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Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by GranDaddy Purple, Oct 13, 2008.

    GranDaddy Purple

    GranDaddy Purple Active Member

    We have all seen the question "when do I harvest?" and the usual answer is when the hair is turning red. Here is a question for some of the veteran growers below...

    THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) gets a user high, a larger THC content will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don't get high.

    CBD (Cannabidiol) increases some of the effects of THC and decreases other effects of THC. High levels of THC and low levels of CBD contribute to a strong, clear headed, more energetic high.

    Cannabis that has a high level of both THC and CBD will produce a strong head-stone that feels almost dreamlike. Cannabis that has low levels of THC and high levels of CBD produces more of a buzz or stoned feeling. The mind feels dull and the body feels tired.

    When the plants are actively flowering, the resins contain a higher proportion of THC than during the vegetative stage. During the later stages, when flower production has slowed, THC is degrading to other related chemicals such as CBD. It is thought that THC is mainly responsible for the "high" and CBD for the more physical, "stony" sensations such as lethargy. If you want a clear high then harvest when approximately 35% of the pistils (little white hairs) have turned red or brown. If, on the other hand, you prefer the heavier hit you get from something like pakki-black resin then wait until 65% of the pistils have changed color.

    QUESTION: Seeing as how Sativa is a more of a mental high and Indica is more of a physical high, would it make sense to harvest Sativa early and Indica later for optimal results?
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    GranDaddy Purple

    GranDaddy Purple Active Member

    BTW, here is what else you can find in your favorive herb...

    CBN (Cannabinol) is produced as THC ages and breaks down, this process is known as oxidization. High levels of CBN tend to make the user feel messed up rather than high.
    CBN levels can be kept to a minimum by storing cannabis products in a dark, cool, airtight environment.

    THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is found primarily in strains of African and Asian cannabis. THCV increases the speed and intensity of THC effects, but also causes the high to end sooner. Weed that smells strong (prior to smoking) might indicate a high level of THCV.

    CBC (Cannabichromene) is probably not psychoactive in pure form but is thought to interact with THC to enhance the high.

    CBL (Cannabicyclol) is a degradative product like CBN. Light converts CBC to CBL.

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    hells yea. go research trich colors. the chronological order of trichome color and effect is 1. Translucent - Non-psychoactive, 2. Cloudy - Cerebral/Hallucinogenic 3. Amber - Body/Couch-Lock, 4. Dark Red/Brown - Degrading THC.

    However, you can always get real creative and (for example) harvest an Indica while its trichomes are cloudy. In my experience, this creates a creeper-high but I don't have much to back that.

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    nice post

    jsgrwn Well-Known Member

    there is no reason to pull a sativa early, they typically take an additional 2-3 weeks longer than a good short indica. plus many sativas will continue to produce additional buds late in the flowering period. the sativa plants give you more of a soaring high even if you pull them very late.

    personally i dont pull any plants early, i like all of the strains i mess with to fully mature.

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the plant producing any THC during Veg.

    it's CBN CBD-->THC-->CBN

    Like mrCRC420 said. I allways go off the color of the trichomes, since thats where CBD is being cyclized to THC

    Research UVB light and THC production if you want to increase THC potency, by increasing trichome growth.

    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    I have read that Ed Rosenthal recently has claimed that terpenes, the stuff responsible for the smell and taste, may also play a role in the quality and type of high.

    walter451 Active Member

    Sweet post man! This cleared a lot up or me, but I think I would add a comment to harvesting early on sativas... Most of the popular quality sativa strains that are on the market, like greenhouse's super silver haze, fully mature with low CBD ratings to begin with so you might just lose out on Terpens, like mindphuk said.

    I personally have harvested clones from the same mother at different times and felt like I just lost out on taste by harvesting early, but gained a more productive high because I wasn't lethargic (LOL great word btw!).

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    also the main idea behind it is they just outright take longer to mature (sativa) ultimately we are waiting for the trichomes to reeach a certain point as they will show us the aroundabout effect of the plant.

    now i have time to answer i think ill put my takeon the sitcho and see if it helps, and also the latter is possible by harvesting an indica with clear or milky trichomes will give you less couchlock effect and the more amber ones will give you a more sedated stoned effect no matter what the strain. the main differance is size and amount of time the plants take to mature though indicas will alwaysgive you a more stioned effect and sativa a energetic so to speak it all levels out in the end. the trichomes colours help us modify the stoned/high of a plant a little.... im a couchlock fan so i like my medicine well done lol. \

    also the numbers i go for if using hair colour is 80% after this the degration becomes more noticable. i hVE lao found some plants that were best when they were overripe. watching a blank tv kinda shit lol. umm but yeah the when the trichomes areshowing about 35% amber to 60/70% i find is goodf. the fact that they are turning amber isnt shwing degrading yet thingk of it as reaching peak thc production the idea is to harvesst at peak production and before it starts to degrade if that makes sense

    anyhoo dilly dally shilly shally.. im smashed and yeah i think i dribbled some shit there

    peace out

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    umm i eas wondering if yur going to update the cannabinoid types profile things as theres more than what youve listed i think i thought this thread ws going to go a different way to this lmfao.

    still theres some good info to be had for some people. :)

    sickstoner Well-Known Member

    what is cbd?
    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    You could split your Sativa harvest in half ..
    you could get the clear headed, energetic high by harvesting when trichome is cloudy, then harvesting when half cloudy, half amber, to get that dream like effect as you mentioned.

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    cbd is another cannabinol (its actually cannabinol lol)look it up bro. im to baked to give a real answer...

    hehe what got to me is i just posted that pic on westys thread not to long ago lmfao. hehe well the person who made that should be happy iys helping heaps of peoples lol.
  14. u can also look through a microscope an if ur crystals have a brown or tan tint to it or if they are brown or tan then ur shit is ready to be dryed out an cured.THEN U ENJOY.

    prizm23a Active Member

    is it just me or is that 50/50 pic lacking half amber?

    DuhWeedMan Member

    Great post. Figure out what type of effect you like out of your cannabis and harvest respectively

    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    i dont think i would determine harvest time by the pistil color. the only thing they do is collect pollen from males. when they turn brown and shrivel, that means it wont accept pollen anymore. so i dont see what that has to do with THC, CBN, CBD, etc. its the trichomes that change color at different ratios of those psychoactive chemicals

    manicmushroomz Member

    from what i understand. not everyone has the available equipment to magnify the trichomes to check em. so gauging the harvest time via the pistil colour is the nxt best thing. you are right on though, the best way is through checkin trichomes if possible, if not then take small samples during the flowering phase, documenting the colour of the trich's and qaulity of the high and what week of flowering you were in untill flowering is complete. then see which you prefer ? and nxt time you harvest you will have a better idea of when the time is right. that way regardless of potencey you will have what you felt was the best for you. personaly i'm a couch locker, but i also read that t.h.c. and cannabidiol are the main active components in cannabis, but both ineract with one another to effect the high, more t.h.c. eqaulz more of a rush, more cannabidiol eqauls more sedation. so in the end its all a matter of personal choice, not which is best but best for you. sorry for rambling and hope any of this helps :peace::peace::blsmoke:

    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    A better question is, if you are growing, why wouldn't you have the equipment? Not owning a $10 magnifier when you are trying growing high quality medicine is pretty lame IMO.

    Luger187 Well-Known Member


    check your trichs

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