smoke that thing. :-?

    I doubt I would have even smoked the bud there is worm dook all in it.

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Do you think people really beleive that nonsense! Go play some where else.

    closettrooper Active Member

    you should of smoked it, you would be a true smoking allstar.

    ogrelung Well-Known Member

    keep me far, far away from your dealer man.
    Quebec Big Dog

    Quebec Big Dog Well-Known Member

    Dude I think you were probably really ripped before starting too smoke and you decided to try and smoke the worm from your tequilla LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

    johndoe2216751 Well-Known Member

    it was in a qp, cant really expect the guy to inspect it all. was some bomb shit tho..

    but 3 grams short. :)
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member

    Back in high School, there was this one guy who was always bagging for people to get him high. So we asked him if he wanted a hit off a big fat Rouche. He Hit that bong with all he had, let out a squeeky cough, and blew it out and said thanks. I could not believe my eyes, He smoked that whole ROUCHE down. We were all laughing so hard, I about pissed myself. bongsmilie

    mota Active Member

    :lol: oh man i don't know whether to puke or laugh:lol:

    ogrelung Well-Known Member

    Thats not too bad, I thought it was a smaller bag. Still sucks though

    bonze309 Well-Known Member

    We have them were we store are feed for the cattle and they are called meal worms. Matter or fact they sell them at the local bait stores. For fish bait never head of THC worms!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hotrocks17 Active Member

    that thing is ugly. ide never smoke one dont care if it crawlin with thc or not!!

    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Why do people get so upset at jokes. Especially ones like this that are CLEARLY a joke and not mean or aimed at anyone. It's just goofy fun.


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