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thc tincture

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by st3w1, Jun 22, 2012.


    st3w1 Member

    hey guys, i will be cutting down my nl in a few weeks and was checking out what to do with my trim and found lots of stuff about making some sort of thc tincture. basically just trim and vegetable glycerine. mix it up and you can either cook it or just leave it in the bottle for a few weeks, some say 4. I have never made any sort of tincture or anything like that b4 and so i have a few questions before i start this.

    1) do i have to dry my trimmings before i add them to the glycerine? and
    2) what do i do with the leftovers??

    by leftovers what i mean is all the weed that i will strain out of my mixture before i take it. can i let it dry and make some BHO out of it or do i just throw that shit out??

    anyways thanks in advance guys.

    Kervork Well-Known Member

    The tincture recipies are shit.. total shit... shitty shit shit. I figured out how to make real tincture after buying some glycerine crap at a co-op.

    Step 1) Make Kief hash with dry ice. You can look this up, lots of info on it. You do this because, well kief is the shit and why waste that gift from god eh? Place the kief off to the side to smoke later.

    Step 2) Dry your material and do BHO or ISO extraction or both. The BHO is ususally clearer, the ISO will be a bit darker. Both work. When doing ISO shake your material in ISO for no more than a minute. 30 Seconds if often just fine. Avoid the temptation to soak shit for hours. All the good stuff gets dissolved way fast. Evaporate BHO outside.. .away from flames and in the shade. You can use a fan on ISO to help it evaporate. DO NOT EVAPORATE WITH HEAT, no need. Even whopping amount of ISO will evap in a day next to a fan.

    Step 3) You should now have a glass cooking dish of some sort with a layer of sticky oil. Heat this in the oven at 230 Degrees F for 45 minutes. No more, no less. The oil will become quite liquid and will flow, you can put something under your tray so the oil all winds up at one end. I have used wine glasses they work well too.

    The amazing thing is that the oil becomes quite liquid and you can damn near pour it. No more endless scraping the sides of your tray to get it all out.

    Step 4) Your oil is now psycho-activated. Dissolve it into a bit of everclear, suck it up into a syringe and squirt it into a dropper bottle.

    Step 5) Test. Take a small amount... How small you never really know without experience. Hold it under your tounge with a bit of other liquid to dilute the alcohol and keep it from being uncomfortable.
    Wait 1 hour before taking any more. Don't wait 15 minutes and then squirt a full dropper in your mouth because you think it's not working. It takes an hour plus to hit you and if you're not carefull you can be in lala land hiding under your bed for 6 hours because you were impatient.

    Mixing other stuff into the alcohol like water, tequilla etc. will just cause your stuff to precipitate out and things will get sticky. Stick with everclear.

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