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THC Lollipops????

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Tizzle312, Dec 17, 2008.


    Tizzle312 Well-Known Member

    what up yall
    i was wondering if any of you tried these lollipops with thc inside of them?
    im asking this cause my friend is coming back from Amsterdam in less
    than a week and when i spoke on the phone with him
    he told me that hes bringing these fucking real lollipops with thc in it
    and all u gotta do is suck it and u get stoned , im not sure if he was
    serious or just fucking with me
    so does shit like that exist ? and u suck on it to get ripped ?
    that would be awesome , i would have one in my mouth 24/7
    where ever i go i would be high and noone can say shit
    buggs bunny

    buggs bunny Well-Known Member

    you have to heat it up to work i thought,but when the thc is in cookies that have been cooked get you high,so they must have heated the thc up before putting it in lollypops.

    i bet they work:blsmoke:
    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    I got some at Bonnaroo '07. They had a Chronic Candy stand with lollipops and other candies with THC in them. I thought they were fairly week but my friends all loved them. I also weigh 200 lbs and smoke all day every day so this could be the problem, I usually have to eat much more cannabis when I, or friends, cook it. They did taste soooooo good though. That alone was worth it. I'd suggest, put one in your mouth, after a few minutes drink a few shots, when the first lollipop is done get another, and when that is dones maybe another shot or two, and then smoke a bowl. You should then feel a nice body high.

    Tizzle312 Well-Known Member

    i dont drink alcohol
    but your telling me that the lollipops are weak?

    RayFromGG Active Member

    THC "activation" is a myth.
    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    My friends all thought they were fairly strong, I just have a high tolerance. Especially to eating cannabis

    jordisgarden Well-Known Member

    space lollipops ,space cake, space bon bons ,space muffins, space brownies, cheap beutiful hookers.....i was 19 and i fucking loved amsterdam
    the hotel vondel was fucking awsome

    Tizzle312 Well-Known Member

    man i wish i could go to amsterdam
    my boy told me theres raves everywehere
    its like a 24/7 party

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    The only problem with THC prescription medication is that it lacks the CBD's and CBN's which are present in marijuana. The reason that I say it is a problem is because, the naturally ocurring CBD/CBN in marijuana actually potentiate the THC.

    So essentially, THC alone is kind of weak, but when the other 2 substances are present the effects of THC are amplified.

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