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Thc Farmer

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by LTG, Jan 28, 2009.


    LIVE2GRO Active Member

    because he is picking and choosing who he does business with.. im sure the shit going missing could really be post office related.. there are some people believe it or not that work at the post office.. and they will take cash n all.. and that would make sence..

    im not sticking up or them.. just my friend just ordered some beans from them and got them 2 days after his money was recieved.. but anyways.. maybe logic is a heroin or crack head.. and using the money to get his shit.. but if thats the case. he willl end up killing himself. and taking down alot of people with him..

    but... if the cops are trying to do something about it .. i can see how mail goes missing.. and or competition.. has some1 in post office. makin sure he dont get the money.. fucking him making him look bad or who knows.

    but if he is a doushe .. fuck em.. karma is a bitch.. he will get whats coming to him.. and im glad DNA guys kicked his faggot ass..

    like the guy above said somewere in this thread.. the game is controlled by higher ups.. and unless u are in with the circle.. u are not in that seed game.. .. its so corrupt its not funny.. they are pushing out fem seeds saying its wat people want and shit.. but i think there doing it so that the seeds going around.. in the bags is hermi.. watering down the gene pool so at 1 point. u will need millions to start breeding cause to get the main strains to work with that creates everything else.. thats y if ur smart. u order all kinds of reg seeds.. and especially strain selections not so hybrids.. stuff like the originals.. indica landraces.. sativa landraces.. the true strains.. and wen its all watered down .. ull have ur crosses of the originals. . buy as many good legit strains as possible.. and make ur own seed .

    id love to start a seed co . or breeding..

    the books are really interesting cant wait for my rders from attitude.. should be soon.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Amazing, almost 20 pages of people getting ripped off by an apparent 21 y/o heroin addict?. No matter what business you are in, there will always be a logic somewhere(minus the addiction). At some point, one has to accept blame for being naive...learn from it and move on.

    Things in life always come full circle, and it sounds like this logic(who also banned me for questioning his credibility publicly)has a heap of burning coals on his head already.

    Meanwhile, toke up and order from Sannie!.

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    The breeders have threads showing product there and don't want to abandon their peeps from what I can decipher.

    It seems an unwritten rule is don't be dumb enough to order product from logic; but most newbies never get the message before it's too late.
    I figure that's because he so heavily moderates the forum there is scant evidence left of past transgressions for newbies to peruse.

    They just changed everything and claimed it caused them to irretrievably lose the posts of the past couple weeks.
    From what I could see last post was on 23rd of February until todays ...

    I don't go there much anymore; so I have no idea if it has been down again or if logic is just trying to hide the latest fallout for his dirty dealing.

    All I can tell you if you are a newbie is this: Look - but don't touch over there.
    If you see something you like it is almost certainly available somewhere else as well - if it is only on thc farmer then it is probably not worth your while.
    Be very careful who you talk to over there in PM - mods all look to be logic appeasers and can not be trusted!
    In fact - don't even PM if you don't need to - word on the street is that logic reads those. uh-huh.

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    ^^ Best Advice!!!

    Site has some good info on there, but yeah... there's like a file cabinet or two's worth on all of logic's shady dealings - Google is your friend.

    Also, doubled's whole Med Patient Bucket craze seems like a lot of BS to me too. It's interesting though to read about all those members who've dumped serious money(ten grand or whatever) on one of those setups, yet only a handful at best seem to have actually finished a run. It's like their journals just stop at one point halfway through and that's that. Looks like nobody ever hit those wildly unrealistic numbers anyways(dd was claiming what? eight lbs per plant?!? lol, yeah right). Doesn't seem worth the trouble to me when you could spend a ton less on a couple thousand watt run to waste system and most likely achieve better results.

    CodyKush Member

    I've read all of the shitty reviews on THCFarmer for a couple years. Until recently, I never had a good enough reason to order from there and risk it. I've been eyeballing Lemon Alien Dawg for almost a year and when they became available I decided what the hell...it's only $150 and it's worth the risk to maybe get something amazing. I sent out my cash order international express. Payment was recieved in Spain on 5/9...My seeds were at my safe addy on 5/14 and germinating within 5 minutes of me opening the pack:)

    I dont doubt that many, many people have been ripped off. But in my one and only experience dealing with Logic and THCFarmer I had no issues whatsoever and was very happy with how fast I got my shit. Almost a week quicker than Attitude and couldnt use prepaid CC like at Attitude. I had to send money/order form first.

    All I will say is not everyone will have the same experience. If you send your order out the way you are supposed to (w/ Tracking) you can tell if/when the order gets there. From what I read a lot of people who lose their money are not using the correct shipping, even though they make it perfectly clear you will lose your money if you dont use INTL EXPRESS. Just thought I would share my recent experience.

    squarepush3r Well-Known Member

    intl express isn't more or less likely to arrive than normal mail, the difference is you don't have proof that the money arrived in the small chance of a mail problem without the tracking number. So. just because you don't get a tracking number, then Logic can just steal your money and say "oh, no tracking go fuck yourself," even though the chance is fairly slim that the mail gets lost or something. That part is a bit shady also since intl express costs about $30 in itself on top of $$$ seed prices

    greentipz Well-Known Member

    Ban Logic and THCFARMER..........He is a real piece of shit..........NEVER SEND HIM A PENNY!
    He has chemically induced hermie prone strains that he peddles as Divine Genetics.

    If a site doesn't sell seed........... its done................. If you want to give your money away
    send it to me!

    eyes Well-Known Member

    I'm really suprised anyone would dare to send this guy any money. I thought everyone new about this guys shady dealings.

    greentipz Well-Known Member

    [email protected] THC FARMER... IS ONE OF THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY. That site is destined to die a slow death, as seed buying becomes more domestic. Never send him a penny, he's a real shitbag

    greentipz Well-Known Member

    The guy six string is a little flunky yes man for logic.
    No one cares about your shitty genetics, or your shitty unrealiable
    Collusion with logic....you deserve each other

    greentipz Well-Known Member

    Logic is full blown shit

    greentipz Well-Known Member

    Sixstring is one of the biggest Logic ass kissers on that board
    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    I don't feel one way or the other about him or the farmer but justf offering up my personal experience. I took the risk because he was the only one at the time that had loompa farms yeti fuel and I wanted it really bad. I placed and order paid with the cc option and so far so gud my payment was confirmed and then the next step was him preparing my order and finally parcel sent so i hope it makes it here through customs didnt realize he was located over seas till after i placed my order. But thats the long and skinny of it will report back later to let yall know what happened. Once again this is just my 2 cents

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